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McKeon after latest loss: "I'm up to my ears with it"

SAN DIEGO – Saying he was “up to my ears” in his frustration, manager Jack McKeon lashed out Sunday after the last-place Padres made it a four-game sweep over the Marlins with a 4-3 victory.

“I’m embarrassed and they should be, too,” McKeon said after the Marlins concluded a 1-6 road trip.

Will Venable’s bases-loaded walk-off single off Mike Dunn in the ninth sent the Marlins to their 15th loss in their past 17 games and gave lowly San Diego a sweep of the seven-game season series between the two teams.

The Marlins were swept in a four-game series a total of eight times during the team’s first 18 seasons. It’s happened to them four times in this season alone.

Mike Stanton smacked his 30th home run to move into a tie with the Cardinals’ Albert Pujols for the National League lead. But McKeon used it to make a dig, saying Stanton would have even more if he was able to hit off Marlins pitchers.

“I imagine he’d sure as heck like to hit against our staff, because if they get behind, they lay it in there,” McKeon said. “Ridiculous.”

As they had done in every game of the series, the Padres on Sunday scored in the first, coming up with three runs off Anibal Sanchez, who gave up a leadoff homer to Venable.

“You come into this ballpark and they say, lowest hitting club (the Padres) in the league, this is the toughest park in America to hit home runs,” McKeon said in his rant. “And they just wear us out with home runs.”

The Padres have hit the fewest home runs of any team in the majors.

“This (Petco Park) should be ideal for the type of pitchers we have,” McKeon continued. “Throw strikes, keep the ball down and don’t get behind hitters. You’ve got to start using your brain. You’ve got to start figuring out how to get hitters out.”

Sanchez, who escaped a decision when the Marlins fought back and tied the score on Mike Cameron’s two-out home run in the ninth off Heath Bell, remained at 7-6.

“If I was a pitcher, I sure as heck wouldn’t want to be labeled a .500 pitcher with some of our guys’ stuff out there, because I didn’t bear down or concentrate enough,” McKeon said.

After falling behind 3-0, the Marlins slowly chipped away at the lead. Stanton connected on his 30th home run, a solo shot in the fourth off starting pitcher Cory Luebke. Luebke set down the first 11 Marlins he faced before Stanton became the 11th player in major league history to slug at least 30 home runs in a season before his 22nd birthday.

The Marlins added another run in the eighth before tying it in the ninth on Cameron’s home run, handing Bell his fourth blown save in 38 chances. The Marlins threatened to take the lead in the ninth by loading the bases following Cameron’s homer. But Bell struck out John Buck to end the inning.

With Edward Mujica on the mound, Nick Hundley opened the ninth for the Padres by driving over the ball Cameron’s head in center. The ball struck a fence post, though, and took a sideways carom, enabling Hundley to end up at third with a triple.

“That’s just the way it’s been for us,” Cameron said. “If the ball bounces straight off, it’s a double instead of a triple. All the breaks that we were getting earlier are definitely not coming our way now. We’re having a hard time to find ways to win ballgames. It’s been rough.”

McKeon had the next two batters be walked intentionally to create a force at every base, brought in Cameron as a fifth infielder, and brought in lefty Mike Dunn from the bullpen to face Venable, a left-handed hitter. All of those ploys failed to work, though, as Venable lined a shot over Stanton’s head in right for the walk-off win.

“Some of these guys better wake up,” McKeon said. “This is crunch time. This is the time of the year when you better be a salesman and sell your wares, and show how badly you want to be a major league player. It’s not a picnic. They’re not on scholarship.”

McKeon intimated that he would be speaking with the team about his displeasure before the Marlins open a three-game series on Tuesday against the Reds.

          “Definitely,” McKeon said. “If we have to be out there all day working, practicing, that’s where we’ll be. If that’s what it takes, we’re not going to keep putting up with this (stuff).”





