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From Bartman to Guillen, Marlins have Chicago's number

       The timing is ironic, but less than 24 hours after ESPN aired its documentary on infamous Cubs fan Steve Bartman the Marlins stick another needle in Chicago's eye with the 1 p.m. announcement that they have once again fleeced the Windy City, hiring Ozzie Guillen away from the White Sox.

        Chicago? Again? What did they ever do to the Marlins to deserve this? They had major league baseball in Chicago before Miami was even incorporated as a city, when the only things down here were mosquitos, snakes and alligators.

        But it has to grate on Cubs fans that the Marlins have won two World Series titles in what amounts to a flyspeck on baseball's timeline while they haven't won since the Paleozoic Era. In 2003, the Cubbies held a 3-1 series lead in the NLCS and blew it. They blew it with a 3-2 series lead and Kerry Wood and Mark Prior going at Wrigley. Never mind the more damaging error on a routine double play grounder by Cubs shortstop Alex Gonzalez in the very same inning. Bartman entered the picture and Wrigleyville was turned upside down.

        Shall I continue?

        The Marlins stink this year. Putrid. But they won 3 of 4 from the Cubs at Wrigley back in July. The Marlins hold an all-time series edge on only four NL clubs: the Nationals/Expos, the Rockies, the Brewers and the -- you guessed it -- the Cubs. The Marlins have gone 77-76 against the Cubs, 41-40 at historic Wrigley. And that doesn't include the '03 NLCS.


         The Marlins have the Cubs to thank for Dontrelle Willis and Ricky Nolasco. OK, Cubs win on the Derrek Lee deal.

         Now comes the arrival of Guillen, which adds more Marlins sting to Chicago's pride, steals more of the city's thunder.

          Have to admit, though, they still make a darn good pizza there.