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Ozzie Guillen: "It (would) be an honor to manage the Marlins"

      The Marlins have a few more pressing issues at the moment -- like trying to find a way to win at home and announcing naming rights for their new ballpark -- than the endless speculation about whether Ozzie Guillen will be their manager when they open the 2012 season in their new digs.

 Ozzie       But, that possibility was raised again when Guillen openly discussed the matter in an interview with Yahoo! Sports' Graham Bensinger.

       In it, Guillen mentions the Marlins directly: "If it's time for me to go to the Marlins, I will go with a lot of class; it (would) be an honor to manage the Marlins." However, he also said, with regard to his present employer -- the White Sox of Chicago -- "I want to be here."

       At any rate, see, listen and judge for yourself in this sit-down interview.


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The Marlins seem to covet Ozzie, but it's hard to imagine an honest, straight-talking guy like that lasting very long under Loria. Two months in, Ozzie is going to tell Jeffrey what a cheap, stupid sleazeball he really is and BOOM! — here comes Trader Jack again.
But it would be fun to have a front-row seat for that show, wouldn't it?


If they havn't settled on a name for the new stadium yet....may I suggest....put a little Key West into it....Sloppy Joe's Park


@laurelbowie, I wonder if it will be more fun than the show Girardi did with Loria.

But like Jack, Ozzie was with the team when they won the WS for Loria. Maybe that's why he loves Ozzie so much, and why Ozzie would be "honored" to manage the Fish.

Stan M

The name should be, "Swindle Stadium" because that's what the Marlin FO did to get it. LB, regarding your Trader Jack return after Ozzie implodes, will he become our Billy Martin?

Does anyone know what happened to Samson's Boyfriend? He was a well respected participant and I, for one, miss his comments.


I was thinking about Girardi when I wrote that comment, but I think an Ozzie-Jeff showdown could be even more fun than the fiasco with Girardi because Ozzie is more unpredictable than Girardi. One of them might end up on his butt in the dugout — and it won't be Ozzie.
Stan M,
Jack might be like that third burrito — he might just keep coming back. The difference between Martin and Trader Jack, of course, is that Jack would never return with his tail between his legs if he got canned. I, too, miss Samson, as well as Matt, Lou and some of the others who used to comment often. We have a lot of weird monickers showing up lately, so maybe they're all entertaining us under pseudonyms.


Et tu Stan M?! I get it, they conned the city into building them a stadium but I thought we'd get over it now that the building is erect.

Btw, I drove by and I don't like parking lots around the stadium. You can't see the stadium when you drive on NW 7th street because the parking garages block any view of the stadium. It looks like they tried to fit too much on a small piece of land.



Guys, see if you can get to this video. It doesn't matter what your politics are, you've got to admire the work that went into this.

Stan M

That video was fantastic! Do you know who the fellow was that recited the poem? I have to run now and send it all over the place. I forgot about Matt; miss him to. Pretty sure Lou is still with us, it would be hard to hide his style.

Rodeo 1

Maybe you genius negatory story dummies forgot that Ozzie was Jack's third base coach in 2003. Ozzie is PERFECT for a Latin oriented team and fan base. Ozzie is worth 5,000 fans a game working Spanish speaking radio alone.
PLUS Ozzie is exactly what a guy like Handley NEEDS to stay on the cutting edge of competition. GOD ALMIGHTY South Florida is SO FREAKING Self Hating and Sports STOOOOOOOPID it is AMAZING. The Marlins Management is very very clever and have SAVED MLB in SoFlo. So SHUT THE FREAK UP, BUY some tickets, CHEER a Little and try very hard to get a GED and a damn job you putzies................
GO FISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey Rodeo Clown,
What's wrong with you? If your lips didn't get so tired when you read, you'd have seen that Bob (and probably others here) have already noted that Ozzie was with the Marlins in '03. I think we're all saying that Ozzie might be fun to have around — but maybe you're having trouble with the two-syllable words.
Stan M,
I don't know who that guy was, but he was great, wasn't he? A friend sent me an email with the link in it, so I'm not sure who put the video together. Obviously some Tea Baggers, but it was fun no matter who's responsible.

Stan M

I wonder who this Rodio person is? Somehow that writing style looks familiar.


You mean all those capital letters and exclamation points and stuff? Hmmm. I'm sure you're right.


Entertaining? The best part would be when Ozzie is going off on Loria, Loria wouldn't have the faintest clue what Ozzie's saying.

Stan M

Poor Cameron. For several days he has been hitting bullets but with no results. Did you folks notice the devisive manner of Motte toward La Russo. With the mess with his young CF who was finally traded, and that attitude by Motte, I wonder if his days in St. Louis are numbered. That scares me because of Loria's desire for a manager with experience. Please not La Russo. Can't possibly see him getting along with the Marlin's kiddy core.


Stan M,
It did seem like a weird decision to bring in yet another reliever to face Dobbs after Motte had totally blown away the only two hitters he'd faced. Both Motte and Laird seemed to be yukking it up (as in, "Can you believe this jerk?"). Of course, the move totally backfired, so then Big Tony sent Duncan out to yank the lefty, like he was too embarrassed to go out to the mound again himself. Strange.

Samsons Boyfriend

Stan the Man...lb.. Flav C..Glags..Am on vacation..thanks for asking..be back soon..


Don't have any idea how you're getting along with the wife and business associates, but because we hadn't heard from you, we had visions of you getting spewed out of a wood chipper somewhere. By the time you get home from vacation, the police will have wrapped up their investigation. Glad you'll be returning shortly.


Gee, Samson. Sorry to hear that.

Samsons Boyfriend

Marlins have to win tonite...


No freakin' joy in Mudville.

Flav C

traveling to Brazil tonight...but will be checking you guys (and the Marlins) every now and then...It would be good if we could just fast-forward this season and end it already. It's been a long, painful, and tortuous.

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