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Omar Infante agrees to two-year extension with Marlins

    Turns out the Marlins liked what they received in the Dan Uggla trade with Atlanta. The Herald has confirmed a mlb.com report that the Marlins and Omar Infante have agred to a two-year deal that will pay him $8 million.

     Infante has charmed with his defense and come on strong at the plate the second half, convincing the Marlins that he's one worth keeping. The Marlins also ended up receiving left-handed reliever Mike Dunn in last November's trade with the Braves.

     The two sides began discussing a deal several weeks ago, with Infante rejecting the team's initial one-year offer.

     After going to Atlanta, the 31-year-old Uggla and the Braves worked out a 5-year deal totaling $62 million. The Marlins, in essence, will end up getting Infante, who is 29, for three years and $10.5 million, not to mention Dunn.

      Which side did better? The Braves or the Marlins?


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I like this move except given his age I'm not sure why they wouldn't offer him another 2 years. As always the FO cannot find long term solutions to an area of need. The braves will always fare better because of the offensive production Uggla can provide. He struggled early but carried the team when everyone else was struggling. His defense seemed to improve but I wouldn't know since I didn't see him play everyday.

Flav C.

Honestly, this is one of the few times i see a win-win situation. Marlins lost a lot of offensive production (well pointed out by Glags) but i'm hopeful that LoMo and Stanton will provide enough hits in the near future. Infante is definitely a gold-glove caliber type of guy (probably the only one in the team right now) and i'd have offered a couple of years more in his contract, specially because we don't have a single soul in the AAA or AA that would be ready to take over as 2B within the next 2-3 years.


The Marlins pulled one over the Braves.


The Marlins made a good trade. Uggla has 3 times the errors that Infante. How many of those errors cost runs- deduct that from the HR's.

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