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Surgery a possibility for Hanley; Marlins on brink of elimination

   NEW YORK -- Surgery will be one of the options the Marlins will discuss with shortstop Hanley Ramirez after the team returns to South Florida. Regardless of the decision, any chance of Ramirez playing again this season is remote at best.

   Ramirez felt discomfort in his left shoulder on Tuesday when he was playing in a minor-league rehab game. He underwent a MRI that revealed no structural damage. The team is terming his injury as "left shoulder instability" and said that Ramirez would discuss treatment options this weekend with team phyisician Dr. Lee Kaplan.

  Ramirez had arthroscopic surgery after the 2007 season to repair a torn labrum in the shoulder. The conservative option would be to rest the shoulder and allow it to heal on its own over the winter.

    "You can't put him back (on the field) semi-healthy and have him swing one time and be gone," said Marlins manager Jack McKeon.


    The Phillies won earlier today, meaning -- drum roll, please -- the Marlins would be mathematically eliminated from the division race (not that there is any suspense) with a loss tonight to the Mets. The Marlins are 20 games behind the Braves in the wild-card "race."

     At this point, the Marlins are playing for positioning in next year's draft.


    The Marlins will be calling up lefty Brad Hand to make the start on Friday against the Phillies.

     On Thursday, the Marlins made right-handed reliever Sandy Rosario their first September callup. Rosario made two appearances for the Marlins last September, giving up six earned runs on nine hits in only one inning of work (54.00 ERA).

    "That was really rough for me," Rosario said. "I wasn't ready for that. I was ready to go home."

   Rosario said he is better prepared this time around.


    Tonight's lineup:

     Marlins: 1. Bonifacio, ss; 2. Infante, 2b; 3. Dobbs, 3b; 4. Stanton, rf; 5. Morrison, lf; 6. Sanchez, 1b; 7. Petersen, cf; 8. Hayes, c; 9. Hensley, p.  


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Stan M

Haven't posted lately because have nothing more to say. Anyway, we are all idiots if we root for Marlins. At least that's what that genius said here a day or two ago. Only watch games in background w/o sound except when Stanton is up...and I think he's flailing rather than swinging. Met announcers were all over him for misjudging balls in the sun with his sunglasses perched on top of his hat. Was anything said about it on Marlin telecast. Mgr. should be all over him for that. It was incredible for it happened more than once and the damn glasses stayed on his hat.

Here is an article by Jason Stark where he tells how baseball evaluating has become ultra modern. It's quite an eye opener and I found it both interesting and informative. Below that is an article on the same subject by Jim Bowden, also very good.



If you read these articles and see merit in their point of view, then our present manager is living in a past that is long gone and we need someone who is hep on this stuff. Do you folks think Ozzie is? I don't at all and that might not be good.


No matter what loria & co. wants, hanley will not play again for the marlins, if they keep him he will keep on being injured, and if he plays again would play like he does not give a dam, just look at him this years, and I am not talking only about batting.
Forget about him having another operation, he knows he don't need it.

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