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White Sox wanted Logan Morrison as compensation for Guillen

   The White Sox demanbded Logan Morrison as compensation for Ozzie Guillen, just as they did a year ago when the Marlins approached them about the manager. But this time the White Sox gave in and accepted a pair of minor leaguers as compensation for Guillen.

    The reason?  According to an industry source, the Marlins had a backup plan if they couldn't get Guillen: Bobby Valentine. Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria has long coveted Valentine, as well as Guillen, and was prepared to offer the job to Valentine if he couldn't get Guillen, who was his first choice.

     Valentine, now a baseball analyst for ESPN, was in negotiations for the Marlins' managing job during the summer of 2010 after Fredi Gonzalez was fired. But negotations between Valentine and the Marlins eventually broke down and the Marlins ended up hiring Edwin Rodriguez for the job.

     It's possible that the White Sox might have become concerned in the negotiating process, which involved Loria and White Sox chairman Jerry Reinsdorf, that the Marlins would hire Valentine if they didn't lower their demands for Guillen and accept the minor leaguers, infielder Ozzie Martinez and pitcher Jhan Marinez.


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Joe VanGilder

Ozzie Martinez is an awful player. No loss to the Marlins.


i liked ozzie martinez he was pretty awful but with devolpment he could off been the future but o well

Marlins Fans Are Samson Suckers

lomo for ozzie??? sounds like 1 punk twit wit for an illiterate boca grande twit nit wit..

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