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From Bartman to Guillen, Marlins have Chicago's number

       The timing is ironic, but less than 24 hours after ESPN aired its documentary on infamous Cubs fan Steve Bartman the Marlins stick another needle in Chicago's eye with the 1 p.m. announcement that they have once again fleeced the Windy City, hiring Ozzie Guillen away from the White Sox.

        Chicago? Again? What did they ever do to the Marlins to deserve this? They had major league baseball in Chicago before Miami was even incorporated as a city, when the only things down here were mosquitos, snakes and alligators.

        But it has to grate on Cubs fans that the Marlins have won two World Series titles in what amounts to a flyspeck on baseball's timeline while they haven't won since the Paleozoic Era. In 2003, the Cubbies held a 3-1 series lead in the NLCS and blew it. They blew it with a 3-2 series lead and Kerry Wood and Mark Prior going at Wrigley. Never mind the more damaging error on a routine double play grounder by Cubs shortstop Alex Gonzalez in the very same inning. Bartman entered the picture and Wrigleyville was turned upside down.

        Shall I continue?

        The Marlins stink this year. Putrid. But they won 3 of 4 from the Cubs at Wrigley back in July. The Marlins hold an all-time series edge on only four NL clubs: the Nationals/Expos, the Rockies, the Brewers and the -- you guessed it -- the Cubs. The Marlins have gone 77-76 against the Cubs, 41-40 at historic Wrigley. And that doesn't include the '03 NLCS.


         The Marlins have the Cubs to thank for Dontrelle Willis and Ricky Nolasco. OK, Cubs win on the Derrek Lee deal.

         Now comes the arrival of Guillen, which adds more Marlins sting to Chicago's pride, steals more of the city's thunder.

          Have to admit, though, they still make a darn good pizza there.


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Stan M

Who fleeced whom? The WS got 2 of our top 10 prospects for a manager who had outworn his welcome. I could name 3-4 players on the 40 man roster that would have been better to send to Chicago. To me it's incomprehensible. Hey, Lou! Where are you when we really need to hear about the teams minor league problems? Come on out and rant a little.


Clark, you should explain how the Marlins "fleeced" the Sox out of a manager they were planning on firing, yet receiving the 4th and 5th best prospects from the Marlins anyway?

Matt in Chicago

This White Sox fan is tickled pink that you took Ozzie off our hands. Thanks, Miami! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha


If you think taking Ozzie is fleecing us. I have some beans to sell you.


No wonder the newspaper business is struggling. Here are a few clues for mouth-breathing imbeciles who try to tie together Bartman and Guillen:

1. There are TWO MLB teams in Chicago, one has WON the World Series in our lifetimes, the other has not. [Look it up, it's true!]

2. The team from which Guillen came is not the same one that Bartman's fandom lies. [Again, through the magic of the internet, you can look this up, and for FREE!]

3. The fans of the team from which Guillen came from are happy that he's gone, for the most part.

4. The fans of the team from which Guillen came from are laughing at the dumbasses that gave away two somewhat usable parts for bottled hot air.

5. The fans of the team from which Guillen came from are/were overjoyed at the so-called "Bartman incident," and were by and large rooting for the marlins.

Seriously, you guys should get a clue. I've offered to help you, [and for FREE here]. That said, if you're really basing your entry on "Bartman," and "guillen," you need to do ~30 seconds of research before you start typing.

Again, thanks for the free players, and for taking some hot air off our hands, clowns.



Are you stupid?

This article is tying the CITY OF CHICAGO to the Marlins organization. It does not attempt to tie the WHITE SOX, in and of themselves, to the Marlins organization. The last time I checked, the White Sox played in Chicago albeit in a shitty part of Chicago.)

Do you understand what the author of this post was attempting to do now? Did this help?



If you clowns could read English, you'd see that White Sox fans cheered for the Marlins.

