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Marlins teammates told LoMo to tone it down

    DENVER -- In his final tweet before boarding the plane that would take him to New Orleans and the minor leagues, Logan Morrison wrote: "Just went through security at FLL. Forgot to take my belt off. As reward I was given a Deep Tissue massage by Bob from TSA."

    Morrison's tweet happened to be shown on a television inside the Marlins clubhouse here at Coors Field, and it brought chuckles from his teammates -- some of the same teammates who pulled Morrison aside at various times this season and told him to tone down his act.

    One of those was catcher John Buck, who said he was one of several veterans to advise Morrison more than once to make baseball his primary focus, not any of the extracurricular stuff -- the tweeting and bold comments and opinions -- that have identified him as much, if not more, than his stats.

    As Buck pointed out, Morrison's demotion to Triple A New Orleans probably wouldn't have generated a ripple if not for his popularity and outspokenness.

    "He's an awesome dude, a great teammate and a great person," Buck said. "I don't think anybody's telling him not to do the things that he does. I think it's, just don't let it be the main focus of who you are, because you're a pretty dang good baseball player. That, for him, I think that should be good enough. And the other good stuff coming out of him, being who he is, should be icing on the cake. It shouldn't be flip-flopped, which I think it has become."

     Buck said he and Morrison's teammates are hoping the demotion will do him some good, and that he'll come back a better player.

     "He just needs to be LoMo and play the game, and not let the other stuff get in the way," Buck said.

     Meanwhile, the player's union is investigating his demotion at the request of Morrison's agent, Fred Wray, and will determine whether there is grounds to file a grievance. 


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Sid Rosenberg's Show

Tommy Hutton will side with the Marlins in tonites broadcast,regarding the Lomo situation.

Shut Up Already ,Lomo

Players Union has told Lomo's agent he has no grievance because his client has a big mouth and no brains.


Clark....you should get to the bottom of this for us....it might get you a Pulizer Prize. I wonder what role Samson has in all of this????


Ummmm, I like many others put some real thought into our posts. It's maddening when I post my opinion and it disappears. Yet the first two posts offer absolutely nothing worth reading and they are still standing.. WTF?!!!

Stan M

I just posted what is below on the prior blog, but it's relevent here so here it is...Glad to see you, Glags, joining in on this mess and would love to get Samson's take as well.

I sent a plea to Keith Law, Jason Stark, and David Shoenfield (all of ESPN) via e-mail asking them to look into this whole mess and possiblly bringing it to national attention. Probably will go nowhere, but it's a try.

Can't you also get involved?

Stan M

For what it's worth, you are not alone in your complaints against wasteful posts. If interested, both LB and I posted several comments about just this on Clark's last blog.


Likewise Stan M. The phantom post basically agreed with some that think he should go back to his natural position and build his trade value. After this I think it's the only thing he has to play for. While he's not a proven major leaguer he's shown that he can play at this level. I know you mentioned that he's our guy and I don't want to see him go but if he's going to be our Colby Rasmus then I'm sure we can get a top notch starter.

Also, I didn't like that McKeon mentioned his error in left. The guy plays hard and isnt a left fielder.

Shakespeare S. Shakespeare

Sid Rosenberg got him demoted. Lo though he had more going for himself than he did, and was on the radio folling that bull-thit Sid be talking. Then, you miss a fly like that. Come on, if you are going to talk the talk, you have to run and not walk. 'Cause when you walk and talk that means you're just average. But, when you run, that means you da-man. And, no one fukes with the da-man. You got that thit, Muda-fudas?

Your Mom

Please Logan quit acting like a tool and use the skills. God gave you. The potential is there but being consistant comes with focus!!! A grievance? Wow.. How about you stink at the plate right now and you need to work on it down in triple A. Do you know at one point the sent Micky Mantle down? How did that work out? Geez what an enabler his agent is!!


Had the Marlins already traded Morrison??

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