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New Marlins Logo?

      Check out this logo, which has been floating around on the internet and is rumored to be the Miami Marlins' new logo. It certainly contains all the colors that the team has been using lately in promotional material.

       "Official unveiling 11/11 (Nov. 11)," texted Marlins president David Samson. "No other comment."




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Aggie 67



GAY!!!! - not that there is anything wrong with that :-)


I hope they plan to use different colors. maybe those will grow on me.....but i doubt it.

Shane Cauty

No I friend in organization said thats a decoy to gauge interest and then make last minute changes. He also told me they are considering scheme like this one: http://s1217.photobucket.com/albums/dd393/MrPhotobuckets/?action=view&current=Marlins2012confedential.jpg


I like it.

John Smith

it's not bad, but they have to stick to one color only.


simply stunning


Oh Miami, when will you ever acquire taste. Another plastic baseball club.

Ru Paul




Juvenal Mavares



Honestly, I hope this isn't it. There are too many colors. They should go for a two-color color scheme and one that is reminiscent of the ocean in which the Marlin roams, sort of like how the Tampa Bay Rays logo went from black, green, and blue to a blue and gold color scheme more appropriate for a subtropical coastal climate.

That's just my 2¢.

Fake Marc Hackman

If that truly is the new logo then that's the worst decision since Brian Dunkelman left American Idol.


Its hiddious !!!


Wow. Biggest marlin fan here... But i hope that ain't our new logo!


I am speechless. This is the best that the Marlins could come up with after so much time. It is horrific. First, there are too many colors. Second, the colors look like they faded in a washer. Third, for some reason the logo reminds me of Epcot. Maybe it'd because the Marlin reminds me of a monorail. Fourth, I find it odd that the "M" in the logo when compared to the "M" in "Marlins" which I presume will be on the jersey are not in the same font. I hope this logo turns out to be a rumor.


This has got to be a Joke


The logo is an absolute disaster. I was hoping for something iconic that would instill pride in our city and motivate us to rally behind our team and head out to the ballpark in support. This logo is utter garbage. Too many colors and far too reminiscent of the OKC Thunder. The other scheme proffered by a someone above is even worse. The only redeeming qualities are the "MARLINS" block script and the black and orange colors--which would have been a worthy color scheme had the seats in the ballpark not been painted BLUE. This team is a mess and, should they go with this logo, they'll be all but ruining what would otherwise have been a proud moment for the city of Miami--the rebranding of a baseball team into something we could finally call our own.


Surprised they dont have Cuban Rafters catching a Marlin for dinner , on their trip to their new home in Little Havana.Or maybe Mullet or Gefilte Fish...

Enrique S.

OMG .... It is so UNATTRACTIVE!!!!!!!!!!! OMG it is awfullllllllllllllll ... geeeeez I am so sad about this! SIMPLY unacceptable!


It could not be more ugly!

Kevin Kornreich

FishBytes, I'm pretty sure that the text will not be part of the logo package. It looks to me like a generic T-shirt font that will vary from T-shirt to T-shirt, kind of like this http://bit.ly/oFCd5m or this http://bit.ly/pvCImw or this http://bit.ly/rgoTg8 .


I love it. Young looking, modern, classy.


Absolutely hate it.


rainbow party ???!!!...make it ALL
BLACK like the New Zealand ALL BLACKS before its too late !




the M is great.... the multicolors suck


If that's it they should stick with the old logo. Yuck!!! I hope not


This is the new Marlins logo, it is in the 2012 MLB Style Guide. This image comes from a sample of t-shirt designs for next year; the block text is stanadard for all teams.

The wordmark across the chest is in the same font as the new logo, as well as the new stadium logo.

Gotcha, Samson.

Al C

What !!! I knew our owner would like that dumb old Expos logo. Houston got rid of their rainbow logo too ...it's ugly!!!! And I will never wear anything like it...




Would have been a great logo....in the 1970's....I'm hoping for something a bit more traditional....

Flav C.

Tom, you;re absolutely right. Looks very 70's. I didn't like it.


can i get some of whatever they were smoking at the time of this design. maybe it can cure my glacoma. good lord this is hidious and a a marlin fan i am 100% embarrassed, if this is the logo.




It would look great on a Convention Center, but not on a baseball team. Terrible, we'd be known as the Miami Rainbow Warriors...and you all know what rainbows signify!
Go Black with subtle teal...c'mon.


Manny, Clark, both of you can CONFIRM that this is the logo, please reflect that in your article.

The style guide has been up since the 15th.

Flav C.

Good thing is that I have my good ol' white Florida Marlins jersey, with Lowel's name in the back.



Marlin fan

Gay for sure


Not good! stick to the black and teal

SoFla Ken

First of all, I'm not buying that this is the final logo. This is a team that is so tight lipped that info doesn't escape from the black hole that is their front office unless they want it to. The Marlins probably "leaked" this logo to guage interest from the public, much the we people in marketing do focus groups to see if people like the products we have in development.

But let's play along anyway. If this is a version of what they're aiming for, it's way too close to the Dolphins' colors. Be original. Come up with something other than aqua and orange! Or blue and orange. Or green and orange. Or anything and orange!

How about simply keeping black, silver and teal and redesign the uniforms and logos? There's nothing wrong with their color scheme now. Keeping the same colors seems to work fine with teams that have been around a lot longer than the Marlins have. (See: Yankees, Dodgers, Giants, Red Sox, Twins, etc.)


this logo look like the gay flag is very nices i like im gay to mi is okey thank to the marlin give credit to the gay peoples

juan miami fl

congratulecion to the marlin give credit to a gay peoples i like that very nices go marlin we the new logo thank juan miami


Dios mio!! Que clase porqueria. I'll never wear something like that. It will be the ugliest MLB logo and uniform.


I love it!

SoFla Ken

By the way, not really digging the RoboFish design.

baseball fan

If they want to change the logo, they need to get a woman to do it right. These men have no sense of color combination and logo fashion. This looks like something out of a crayon box. Actually they should leave the logo as it has been.


That is horrid... I have an idea... Take the "F" out of the old logo & replace it with a "M"... Keep It Simple...

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