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New Marlins Logo?

      Check out this logo, which has been floating around on the internet and is rumored to be the Miami Marlins' new logo. It certainly contains all the colors that the team has been using lately in promotional material.

       "Official unveiling 11/11 (Nov. 11)," texted Marlins president David Samson. "No other comment."




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Andrew Cromer

Dear Marlins,

This logo is amazing...for a nightclub in 1978.

Go back to the drawing board - immediately

This is honestly embarrassing.

Simple, classy and timeless is the goal...

Here's an idea: Keep the current logo and make the F an M...

If it isn't broken, don't fix it...

This logo is severely broken...

Teal Forever

wow, no teal? are they changing the team colors so i have to buy a new jersey? Great marketing tactic, fellas... it worked wonders for the Panthers.

Ari Karl

In typical Marlins fashion we clearly saved some money on the graphic designer.

There is clearly someone in the Marlins' front office who thinks that every design decision needs to be progressive and modern. PLEASE keep the current logo and color scheme.

Isn't baseball supposed to be America's pastime? A game of tradition?

Just because we live in Miami doesn't mean we want to go watch baseball in a spaceship!!

Let me guess, there's going to be nightclub in right field...


I think MIAMI should appear in the logo, since it will be the Miami Marlins. I don't like it.


I hope not. A 3rd grader could design a better logo.

Mets Fan


(deep breath)



Total Marlins merchandise sold in 2012: 3


The Marlin is ok. but the M has to be changed, Drop the Yellow please and go with the old Miami Marlins M from the AAA club....At Least diminsh the yellow and orange if you are going to keep them,


Welcome to the American dream--
a billionaire using public funds
to construct
a private playground
for the rich and powerful.


Florida Astro-Marlins


I would like the logo if the "M"was wavy, not sharply pointed.

Marlins Fan

This looks like a good logo for the Marlins if we were living in the 80s Miami Vice era... Looks awful for 2011.


I pitched a logo to David Samson for the hell of it and was rejected. I will post it soon and you guys tell me what you think.


I have read that the new colors were black, blue & orange. The seats in the stadium are blue, so that kind'a confirms the color blue. I was hoping to keep teal as some part of the colors.......that BIG M....I would suggest some type of "art deco" lettering....round off the pointed M....it looks like some type of Indian design out out of New Mexico....that's my 2 cents.


I don't care how much it costs, change this immediately.

Yoni Dwyane Schwade

I love the new direction for the team and its logo. Keep up the good work and I CANT WAIT to get my new gear with this awesome logo.

Rodeo 1


Yoni Dwyane Schwade

....said the ex-Marlins fan sarcastically

Gutty Skrande

LOVE this logo... for the new food court at Dadeland Mall.

Gutty Skrande

As a homosexual member of the Miami community, and an avid Marlins fan, I can say without hesitation that this logo is gay.


horrible !! disgusting !! im not wasting my MONEY on this !!

that guy

its like they're purposely trying to drive fans away


One of the worst logos I have ever seen.
I guess that was not part of the new stadium package....it should have been. I agree with CSTEELEJR, drop the F and add the M of the still existing, also somewhat ugly logo. Let's quit while we are ahead. If they keep this "aborto", it will fly proudly on gay pride parades. These owners are a package, at some point, they screw everybody.....hey, it is gay !!!


Does anyone see the resemblance to the Dolphins Stadium logo with that marlins on the upper left? It’s the same f’n thing.



Hideous I don't care if the owner is into modern art, this thing is as pathetic as the cheap shot Mayweather got on Ortiz. Now the What the Marlins are too cheap to buy a good creative design artist?

Mike Dennis

I just threw up in my mouth. This looks like something a 6 year old drew on a maternity room wall with crayons. The only things missing is some pastel blue and pink highlights. Loria is really Bozo the Clown and Samson is his not so bright pet monkey...

Stan M

Undoubtedly, it was inexpensive


Ok guys what do you think about this logo design which yes I did pitch it. But was rejected. Would like your Opinion...




The big M looks like an Indain sign somewhere in New Mexico. Here's a suggestion....round off that big M....use some type of "art deco" lettering. Also, get rid of the yellow & replace it with teal.


By the way i meant the link not the BIG M indian one lol here is the link again..

Alejandro Vega

Very Uggly "FEISIMO" the old Logo is Find all they have to do is replaced the Florida word with Miami thats all !!!!!!!!!!!!!


Blue and orange? The Miami Mets? Horrible.


Yuck!! I hope thats a joke


This logo is an absolute and utter joke. Here's an idea...let's replace one of the most distinctive and awesome logos in the MLB and replace it with generic drivel and a schizophrenic color scheme. The Marlins can't even leave the good parts of their franchise alone. I can understand the economics of trading your players after two years. But why further alienate fans by stinking up everything else?

This is Loria's one last insult to the state of Florida before he sells the team.


I agree with UGH!!! It is too close to mimicking the Mariners M, but uglier!!! Wouldn't have that any piece of clothing I would own!

Mike Kucharski

I won't have to worry about spending $30 for a new cap if that's what it's going to look like.


That is brutal. Well, now the Dolphins won't have the ugliest uniforms in town anymore.


Here's what it says to me - "Because we just don't care."

Davie Man

Personally I think it's a hoax. although Loria is an art dealer and might like some different looks, I don't believe that he'd go for it. First, the blue of this one is clearer than the blue of the seats, it doesn't make sense. Second, I don't think that would be good to mix this color selection. Third, the park is going to have plenty of art all over the place. Let's leave the orange for the dolphins and the UM. To me the best idea would be the replacement of the F by the M and maybe with a little reshaping of the Marlin in the logo, that's it


Seeing that logo on a shirt while on a fishing trip would induce sea sickness.


The logo goes well with the new name change
"Miami Clowns" "Miami Rainbows"
"Miami Loria's" "Miami Deco"
"Miami Gay Loosers"
anyway all other teams are going to make a fun of us
If thats the logo I can't wait for the new uniforms


Blue and orange M...of all teams why would they try and copy the Mets? Assuming the Marlins go with blue hats and not orange or yellow it'll look weird when the two division rivals play each other next year. I like the orange and green logo someone linked to -- it's a unique look in MLB, it ties them in with the other local sports teams (the U and the Fins), and most importantly the city colors on the city flag. They want to be the MIAMI Marlins after all.




The marlin looks like the old Dolphins Stadium dolphin to me.. just a marlin.


this can't be the final logo. what are they thinking?!?

Pete in Nevada

This will be the joke of the league.


This can't be real. I'm can urinate prettier colors than that - red, yellow, brown, green


I agree with the comment above, just make the F an M. Too much proud history already in this young franchise to change what is a great look. This is appalling.


perfect fit for the new Miami Marleens...samson wants to disconnect from the past...Miami Marleens will start out as a last place team with a laughable logo...RIP Florida Marlins..


I can't believe you found the designer of the 1982 Denver Nuggets "rainbow city" logo and brought him back for one last shot of glory!

This is what you get for destroying the Orange Bowl.


The new logo and colors are atrocious. The Marlins can forget about selling any merchandise if that is what they are going with. The new logo looks like a crappy logo for a discount airline. If they didn't like teal they should have replaced it with a nice blue and kept the black and silver trim. After all, those are the colors of a Marlin. Note to the organization, Marlins aren't rainbow colored. The old logo was so much nicer.

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