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Beinfest on Hanley, J.J.

    NEW YORK -- Larry Beinfest, president of baseball operations, just finished talking about the Hanley Ramirez and Josh Johnson situations. Here's what he had to say:

    Q. Just trying to get some assessment on the Hanley situation.

    Beinfest: He had a MRI. It shows there's instability in the shoulder. The plan is to talk to Dr. Kaplan this weekend when we get back, talk about treatment options. I don't know if that mean's surgery. I don't know if that means conservative care. I don't know exactly what that means. But he wants to talk to Hanley about it. Obviously, then we'll be in the loop as to exactly what's going to happen. The bottom line is he's not on the field. The days are clicking away on the season and we just need to get him healthy now. So to speculate whether he will return or not maybe a little premature, but I think we'll have a pretty good idea this weekend. But, again, he's interrupted his rehab once again and we're going to have to get this thing fixed, one way or the other.

    Q. What exactly happened Tuesday?

    Beinfest: I think he was warming up with a swing in the fourth inning and I guess felt his sublux or whatever pop. So he shut it down, which was probably the right thing to do. He had played nine innings the day before.

    Q. And you guys were expecting him to come back Friday?

    Beinfest: That was the plan.

    Q. What is the organization's level of concern with this at this point?

    Beinfest: It's his non-throwing shoulder, so that's a lot bigger difference. With Hanley, he's a high-torque hitter. He's got such tremendous bat speed in his finish. Obviously he puts some strain on that shoulder. I don't know how to answer that other than we're concerned. He's not on the field. He's not going to be activated Friday, and we need to get it taken care of.

    Q. Do you know what day he's getting it, Friday or Saturday?

    Beinfest: I don't know if it's Friday or Saturday. It's safe to say that when we get home it'll happen.

    Q. Do you have any J.J. update, where he is right now?

    Beinfest: Hopefully he's going to get on the mound in the next day or two. Next day or two or three.

    Q. If that happens and there are no setbacks, should he be on the hill before the season ends?

    Beinfest: I doubt it. I don't think in the major leagues. Maybe in our -- I don't know where. Maybe in our mini-camp. Maybe in a simulated action. At this point, is it possible? I guess. But he's just getting on the mound now -- Sept. 1. He's got 27 days to get all the way ramped up. We just want to get him on the mound, even if it's simulated in Jupiter and just have him feel good and tell us that he feels good.

    Q. Do you think with that scenario, when the season ends, you'll have a better idea for 2012?

    Beinfest: I hope so. When you rewind this whole thing , we thought it was going to be a two week thing. That was four months ago. We all need to know. He needs to know and we need to know. I think we'll all feel better about things if he can get through this throwing program, get on the mound, and feel good about things.

    Q. What was the gist with yesterday's meeting?

    Beinfest: We have these meetings time to time with Jeffrey. It was like any other meeting, talking about this club and maybe what went wrong and what went right. Things that we want to improve on for next year.

    Q. Outside of the significant injuries to J.J. and Hanley, what else do you see (is needed)? The team has not been successful the last few months.

    Beinfest: We've just been very inconsistent. We've been streaking, which is not great. We've had winning streaks and really  sustained losing streaks. You just wanted to see it kind of even out, and htis club just wasn't able to do that. I think it starts with the starting pitching. It's been really inconsisgtent. I'm not going to point fingers at anybody. It sets the tone. There was a ..the early runs in the game. When you're behind in the game, it sets the tone and makes it very hard to come back. That would be one area. On the positive I think the defense has improved. I think the bullpen has done a solid job, and under a heavy workload.

    Q. But was there something you saw with what happened with the unit you had out there that made you think about next season and what you need to address?

    Beinfest: I think it's more on the pitching than anything else. It could be addressed through health. Or it could be addressed through maturity. Or it could be addressed with different personnel. But, really, the starting pitching, we needed to be more consistent and we weren't.

    Q. Think we'll see Matt Dominguez (among September callups)?

    Beinfest: I think it's possible.

    Q. How is Coghlan and his knee? Is it good enough where he can come up and contribute, or is just better off to give it rest?

    Beinfest: We'll see. It's been okay. He's back and he's playing. But he's had a rough go. He's missed a lot of at bat and a lot of playing time. So we'll see.



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Stan M

Much ado about nothing. The only thing we learned from all that is that Dominguez will probably be called up.


Starting pitching Larry? What about CF, 3rd, who knows if Hanley will be any good, how much did Buck cost as a catcher? I could run on him. Larry you assembled a team that is C.R.A.P. Oh yeah and how about replacing yourself Larry. Time to go man.

Stan M

Haven't posted lately because have nothing more to say. Anyway, we are all idiots if we root for Marlins. At least that's what that genius said here a day or two ago. Only watch games in background w/o sound except when Stanton is up...and I think he's flailing rather than swinging. Met announcers were all over him for misjudging balls in the sun with his sunglasses perched on top of his hat. Was anything said about it on Marlin telecast. Mgr. should be all over him for that. It was incredible for it happened more than once and the damn glasses stayed on his hat.

Here is an article by Jason Stark where he tells how baseball evaluating has become ultra modern. It's quite an eye opener and I found it both interesting and informative. Below that is an article on the same subject by Jim Bowden, also very good.



If you read these articles and see merit in their point of view, then our present manager is living in a past that is long gone and we need someone who is hep on this stuff. Do you folks think Ozzie is? I don't at all and that might not be good.

(I copied this from last blog...nobody there...

Flav C

Stan, i think we are reading each other's minds. I read Stark's article and loved it. I'm a data and statistics freak so you can imagine i was all over it. I've always thought that information when well utilized in sports can be a true asset, obviously it will never replace talent and skills. Baseball specifically has less motion than sports like football, soccer, basketball or hockey, what makes its athletes creatures of habit. Therefore it is a lot easier to capture data on their performance and easier to identify trends. I myself have worked on a lot of data/statistics by watching Marlins games and thought of sharing it with the team, or even sending some suggestions, but i'm quite sure they have very well paid people to do that. On the Ozzie thing, the only Ozzie i'd love to see down here in SFlorida is the bat-eater Osbourne guy. Just like Guillen, no one can understand what he says, but he is a lot more entertaining than the one managing the White Sox.

Flav C

on Matt, i've watched some of the Zephyrs games thru milb tv. He still has a lot to develop, maybe one season away from being a regular major league player. but should be interesting to see him playing in September, if the old coach of the Fish is interested in it. Now, one thing i am really glad is another poor outing by Hensley. There is no way he is a starter and i was really afraid that if he had a few good starts they would be considering him for a possible position in the rotation next year. I'm glad this experiment is over and done.


Larry B, I'll gladly tell you where this team went wrong. 1/2 the team is playing outside of their natural position which has caused a natural disaster of sorts. The team consistently scores 2 runs or less so even a dominant SP staff can't win with these guys.

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