Thus, anything bad that happens to the scrubs is generally looked at as a good thing by White Sox fans.

Hence, tying "Bartman" to "Guillen" remains a stupid comparison. [BTW, the media clowns who follow the Marlins should ask Guillen what he thinks about Wrigley Field sometime.]

Again, thanks for the free players, clowns. He's your problem now.



Your racist response to my post is a clear indication that you do not have a coherent retort to the point I made.

I'm sorry that reading comprehension is so difficult for you to master.

Best of Luck.


[This is the last thing I'll post on this, I promise.]

Let's summarize the stupidity of this entry:

1. Getting a manager [Guillen] who was going to be fired, in exchange for 2 somewhat usable players is somehow "a fleecing," according to the short-bus types. [In other words, PAYING for something that could have been gotten FOR FREE in 2 weeks or so.]

2. Then, the short bus writer goes on to recount the Marlins' victory over an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT TEAM. [A victory that was similarly-cheered by most White Sox fans.] In other words, a team that has nothing to do with the White Sox, Guillen, or this so-called "fleecing."

3. He then goes on to recount the all-time records against a team that the overarching majority of White Sox fans cheer against. [Again, nothing to do with guillen.]

4. He then goes on to recount the trades made between the Marlins and the scrubs, which, again, have nothing to do with the so-called "fleecing" he claims took place here. [Note that short bus didn't bother to state why it was a fleecing, since he has no evidence to so state it as such.]

Did I miss anything, short bus? Thanks for the free players.

You guys enjoy Guillen's stupid managerial decisions, his lack of attention to detail [he doesn't bother to read advance scouting reports, BTW], his lack of personal preparation, and his overall unprofessionalism.


Over the last 100 years, how many managers have won a WS in Chicago????....I can think of only one. Chicago fans should be thankful that Ozzie helped with winning their ONLY WS in the lst 100 years.

Flav C.

You know, i wasn't too favorable of this trade for Ozzie. In fact, he wasn't my first option. As a Marlins fan i prefer Jim Riggleman. But just reading all the stupid things these obnoxious fans of the White Sox keep writing everywhere, makes one really hope things work out well between Ozzie and the Fish, at least for a couple of years and one more WS.

Stan M

Where are all of our voices of reason? Thank you Flav for chipping in to this travesty. Yes, we Marlin fans really have no choice but to root for our new Ozzie to succeed. Unfortunately, I fear that history is against us. He will certainly be a breath of fresh air in the first year as the age old axiom goes. But watch out for those next 3 years of his ill considered contract. As curiosity wanes and attendence apathy returns, will we be in an even worse state than now? Unfortunately, my reason overcomes my heart and I foresee a bleak future. Ouch!

Flav C

You know Stan, I still don't think Ozzie can be that much of a negative/positive impact. After all, he is just a coach. What really worries me is which players they will bring in. Worries me the current situation of the farm system. Ozzie is just a small piece of this puzzle.


I'm as baffled as anybody over Loria's fascination with Ozzie. But now that the Fish have him, I can foresee one positive effect he can have on this dysfunctional team. He can let everybody know from the outset that those who don't hustle on every single play are going down, no matter who they are or how much money they make or how talented they are. And because Ozzie's reputation proceeds him, even guys like Hanley are likely to believe him. And if he catches somebody loafing, he should be true to his word and yank him or give him a "breather" in New Orleans, just to keep everybody on their toes. Remember, one of Edwin Rodriguez's complaints was that Marlins pitchers were dogging it during workouts between games. Bet Ozzie won't put up with that sh*t. If he can keep the entire squad hustling and focused and a little bit scared, he might be able to squeeze some wins out of these guys. Of course, it's all meaningless unless he gets two good new bats and a very good lefty starter to play with.


Mark Buerhle is a free agent. Don't know how he got along with Ozzie in Chicago, but if they're bffs, maybe he'd want to sign with the Fish. He's not my first choice, but it's something to think about.

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