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Ozzie Guillen arrives in Miami

      Jack McKeon had an outspoken disdain for social media, especially Twitter. Not so his expected replacement, Ozzie Guillen, who tweeted his arrival in Miami a short bit ago: "Weird to be in Miami in this time but very happy ready to go."

       Yep, Guillen is in South Florida not even 24 hours after parting company with the Chicago White Sox. For the Marlins, it's not a matter of if, but when they'll announce Guillen as their new manager. Why, Guillen even beat them to the punch when he blogged (McKeon must be wincing) about it last night.

       This message was posted on Guillen's website last night before being taken down: "....there comes a point when you need to move on, and that point has come. The Florida Marlins believe I am the right man for the job to bring another World Series to South Florida....I can't tell you how thrilled I am to be a part of the Marlins organization. I have an unbelievable amount of respect for the Marlins, owner Jeffrey Loria, president Larry Beinfest, and general manager Michael Hill. I can't thank them enough for this opportunity and look forward to the future. I can't wait to get started."

        Once the deal (for a reported four years and $16 million) becomes official, the Marlins will send infielder Ozzie Martinez and a minor-league pitcher to the White Sox as compensation.


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2 good moves ...signing Omar & hiring Ozzie. Now get us some pitching!!!


Glad they didn't do anything crazy and send away LoMo or Stanton, but sending away players for a manager still doesn't make much sense to me.

Stan M

One old man's thoughts on our new manager:
Good thoughts
He will put fannies in the seats and that alone will help player morale
He is very popular in Miami
As a bilingual Latin, he should be a positive influence on the many Marlin Latins
As a motivational type manager, he should bring out the best (is there is any left) in Hanley
I haave read positive things about the WS hitting and pitching coaches and their contracts end tomorrow. The Marlins need replacements at both positions
He is very friendly with Zambrano who would be a good gamble and also very inexpensive so if he fails, so what, and the man does have an upside.
Trading Nolasco would be unforgivable and having Ozzie should stop that idea
At this stage, any change is a good change

Bad Thoughts
He is a divider, not a uniter
His record of developing young players is not good at all; in fact, it is awful
There are all sorts of reports out there that the WS were not a fundamentally well performing team...and the Marlins are full of young players who need reinforcement in this area
There are rumors that Jhan Martinez and/or Ozzie Martinez could be involved in a trade for him. Giving up either one is silly, including both is catastrophic. Let's all hope lesser prospects are involved.
In this age of statistical baseball, Ozzie is a dinasaur. Here I'm particularly thinking of all of the new info on things like defensive placement (see Tampa Rays improvement)
Will our two best coaches, Hill and that Latin fellow who coaches 3B stay. Let's hope so
Of those managerial prospects out there,I would have preferred Ryan Sandberg.


Hey Stan,
Common sense will tell you, that the way the marlins are run, Ozzie will run into a heap of trouble, in about July 2012, why?
number one personnal the FO will not get the people he wants.
number two, Beinfield is a frustated manager
he will start telling Ozzie who to play and the lnieup everyday.
number 3, Loria, will start to interfear with who he wants on the 25 men roster.
Number 4, when Loria start bringing all his body's into the club house, like he likes to do,Ozzie will blow up.
So don't you worry how he will do, it would not work


IMO...Ryan Sandberg would be too much like Girardi...we all know how that worked out. I believe Ozzie did well with the young 2003 Marlins as a coach.

Stan M

The reason I would have liked Sandberg is BECAUSE he is like Girardi. What in the world was wrong with Girardi? He taught a bunch of kids how to play and act like big leaguers. Had management backed him up with an inexpensive reliever or two in early September, he might still be here. Hasn't done too badly after moving on either.


Whats wrong with Girardi????....answer...he didn't get along with the owner. Anywhere you work, retail store, factory, etc, if you don't get along with management, you won't last very long. As for what he has done lately...manageing the best team money can buy,
Edwin Rodriguez would do as well as Girardi managing the Yankees. Sorry...have to disagree with ya, Ozzie is a much better hire for the Marlins than Sandberg would be.

Stan M

Giving up 2 of our top 10 prospects for any manager is absurd. This is doubly so when the Marlins have a poor minor league outlook as it is. No, No, No. I hope I'm dead wrong, but this is a move to sell tickets, not take a team of youngsters to the next level. (see my post above)

Flav C.

Stan, couldnt agree more. I'm still waiting to see how Loria will address the farm system, which he publicly acknowledge was a big problem for the Marlins. I guess the start-up was not good, sending out 2 good prospects by a manager. Specially Jhan Marinez, this guy was rebounding really well and was pitching extremely well of late. As if we had an army of great pitchers in the minors and are able to give up on a good one.

Peter Gammon's Dog

Marlins have made a mistake hiring Ozzie...check out yahoo.com MLB and Fox sports.com...Everything the Marlins have done over the past 6 yrs. has turned to shitte and this is another example...


As a White Sox fan, I have to tell Marlins fans that we're laughing at you right now.

Getting two players for a clown is laughable enough, in my opinion.

But when that clown can't be professional enough to stay two more days until the end of the season? That speaks volumes about him. When he starts whining for a contract when his team was within 3 1/2 games of the division leader further speaks volumes about him.

For Ozzie Guillen, the name on the back of the jersey is more important than the name in front. He has been exposed as such through his actions of late.

Flav C

Pete, i understand where you are coming from. And I agree if it were me and probably you, we would have done things differently as professionals. But, honestly, after all these years that you guys had him as coach up there, did you expect Ozzie to leave the White Sox quietly? This is not his style. Period. White Sox fans don't need to laugh at us. We know what we are getting into. Some of us are creating high expectations, others aren't. As I mentioned before, in the end, he is just a coach. He will not hit, field, or pitch. Now, i do have to agree with you that trading two prospects for a coach (any coach)is laughable. But then again, we are used to the way the Marlins FO operates. Not in a very smart way.

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