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Jason Remigio III

The team is not going to have a fan base next year going into their new stadium, it will be the same fan base as this season, selling 900 to 2,500 seats per season since 2006. The leadership of the team is going downhill on how they make roster moves and bringing up players less than capable of being full-time starters. They already destroyed the team I don't mean dealing Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis following the trades of Josh Beckett and free agency of A.J. Burnett, and trade of Juan Pierre, following Ivan Rodriguez leaving after the season was over, the trade of Brad Penny. I am not saying we should have not made these deals, I am merely trying to get the message out they are trying to run this team like the Montreal Expos. The players came this season over personal reasons are fighting to win but they don't have enough "World Series Team Chemistry Theory" that was developed by the New York Yankees of old since the 1920s. Can they make it? I don't know. Next season they might fill one missing piece of the puzzle, Matt Dominguez is a tremendous prospect who will have a future Hall of Famer future like Gaby Sanchez, Logan Morrison, Brett Hayes, Hanley Ramirez, Mike Stanton, Josh Johnson, Anibal Sanchez, Ricky Nolasco, Chris Volstad, and Leo Nunez. My brother talks a lot that these Marlins are not competitive to beat any teams in the Major Leagues. I question a lot about Jeffrey Loria and Larry Beinfest of their behaviors and moves toward these players saying some will become superstars. Even the In-Game Announcer who also does the Florida Panthers who was the Top 10 Worst Franchise in sports history. Marlins still have a lot of potential and Jack McKeon arrival the Marlins theory he will turn the team into winners. Do we need to send them down or sacrifice a win for a couple of weeks?

Flav C

Get rid of Hanley. Send him to the Giants in exchange for Pablo Sandoval (good 3rd base with power)and Baumgarner. I'm sure the Giants would love to talk about it since they are in need for a good short-stop. Tejada is a free-agent to be and Fontenot is not good at all.


I agree with you Flav....get rid of Hanley....he's showing up the FO with his so called injury. I say make that trade or send him to Seatle for King Felix.

Stan M

How about sending him to New Orleans for 2 weeks and calling up LoMo and Coghlan? Probably no options left or not allowed because of time served.


Haven't seen -30- in a while. Brings back memories.

Jiminy Cricket

By the end of the season, Jack will have elephant ears and be called Dumbo...

John Gioscia

Jason R, I could not have said it better. Interesting that they impeached the mayor of Miami-Dade, who approved of the stadium deal.
Jeffrey Loria is like a ponzi scam. It is the first time I can say, the Marlins are an embarassment. Loria got his stadium, that is all he cares about


interesting how all of the comments made by Marlins fans are negative towards the ownership and his majesty hanley, but, nobody in the front office is embarassed and does anything about it. and where the heck is major league baseball to get some real baseball people to take over the team? all of the above comments made by fans are correct.

StayHome DrinkBeerLaughAtThem

How many people will be at the games this homestand against the Reds... over/under at 3000 a game...

Hose Down Jack

After the 1-9 homestand Jack said he was up to his ass in IT..Now after a 1-6 roadtrip Jack is up to his ears in IT..After this homestand Jack will be covered in Marlin sh-IT and have to stay home. Good for Jack.

Samson Blows Himmicane Irie

Due to the possibility of Hurricane Irene coming to SFl, Marlins might cancel homestand under the guise of safety,when it should be canceled for lack of interest.

Stan M

The comments by brg611 (whomever that really is) express all of my feeling and objections in a nutshell. I'm tired of trying to analyize this team that has been so much a part of my life for so many years. There really is no cogent reason for what is happening from an "one the field" standpoint. As I've been saying more than once, something isn't right here and it seems to have to do with overall team chemistry. These players are simply not happy and I think whatever is going on is carrying onto their performance on the field.

How many of our long time posters have said one way or another that they are not even watching the games anymore. Yes, brg611, it's time for ML baseball to utilize that "for the good of the game" clause and see what in the world is going on.

From a personal standpoint, this country that I love is going to hell from the top on down and now the same can be said for my major diversion from that far more important crisis. The Marlins are mimicing our government's decent into decay and between the two, I'm sacred, frustrated and ready to open a window and scream, "I'm fed up and won't take it anymore" or whatever that actor said so many years ago. One can't compare the two in severity, but the similarities in their mutual dissolution are there for anyone to see. We citizens are not being heard and we Marlin fans are equally ignored. Maybe we need a Tea Party of Marlin fans?


Stan M,
We all feel your pain. Try watching the "Obama at the bat" video again. I watch it every time I need a chuckle and it seems to help a little every time.


Loria and Samson could give a rat's ass what's said about them or what anybody thinks about them. Their only interest is making money on the revenue sharing and the other streams of income available to them. When people who support the team relize that,the better off they'll be.


I kinda look @ Loria & Samsom as republican rascals...they lie, cheat & skim all the money for themselves....instead... what a democratic ownner would do...spread the wealth...pay the players...build the team.

Stan M

It's no longer one political party or another. There is enough corruption to go around. Nero is fiddling on a golf course while his city burns.

Speaking purely about baseball, it starts at the top and possibly my comment that the talent on the field isn't the problem, it is the result of a far more insidious problem is a realistic appraisal. This whole situation has a smell to it that is becoming a definite stink.

