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When Matt Dominguez arrives, then what?

       Donnie Murphy became the Marlins' Opening Day third baseman when Matt Dominguez failed to make the club out of spring training. Funny how the world turns, as both will be joining the Marlins as callups from Triple A New Orleans.

       Murphy, along with catcher John Baker and reliever Brian Sanches, were reinstated from the DL on Monday. Dominguez is expected to join the team on Tuesday.

       It should be interesting to see how often Jack McKeon employs Dominguez as his third baseman. McKeon has said repeatedly that he wants to win as many games as possible in September and feels that it would be unfair to play a prospect over a veteran who has worked hard all season with the Marlins (i.e., Greg Dobbs, in this particular situation).

       But Dominguez is a special case. The Marlins need to see him perform on the big stage. They need to see how he hits major league pitching. They need to evaluate him now -- in a big league test tube -- so they have some sense as to whether he can be the Opening Day third baseman when they open their new ballpark next season.

       McKeon has often said that the worst times to evaluate players are April and September, that players provide false readings in those bookend baseball months. Maybe so. But Dobbs and Murphy aren't the future for the Marlins. Dominguez is.

       Put him out there. Let's see him play.


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This is amazing, the only possition player prospect.
the Marlins are bringing up is Dominguez
last year they had a bunch of them this year none, a low bubget team like the marlins, can't compete, without prospects comming up all the time, no pitchers no hitters in the minors, no wonder TampaBay keep on competing in the AL east.
omebody have to be accountable for this missery


Start Dominguez off by having him sell hot dogs at the stadium and let him work his way up to the ticket office for next season. Everybody knows he's not ready to hit MLB pitching yet. Oh Wait,he'll fit right in with the other guys like Lomo ,Cogs, etc.


Jose Lopez, seems like the most viable option from the Marlins third basemen of 2012. He regained his stroke at the play, and he was already an All Star and hit more than 20 home runs a couple of seasons ago.


Carlos, exactly which positions would you like to fill with prospects right now? Every position on the Marlins field is taken for next year with the exception of 3B (and you could make a case for CF). You're not moving Stanton, Morrison, Sanchez, Buck, or Ramirez out of the lineup. Bonifacio will be in the lineup somewhere but the position has to be determined. That's 6 out of 8 positions and they still think Coghlan will be their centerfielder. So now, you're down to 2B or 3B for Bonifacio. Assuming Boni plays third, I'd rather keep Infante than try to bring up a prospect to play 2B. Assuming Boni plays second, well, you have your one prospect that you need to see, Matt Dominguez.

Flav C

Between Bonifacio and Infante, I would keep Infante at 2B. For the first time the Marlins has a great glove on 2B and that was the only reason Uggla was traded (as per the Marlins FO). The Marlins lost a player that was a sure 100+ Runs, 90+ RBIs, 30+ HRs and a .350 OBP type of player. Also, they sent away a player who was not great defensively. Uggla had around 15 errors/season and a .980 fielding avg. Boni has pretty much the same performance defensively (as an infielder) but his offensive numbers are not even close to Uggla's. By not resigning Infante, all we're doing is moving backwards. We will have an "Uggla" type of player defensively with 1/3 of his runs production. The only way i see the Marlins trading Infante is if they bring a sure run producer as 3rd base or Outfielder. Even though i like Brian Peterson, he is not this type of player. Matt Dominguez is even worse, having a below average season(s) on AAA, especially for a 1st draft pick. If the Marlins does not re-sign Infante, they will be making a big mistake.


Flav C,
Couldn't agree with you more about Infante. It's a great feeling to see opposing batters shoot one in his direction and to know you've got a guy there who's going to make the play. First time the Fish have had that going for them at any infield position in a while. I'm tired of holding my breath with every ground ball. And the way Infante's hitting now, the Marlins would be nuts not to keep him. And they'd be nuts to start shuffling him around now that he's gotten comfortable at second. Of course, being nuts is a Marlins specialty, so who knows what will happen.

Flav C

lb, you just described the exact feeling i have when someone hits in his direction. We know its a sure out. And shuffling around is another Marlins specialty, besides being nuts.

Flav C

You know, a lot of people dont put enough value on the importance of good defense. If you look at the entire MLB numbers, 2 teams stand out as the top 2 defense teams: Phillies and Tampa Bay. Coincidently (or not) those are the same top 2 teams with the highest number of complete games in the league - Phillies 16 and Tampa 14. Obviously, the Phillies have arguably the best rotation in the league and that helps a lot with the CG stats, but on top of that they have a great defense behind them which avoids extra batters, extra men on base, more double-plays, etc. Tampa does not have the best rotation, but has an amazing defensive team, who helps their pitchers go further in the game, keeping Tampa in the game for longer, instead of having the bullpen come early to play their role. How many times we saw good pitching by the Marlins having to leave on the 5th or 6th inning, with a no-decision, simply because of many errors helping to extend their innings and pitches thrown? More specifically when we had Hanley and Uggla as SS and 2B, that was a big hole right there. That's why it would be a big mistake if the Marlins do not resign Infante and move Boni to 2B. I love Boni and his speed skills, but he is definitely not a good infielder. I rather see Cogs on 2B, if we get rid of Infante.


Flav C,
Great stuff! I sent an earlier post complimenting you on your assessment of the situation, but it seems to have disappeared into the vast world of cyberspace. (Hate it when that happens.) Basically, what I said was that we need more thoughtful commentary like your recent posts on here and less "Samson-is-an-a**hole"-type name calling. I think I mentioned that I don't disagree with that particular characterization of the munchkin but that it gets tiresome hearing it over and over.
Keep up the good work.

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