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Randy Choate likely done for season

   SAN DIEGO -- The Marlins placed Randy Choate on the 15-day disabled list with elbow inflammation, and it's unlikely the lefty specialist will pitch again this season.

   "I doubt it," Choate said after undergoing a MRI in South Florida on Thursday.

   The good news for Choate and the Marlins is that the injury is believed to be a mild strain and can heal on its own with normal care and rest. Choate is under contract next season for $1.5 million. While Choate didn't rule out the possibility of a late-season return, he said it appears highly unlikely.

    "I would love to pitch some more," Choate said. "But I don't want to do anything stupid. I'd rather be completely healed for next season."

    Choate has appeared in 54 games, going 1-1 with a 1.82 ERA. He lived up to billing as being tough against left-handers. Left-handers hit just .145 (10 for 69) against Choate. But Choate is disappointed that his season might ended on a sour note. The last pitch he threw was clobbered by Colorado's Jason Giambi for a game-ending home run in Denver on Tuesday.

     "I don't really like giving up a hit to a left-hander, especially a home run that ends a game," he said.

    The Marlins called up right-hander reliever Chris Hatcher from Double A Jacksonville to fill Choate's roster spot.

     -- Logan Morrison left last night's game at Triple A  New Orleans with a minor hamstring injury and is not in tonight's lineup for the Zephyrs. But he is expected to return to the lineup on Friday.

     -- With a home run tonight at PETCO Park, Mike Stanton will become the first player in Marlins history to homer in five consecutive games. However, he went 0 for 3 with a strikeout when he went against tonight's starter, Tim Stauffer, earlier this season in South Florida


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Samson's Boyfriend

Big Deal.give Victor Garate in AAA a shot..Lefty with a 2.57 era in 49 innings wiith 52K's...a no brainer Beinfest


Garate not on 40 man roster ..Hatcher is,so that's why they called him up. Hatcher has slighly better numbers,but is a righty.

Stan M

On his last chat on ESPN, Keith Law was asked his opinion of the LoMo demotion. Below is his answer:

I understand he hadn't played well this summer, but he was outstanding last year and earlier this year, and I'm having a hard time believing this wasn't merely punitive for Morrison being outspoken and using social media. Don't ever change, Logan.


I enjoy LoMo's outspokeness...he has been tweeting a little more since arriving in New Orleans.....which is probably driving the Marlins FO up a wall.

Stan M

No one has discussed Vazquez in quite some time. My personal opinion is that if the Marlins can sign him for one year again and for somewhere in the 5 million dollar range, they should. Hopeefully the team will acquire a competent lefthander with some degree of skill and Vazquez would be an excellent #5 starter. Am I wrong?

Stan M

Just looked up Ozuna and Yelich down in A ball. Both have shown significant improvement in the second half vs. the first half of the season. They are both young and are both sticks. Let's hope for AA toward end of next year and the majors toward end of 2013. Yelich in particular has really taken off and he won't be 20 until December. Ozuna will be 21 in November. He seems to have the more power but Yelich is no slouch and should be ideal for the Marlin's spacious new ballpark.


Stan M,
Right now, Vazquez is the Marlins' best pitcher. They'd be nuts not to re-sign him unless thay plan to acquire some very good help outside the organization between now and next year, and how likely is that?
When the Nats fired Randy St. Clair a couple of years ago, the Washington press was saying team officials thought St. Clair had a knack for taking really good young pitchers and turning them into really bad young pitchers, and they didn't want him within 200 yards of the soon-to-arrive Stephen Strasbourg. Not sure who's to blame, but Nolasco, Sanchez and Volstad don't exactly seem to be thriving under St. Clair's tutelage. I'm not out to get somebody else sacked unnecessarily, but couldn't the Marlins use a really GOOD pitching coach?

Stan M

Agree with all you say. My worry with Vazquez was that he was talking about retiring after this year. I think a lot of that was before he drastically improved. Pitching coach should be replaced based solely on performance and the preponderance of sore arms.

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