Wishful Thinking

The best thing that could happen for Marlins fans would be for fatso Loria to suffer a fatal heart attack and fall on Samson ,crushing him like a bug..2 for the price of 1..


This ownership is intriguing…I don’t understand why more has not been written about it. Doesn’t the Herald have any investigative reporters working for them???? Didn’t Jeffery go through a divorce a few seasons ago??? Did his ex maintain 50% ownership in the team???? Maybe that’s how Samson keeps his job. With the Dodgers messy divorce, it looks like Jeffery kept his pretty quiet. Loria could get top dollar for this team right now….look what the Astros are selling for….$680 million. Would the city of Miami allow Loria to sell???? Just imagine….selling the Marlins to Mark Cuban…..just day dreaming….


Rumor has it that Samsons mother,Loria's ex-wife,was the one with the money. Samson has a piece of the team as per the divorce. Heard Samson's father was a munchkin in the original Wizard of Oz.

Stan M

This is an article about Stanton by a stathead. It is loaded with statistics and abbreviations that I personally find repugnant (probably because I don't understand half of them). However, the author does have some statistics that seem to add credence to what is apparent to the naked eye. It is somewhat depressing and leads back to something a couple of us said 2-3 weeks ago. Stanton should be told that he must swing at the first pitch for a given time. It is invariably the best pitch to hit that he sees per at bat. See what you think of it.



Stan M,
I read the story you mentioned and I don't have a clue what half the stats mean. Even worse, I can't muster the energy to try to figure it all out. Bottom line, the writer is saying Stanton has been frustratingly inconsistent in his first full year in the majors and has looked lost at times. It doesn't take a mouthful of statistical blather to see that. But to use his stats for this year to conclude he is never going to be a feared hitter is ridiculous. Ryan Howard is a career .275 hitter and is hitting about .250 this year, a good 10 or 15 points below Stanton. He also has four (I think) fewer home runs than Stanton. Yet Howard is still one of the most feared hitters in the major leagues because everybody knows the damage he can do. And Howard has compiled his stats while protected by some of the most potent bats in the game.
None of which proves that Stanton is going to be a superman, of course. No one can project what he's going to be based on some arcane stats compiled this year. Whether he'll be great or disappointingly average will depend on human factors, including how hard he's willing to work and whether he's placed in the hands of somebody who can actually teach him how to hit. Leaving Stanton in the hands of Eduardo Perez is like parking your new Bentley in a vacant lot in the heart of the ghetto. Nothing good is going to happen.
Trying to determine what Stanton will be over the next 20 years based on what he's done this year is like trying to determine whether your kid will lead a successful life based solely on how he acts when he's three years old. Can't be done.

Harvey Blitstein

Actually Samsons mother Sivia was married briefly to Samsons father Allen,an attorney. Allen must have gotten fed up with the society witch and gave her a six-figure settlement and some original Picasso's and Andy Warhol's to go away in the early 70's. Enter art dealer Loria. After 25 years of marriage,Loria must have felt he needed a new art piece and traded her in for a newer model.Google Jeffrey Loria to see how he stole the Expos from his partners and what a general lowlife he is.


Too bad the Marlins are too cheap to hire a proven hitting instructor (I don't know who that would be) to work with Stanton — and maybe LoMo, Coghlan and Petersen — round-the-clock over the summer. Besides teaching them a thing or two, he might provide management with some insight on who to keep and who to unload.


I guess the Dodgers have the least liked owner by their fans....would it be a safe bet that Loria/Samson would rank second?

Stan M

LB, while watching Stanton, can you also see how he too often takes the first pitch for strike one, then wiffs on a low outside crooked pitch for strike two, then is pudding for a thinking man's pitcher. I think he should always swing at that 1st pitch until the pitchers become more careful and then less of them might cease to be a strike and he wouldn't so often be hitting behind in the count. You said something about reading. If you read and enjoyed "The Devil in the White City", Larson has a new book out. "In the Garden of Beasts" which chronicles the early 1930 years in Nazi Berlin. I can't put it down.

Here is a new and more positive article on Stanton from ESPN insider.



Stan M,
Stanton has to learn to recognize pitches and I don't know how you teach that. The Marlins need to find somebody who can work with him. As long as he keeps closing his eyes and taking a mighty hack at that outside breaking ball, pitchers are going to keep making him look like a Little Leaguer up there.
Haven't read any Erik Larson since Lethal Passage, but I do have The Devil in the White City on my bucket list.
If Loria isn't the most hated owner, it's not because he's not worthy of the honor. It's just that the Marlins don't have enough fans to push him into the top spot.

Flav C

Stan , i will check both books out, they caught my attention.

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