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Marlins to open new ballpark with pair of exhibition games vs. Yankees

NEW YORK — The Marlins announced they'll open their new ballpark by hosting the New York Yankees in two exhibition games next April 1-2.

About 25,000 tickets will be available for the game April 1 starting at 1:10 p.m and about 30,000 tickets will be available for the April 2 game starting at 7:10.

The ballpark near downtown Miami is more than 76 percent complete according to the Marlins.

All 2012 full season and partial plan holders will have the first opportunity to purchase tickets to these exhibition games, with a limited amount of tickets going on sale to the general public in spring of 2012.

Information on full and partial season tickets for the New Marlins Ballpark is available by calling 1-877-MARLINS or online at www.marlins.com/2012.


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Thanks for the Info...Looking forward to watching on HD TV at home and let the Suckers get hosed for tickets,parking,food and bev and everything else U could think of,for an exhibition game...


Wouldn't you have to pay for that now? How much more expensive can food be at the new stadium? A Gatorade bottle is $5 at sun life. My behind is always a little sore after the game and its not the uncomfortable chairs.

Besides parking at someones house isn't as strange as you think. The OB held 70,000 maybe less and no one ever complained about parking. Why is everyone up in arms about the parking?


Ill be at the game laughing at suckers like you who stayed home thinking a Marlins exhibition game would be on television.

P. T.Barnum

Smart move by the Marlins..Make the Yankee fans pay thru the nose for tickets,parking, food&bev and all the other crap they can,for a chance to see the Yankees play their only time in SFL next season...HAHAHA...for a spring training exhibition game,no less.. HAHAHAH..

P. T.Barnum

Ever heard of MLB.com pkge..Satellite Dish..Cable..etc... Idiot..

StayHome DrinkBeerLaughAt U

@Glags... say Hi to Julio and his family as they are counting on sheep like you in the herd .to pay their bills and park on their lawn...No Blockee.No Blockee..HAHAHA


Happy April Fool's Day...


Sheep?! I guess you are one of those that feels entitled to free admission because you are tax money is paying for the stadium.


Btw, my understanding is that tickets will remain comparable to what they are now. I'm sure that'll change eventually but I don't know that anyone will be paying through the nose to see this team.

Know What Ur Talkin About

Season ticket prices have gone up considerably..check your facts..parking on ground for upper priced,season ticket holders Only...Even Stadium Employees have to park OUTSIDE of Stadium grounds...


Hey Barnum, when the game is not televised, it's not televised. Period.

Roger S

First games played in the brand new ballpark...they'll be televised, no question about it. Either Sun or Fox Sports will pick at least one of the games, if not both up. To think otherwise is foolish.

Marlins Blow

Hey Jacob...go climb up ur ladder Sucka..get raped by the Marlins and enjoy being their exhibition Guinea Pig..Oink Oink..

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