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Reliever Brian Sanches goes to 15-day DL, Ryan Webb reinstated

   DENVER -- The injuries continue mounting for the decimated Marlins. Long reliever Brian Sanches has been placed on the 15-day disabled list retroactie to Aug. 10 with a right elbow strain. Reliever Ryan Webb is being reinstated from the DL to take his spot.

    Sanches (4-1, 3.38 in 58 2/3 IP) has not pitched since Aug. 9.

    The Marlins bullpen remains shorthanded, as Edward Mujica is presently unavailable due to an injury to his right lat muscle that caused him to leave Monday's game here. Mujica doesn't think his injury is serious and expects to be available in a day or two. But how many times have we hard that this season?

     Webb has been out for nearly two months with right shoulder inflammation. He last pitched on June 26.

     To update, here's how the Marlins' DL list now stands:

     C John Baker -- Rehab from Tommy John surgery, 60-day DL

     INF Donnie Murphy -- Right wrist, 60-day DL

     SP Josh Johnson -- Right shoulder inflammation, 60-day DL

     OF Scott Cousins -- Lower back strain, 60-day DL

     2B Omar Infante -- Broken finger, 15-day DL, expected back on Saturday

     SS Hanley Ramirez -- Left shoulder sprain, 15-day DL

     RP Brian Sanches -- Right elbow strain, 15-day DL

     -- Also, down on the farm, Triple A New Orleans has placed LHP Sean West on the DL with elbow inflammation, pretty much eliminating any chance he ever had of receiving a September call-up.


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The Marlins got cursed by the Mutts and/or Brian Sabean.

Marlins are really Blowfish

Whaa...Boo-Hoo..Marlins stink from top to bottom anyway..

Stan M

Dear Blowfish (or whatever it is that you blow)
If you are unhappy here, take your intelligent, insightful comments elsewhere. It will be a loss for all of us; but I, for one, will repress my grief and give up the loss of your font of knowledge for the benefit of the suffering souls in purgatory.


See, Stan M, now he's starting to piss you off, too. I think the guy blows his own horn — and man, you gotta be pretty limber to do that!

No Game for Old Men

Why dont you old pharts get a room together and blow each others horns...Ur putting everyone to sleep with your hundred yr old stories...

Stan M

It is said that the primary sin of the young is envy. We see that above. And one of the primary sins of the old is pride. Well, after reading the above I feel a grear deal of pride in knowing that between us, we are about 4 stanines above that gaping primate in IQ points. Suggestion for our critic. You won't have the slightest idea what a stanine is, so look it up on Google. My guess is that after reading the definition, you still won't understand the concept. That makes me feel good and is even an added source of pride. Young person, if you think those comments hurt, you couldn't be more wrong...well maybe you could, it doesn't sound like you are bursting over with potential.


Logan Morrison went one for four in NO last night (an RBI double) and reportedly made a nice diving catch to save a run.
Chicago press is saying LoMo was the Marlin (or one of the Marlins) the White Sox were trying to wrangle away in a trade for Guillen earlier on. Reporters say the Sox are licking their chops and will make another try for Morrison, believing they may land him now that he's in disfavor with Fish FO.


Stan M,
Bet that guy is older than we are — and in my case, that makes him very, very old. I'm sure he's like one of those crabby old geezers you see at the racetrack ready to come to blows over use of a metal folding chair when there two dozen other chairs just like it within 20 feet. He's not going to look up stanine because he knows what it means. In fact, he's got one himself, and he calls the thing Fido.


PS: In the service, we used to grade tests using stanines. I guess that's really dating myself.

Wliford Brimley

Wow.fancy words fron a senile old fart. Tell everbody about the times when U were Babe Ruth's fluff boy, or when U washed Cobb's jock or got whores for Dizzy...at least that will be more interesting than the boring shite Ur writing now...


No Game for Old Men, you don't seem to have enough intelligence to know any of those players are. Go back to elementary school where you belong.


its best to ignore & not respond to the troll...."Lou-ney"...didn't like trolls..but may have become one.

Stan M

You are correct. LB and I shouldn't stoop to that level. You seem to be relatively new to this site (at least to me, for I was ill a couple of weeks back) and a positive addition. Hope you stick around. And if anyone has a baseball topic to change the subject, let's have it.


Spit and Stan M,
You guys are right, of course. The worst punishment we can inflict on our friend would be to ignore him — but sometimes I just can't help myself.


Back to baseball. I mentioned up higher that I'd read that the White Sox once offered to trade Ozzie Guillen to the Marlins for Logan Morrison and that the Marlins had balked. The report I read said the White Sox thought they might try again, now that LoMo is on the outs with the Fish. I think the Marlins would be crazy to play that game, but I'm interested in what you guys think.
Seems to me the Rays traded away a couple of guys for Piniella about 10 years ago but he didn't pull any rabbits out of a hat for them. As desperate as the Marlins are to rebuild their farm system, I think they've gotta get more for Morrison than a colorful but not-exceptionally-bright manager who's going to storm out within months anyway when Loria starts pulling his ego-trip crap on him.
I guess stranger things have happened, though. In the 40s (I think), Branch Rickey traded a catcher to the Atlanta Crackers for announcer Ernie Harwell when he needed Harwell to fill in for Red Barber, who was in the hospital. Wonder who we could get for Tommy Hutton.


I've noticed that LoMo is no longer appearing in the new stadium ads on tv....they got Handley, JJ, Gaby, A Sanchez, R Nolasco, Buck...but no LoMo.


Coincidence? You be the judge.

Stan M

One bright spot from all of the recent controversy has been Pererson's play. His showing probably spells the end of Scott Cousin's tenure with the club. He hits the outside pitch very well. I do worry about a low inside curve from a RH pitcher. It breaks off the plate for a ball, but he seems to consistently swing and miss it. With improvement there he will be fighting for the CF job with Coghlan next year.

On the Sports Illustrated site, Jon Heyman gives quite a bit of ink to the LoMo situation (see page two)

For the life of me, I can't understand how sports salaries can keep inflating in this economy. Shades of more and more games in the Roman Coliseum as the empire gradually eroded?

In case you missed it, Helms signed a minor league contract with the Braves and Mike Jacobs is now first North American to be suspended for PEDs. LoMo pulled a muscle and came out of game after a HR and double. Ouch!

LB, they'll never trade LoMo unless there is more controversy down the road. They wouldn't dare.


Stan M,
If Loria were a rational human being, I would agree with you about a LoMo trade. But a bloated ego can scramble your brains like a egg. You know, "This is your brain. This is your brain on an ego trip." I just feel like there is no way to ever know what he might do.
Hope LoMo isn't pulling a Coghlan on us with that injury. In fact, I hope Coghlan isn't pulling a Coghlan on us.


Infante,Coghlan,and Murphy played last nite for Jupiter.


Pretty sure Jacobs isn't the first to be suspended for PEDs but the first to be suspended for using human growth hormone. I don't know what HGH does exactly, but it's supposed to ease aches and pains so maybe I'll get me some. Mike sez he'll never use it again, so perhaps I can borrow his.
I'm glad Murphy's rehabbing. He's never going to be a real boon to the team but I like him.

Stan M

Ditto on Murphy


Ever notice that when these guys issue their apology for using PEDs, they always sound the same? I wonder if you can just pick up a form apology at Office Depot and sign your name. Or maybe agents keep a stack of them in their desk drawers to save time.


Stan M,
You're right about Petersen. Samson has been plugging for the guy for weeks now and I'm starting to come around. Looks like he's capable of hitting .285-.290 and maybe 15 home runs a year, plus he's got great speed and a very good arm. What more could you want?

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