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Newspaper: White Sox/Marlins talking Guillen

    NEW YORK -- The word out of Chicago this morning is that the White Sox are renewing discussions with the Marlins about compensation for Ozzie Guillen, that coming from the Chicago Sun-Times (read the story here).

    This wouldn't be the first time the two teams have discussed the manager. As you'll recall, the Marlins requested permission to talk to Guillen at the end of last season but refused to give up a player -- reportedly Logan Morrison -- in order to do that.

     No surprise that the two sides are back at it, as the strain between Guillen and Sox G.M. Kenny Williams appears to be worsening, according to the newspaper's sources.

     Despite the recent issues involving Morrison, I can't imagine the Marlins would even think about dealing the young outfielder, whose potential value in terms of producing wins is greater than any one manager's. But the managing situation is sure to be one of the topics discussed on Wednesday when the Marlins' top execs gather in the Big Apple to meet with owner Jeffrey Loria.

     What do you think?


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Flav C

I can't picture Ozzie working for Loria.


I like Ozzie but giving up an everyday player for a manager would be dumb as hell. Especially a player who's future is as bright as Logan's.

Ozzie's Full Of Shite

It's all an act. Ozzie likes to talk sheet and he's only 5 games out and plays Detroit 6 more times in Sept. Just Ozzie stirring the pot. Besides , Marlins need players, how many games does a trash talking manager win.


Cant imagine Ossie wanting to take the Marlin and work the idiot Loria? Williams isnt near as bad as Loria. Loria is cheap and always wants something for nothing. Loria is just another entittled.


Wow, Marlins trading away their good (and up in coming) talent, there's a surprise! What are you going to tell me next, if they win the World Series they're going to implode a team? Surely not the Marlins, the Yankees maybe, but not the Marlins.


Loria has shown that he doesn't tolerate people speaking up. We saw Girardi leave because of Loria's irrational mood swings, and look where Girardi is now. Loria will probably trade away LoMo, and wherever LoMo ends up he will be an all-star. Maybe Loria will be crazy enough to trade LoMo for Guillen.


Guillen will not last 6 month as the marlins manager, number one Loria will not put up
with an idependent guy like him, before long he will tell loria to stuffed.
also beinfield like to run the team, he is a frustated manager and he even tells the manager who to play and the every day lineup
is impossible for any good manager to do any good when those two guys are constantly interfering.


Just wait for Ozzie to get fired by the White Sox. If the Marlins have to trade LoMo...only trade him for a proven young starting pitcher.
We need pitching!!!!


WE don't need starting pitchers, what we need is left hander starting pitcher to compete in the east.
we also need more tham 2 lefthander relief
pichers, is not that ovious.
there are 11 stating pichers in the major with an era of 3.72 or worst up to 5.98, that have 12 wins or more.
Trade Hanley for some of the very good starting pitchers that Tamba Bay have in the minors.


The Marlins could have done it last offseason, so if they didnt do it then they WONT NOW. Relax people! Guillen will come to MIAMI, for nothing in return and Loria loves him regardless.


Big Deal if Ozzie the mouth manages the Marlins. Unless they get better players than they have now , they'll still stink like dead Fish.


I agree that Ozzie is a loud mouth and don't understand why we are talking about this. Unless Ozzie can hit .300 or win a Cy Young I don't think it matters unless there are some major upgrades to this roster. Too many to mention. I cant remember when or where I read that Ozzie himself admitted that the unnamed player would help this team more than him coming to manage.


Ozzie is too outspoken and will not work cheap. so it is hard to imagine that he would take the marlins job. even if the marlins opened up their wallet and paid Ozzie, Loria would have to die in order to not fire Ozzie after Ozzie tells him off a few times. Loria dying might not be a bad thing, not that I am wishing it.


Ozzie is an obnoxious loud mouth idiot that sounds like an illiterate immigrant. He will fit into the Marlins new fan base very well.

Flav C

I kindda like Ozzie, but after all these years still can't understand a single word of what he says. I used to like him more when he was leading the Black Sabbath.

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