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Hanley Ramirez undergoes "open repair" of shoulder

   PHILADELPHIA -- Just received word from the Marlins that Dr. James Andrews performed an "open" surgical repair of Hanley Ramirez's left shoulder, which was not unexpected. But it does mean his healing period could be anywhere from four to eight months.

   The Marlins are still saying they expect Ramirez to be ready by Opening Day (April 4), though it's possible he might not be ready for the start of spring training.

   Former Marlins shortstop Alex Gonzalez, who is now with the Braves, underwent a similar procedure in the summer of 2002 and said he was ready to play within months. As it turned out, Gonzalez was good to go on Opening Day in 2003 and enjoyed one of his top offensive seasons.

   Ramirez had arthroscopic surgery on the left shoulder following the 2007 season. But doctors opted for a more invasive procedure on Thursday.


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The Great Kreskin

Hanley will be a heavier,lazier,out of shape Mutt than he already is now, come spring training.

Stan M

One would think that a big time doctor like that would realize that he totally overlooked Hanley's area that is most in need of serious repair.

Are any of you other readers as mystified as I about the Pujols rumors. Signing him would be a horrible mistake. People start saying things like the team would gain 120 RBIs and 35 HRs which is patently untrue. One must first subtract the output of the player that he would replace, namely Gabby who should give us about 90 RBIs and 20HRs next year. So the team would be blowing all of that enormous money for about 30 RBIs and 15 HRs. No, no, no. Get a pitcher first and foremost, and after that, a 2nd pitcher unless Vazquez will resign.


Why do the Marlins have an over-rated stiff like lomo ,hitting .193 w/RISP. batting clean-up????


Stan M,
Once again I find myself in total agreement. Blowing the kind of money that Pujols would command on a single superstar would be a disaster. Fish could get a really good pitcher and a couple of excellent bats for the same money. Yes, Pujols would fill some seats and that may be Loria's only consideration. But if he goes down with an injury, the Marlins would be worse off than they are this year, and we all know how that's worked out.
Now, after all that, I feel like an idiot even considering the possibility that the Marlins would acquire a guy like Alberto. I'm sure Loria is reading those rumors and laughing his butt off.
Hope you caught my earlier comment on the fun we could have with three generations of Stans sparring on this blog.
I'm off to Oregon tomorrow to help celebrate my Mom's 95th birthday, so unless I can bum a computer in that faraway land, this may be my last entry of the season. Everybody stay well.


Hope that Hand and Marlins beat Wang, all game long. Lomo disappointed ,crashed into another wall and does'nt get chance to beat Wang on the bench today. Would rather beat Wang at the plate and in LF, as usual.


Guess the Marlins coulnt handle Wang today,as their own Hand was done in by a mental fart, and an ugly error by their own Peter.

Father Flanagan

heard they are in an uproar in Cincinnati over the Marlins 2012 opening day act on wed ,day off thurs and home opener on Good Friday in Cinn. Leave it to Loria and Samson to screw up a Christian holiday, even by accident.

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Liked you on Facebook, too. =)

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