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Marlins, Red Sox hook up twice in 2012

    Get ready for the Boston Red Sox. Not once, but twice.

     In an unusual twist, the Marlins will twice face the Red Sox in interleague play next season, at their new ballpark on June 11-13 and at Fenway Park on June 19-21.

     "The strength of schedule is going to get harder," said Marlins first baseman Gaby Sanchez, who has never played at Fenway but took batting practice there once when he was in the Cape Cod League.

     As previously reported, the Marlins will open their yet unnamed ballpark on April 4 in a one-game series against the Cardinals. They'll hit the road for six games before returning home to face the Astros (April 13-15) and Cubs.

     In addition to the Red Sox, the Marlins will also face the Toronto Blue Jays and Tampa Bay Rays in interleague play at home. The Marlins' road foes in interleague play: the Red Sox, Rays and Cleveland Indians.