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New Marlins Logo?

      Check out this logo, which has been floating around on the internet and is rumored to be the Miami Marlins' new logo. It certainly contains all the colors that the team has been using lately in promotional material.

       "Official unveiling 11/11 (Nov. 11)," texted Marlins president David Samson. "No other comment."




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Lame and weak, not something your team should be wearing. But who cares we are the laughing stock of baseball anyways!!!


I miss my silver and teal!


This is pure ugly!

Jeff Conine

to digital, overwhelming modern and color busy. design should have at least a 'touch' of baseball tradition


I just threw up in my mouth.


Someone needs to take the crayons away from David Samson. Horrible - even for Marlins standards.


Yuck. Even the Metrorail has a better logo than this ...


fine except TAKE out the blue and yellow clown colors...keep Orange and black ONLY


Awful!! Ugliest logo at MLB.....This guys cannot even make a decent brand

FU Marlins

How about just using a rainbow as the logo.

That's it. Just a simple rainbow. It'll be Alex Sampson's idea.

F-U Alex, you tax stealing douche. Napoleon complex for LIFE you midget turd.

Mr. B

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooo......! No way! U-G-L-Y!!


Braves fan here... I hope that's not the logo. It's like the old school Astros colors. C'mon, Miami can do better than that.


the M is great...but GET RID of the blue and yellow clown colors...


Just use the M. I agree with csteelejr and with the person who suggested using colors from the Gulfstream where marlins swim. Make the teal more of a sky blue and switch the black to a deep navy blue. Then keep black for trim & other details.

I hope this isn't it.


the M is great !!! BUT get RID of the blue and yellow clown colors


the M is great !!! BUT get RID of the blue and yellow clown colors


Brutal logo.


Can anybody say "Houston Astros 1970's Uniforms". This will definitely overtake that. Please keep the traditional Marlins uniforms.


It is so Gay!, by the way, I don't see the word Miami in that logo...


this would easily vault the Marlins into the #1 ranking on the all-time ugliest logo list.


Looks like a girls softball team logo


At least the logo fits the way they play....Ugly!!!!


the M is great !...BUT get RID of the blue and yellow clown colors ...BLACK and ORANGE only.


the M is great !...BUT get RID of the blue and yellow clown colors ...BLACK and ORANGE only.


the M is great !...BUT get RID of the blue and yellow clown colors ...BLACK and ORANGE only.


Come on this has to be the worst logo in all of sports. As a Marlins fan I've been looking forward to the new look and identity of the Miami Marlins... if this is truly the choice made by Mr. Loria and his advisors they dropped the ball. I can't see myself purchasing any team apparel with this logo and colors.

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All that's missing is the stick figure of a city tax payer physically crushed by the "M."

Thanks Samson!


come on man!

we had one of the best uniforms in baseball

this sucks

Jebediah Gonzalez-Cohen

The Marlin looks cool, but the M and the colors make us look like the official Crayola baseball team.

Stan M

Undoubtedly it was inexpensive!

Luis R Vazquez

Due to the ethnic composition of the community, maybe that rainbow resembles it.


Wow. Just when you thought the organization couldn't do more to alienate the fanbase, they give us this. Holy cow. This is the magnum opus--a creation so horrendous and off-putting that one is led to believe the Marlins front office is purposefully trying to lose fans. Look at the Braves, Red Sox, Dodgers, Yankees, White Sox, Phillies, etc. Sharp, stringent angular logos have no place in the game. The most iconic logos are simple, refined and elegant. They make use of script instead of sharp lines. They channel the rich history of baseball's past and, in so doing, find a niche within the dignified pantheon of the game's iconography. The marketing team is filled with iconoclasts--they raged against the thought of building a retro ballpark, and so they gave Miami a giant alien commode instead. Now they shun tapping into the game's rich history, and instead attempt to attract alien life forms and robots as fans. Absolutely lacking in perspective of what this game is about. This is a travesty. Horrible. Vomit-inducing. Nauseating.

Alejandro Matheus

Very ogly. Too many colors. That was my very first impression. Hope you change it !!!


super GAY!!!!!!!!

Charlie Hough's Cigarette butt

I like the logo, but the colors are odd. Keep the teal, black, and silver. YELLOW AND CORAL!?!? ON A SPORTS TEAM!!? Come on guys! That ain't art


not impressed one bit - what a horrible boring, bland, plain, and frankly uninteresting logo - please try again!


The Marlins should change their Logo to a Big Rainbow Colored "L" for LOSERS,,,


GAY BLADE!!!!!!!!


Can we have a look at the old Miami Marlins logo from the 1950's or the 1970's?


No f......ing way.

Mike in Houston

That is horrible! What is so difficult about taking our current logo, keeping the same font, and changing the "F" to a "M"? And keep the same Marlin and color scheme you dolts! Never buying another piece of gear if this is our new logo.

Ronald Lacayo

It's impossible for me to exaggerate how HORRIFIC this logo is. I honestly hope this is a joke.

Yellow, Blue and Orange?! Seriously?!

PLEASE keep the current logo and just replace the F with an M... not all change is good!

PS - please fire the graphic designer who came up with this? Is he a 60 year old man who just bought his first computer?! Speechless.

Marcos Azar

Great, another Miami franchise tries to turn a sporting event into something "cool" and "trendy." Just because we live in Miami doesn't mean we want every place we go to feel like a South Beach club.

This is unbelievably bad. The Marlins had it right when they made logo Black, Silver, and Teal (in that order).

I will become a Mets fan before I wear anything with this logo on it.


I'm sure when it is unveiled, the Herald will love it. After all, the Herald is the official newspaper of your Miami Marlins!


is yellow part of the marlins colors? if it's not part of the fish, then why make it part of the letter? i'm just saying. that's like the dolphins adding purple or the heat adding green to their logos...makes no sense...right? maybe if the yellow part is orange...it'd be okay.


I like the color scheme. I've always thought adding orange to the current Marlins logo would make it classier.

The logo is a little off though. The M is cool, the psycadelic fish is cool, but the location of both images don't seem like they go together.

Horacio Feraud

Are we being Punk'd?

There isn't a single redeemable quality about this logo. The colors, the font, the quasi-modern fish are all failed attempts at being young and cool. Why would you try and make a baseball logo look modern? Isn't the goal to be classy and timeless?

Please fire everyone involved in this process. I won't come to a Marlins game until 5 people are fired for this decision.


Jebediah Gonzalez-Cohen

I don't think this is the logo. It can't be.... These are almost pastel colors. We would be the laughing stock of MLB, oh wait...


there are more bloggers on this issue than fans showing up to the games.

the color schemes are like the dolphins...just adding black, and a hint of yellow.

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