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Brian Sanches, Vinny Rottino outrighted by Marlins

        Some fall housecleaning news. The Marlins on Wednesdsay cleared out a couple of spots on their 40-man roster by outrighting reliever Brian Sanches and outfielder/catcher Vinny Rottino. Sanches was also eligible for salary arbitration for the first time and removes that decision for the Marlins.

        Sanches was a generally reliable bullpen workhorse for the Marlins over the past three seasons, totaling 145 relief appearances. He also made two spot starts this past season. Overall for the Marlins, he was 10-5 with a 2.92 ERA.

        Though his 2011 numbers weren't quite as strong (3.94 ERA), part of it could be attributed to three outings, in particular: his two spot starts and an excruciating-to-watch mop-up appearance on July 5 when he covered the final three innings in a lopsided loss to Philadelphia. Sanches, who was visibly angry afterward and slammed his glove in the dugout, coughed up six runs and threw a whopping 78 pitches. If those three outings are removed from his record, Sanches had a 2.70 ERA.

        Sanches figured to make about $1 million next season through arbitration. Assuming he declines his assignment to the minors, he'll now be eligible to explore the market through free agency. Rottino was a late-season callup from the minors.

        The moves leave 38 players on the 40-man roster.


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Hmm, preparations for a trade?


More like Preparation H for "Dirty" Sanches...Marlins wont pay the Arb Money ,but they say they"ll pay big $ for FA"s...Believe it when you see it...Good Luck to Sanches, he did the Marlins well...


Sanches was an unheralded but valuable member of the Marlins pen and I hope he has a soft landing. But somebody help me out with the technicalities. What is the difference between being "outrighted" and being a non-tendered free agent?


A head's up to Marlins fans interested in following the Marlins top prospects. the Arizona Fall League started yesterday. the Marlins team is the Surprise Saguros. They have 3b Matty D,c Kyle Skipworth,p Alex Sanabia.Dan Jennings Evan Reed and of Kevin Mattison...interesting to follow their progress thru a 38 game season as a preview to Spring Training..

Flav C.

GeorgeB, thanks for the heads up. Interested in seeing Skipworth's performance. So far, he's been playing extremely poor for a #1 draft pick.


Can you help with my question? See above. Thanks.

Flav C.

Leftfield, this is my take on it: If the team wants to send a player who has cleared waivers to the minors, this is called "outrighted". The player is removed from the 40-man roster and continues to be paid acording to the terms of his contract. Now if the player has more than 3 years of service, he can refuse that and become a free-agent (which i think is the case of Brian Sanches).
Non-tendered free agent i think is more simple. If a team decided to tender a contract to a player for the next season by December. Usually teams do that if they think the player's salary will be to high for the next season or they just dont want the player around. Hope this helps.

Flav C.

Sorry, what i meant to write above was "if a team decides TO NOT TENDER a contract to the player for the next season" then he becomes a non-tendered free agent.
Both situations are clear examples of teams trying to clean up their 40-man roster.


@ Flav C...hopefully Skipworth can step it up by the end of next season,when Buck is in his final contract yr. Matty D needs to show he's ready for the challenge or he may be a season away also ...Sanabia will get a regular chance to show what he's got,so Marlins can better gauge the starting rotation during the FA signing period..as Im sure you know Sanabia's health last season caused a big ? mark regarding his progress


Flav C,
Thanks for your help. Baseball used to be such simple game. Just choose up sides and let 'er rip.

Flav C.

LOL! Agree with you!


If the Marlins are serious about making 2012 a season to remember, how about joining the bidding for David Wright? Wright, Hanley, Infante and Pujols. How's that for an infield? What the hell — I'm too old to fantasize about girls anymore.


The withdrawals’ are something else.....my hands are shaking, I'm drinking too much....cursing at my dog...It's been tuff not having a Marlins game to watch.....darn ...even the 'Fish Bytes' have dwindled to about one week!!!


The Marlins' ratings were down so badly this year I'm worried Fox will cut back on the number of televised games in 2012. I live far enough away that I can't get to many games in person, so I count on TV for my nightly fix.
BTW, don't yell at the dog — he's probably jonesing, too.

Stan M

Rottino makes sense, but Sanches? Either the Marlins have an incredibly strong bullpen, or such great prospects that some must be protected on the 40 man roster. Is either of these postulates true? Hardly, so what's going on?

As much as I love baseball, I can't get terribly into the playoffs yet. Anyone else feel that way?

We all know that commercials are timed to all appear at the same time so if one scans other channels during a commercial, he'll only find other commercials. Well, I know this is absolutely crazy, but nearly every time there is a break between innings, all I get is commercials on other channels that I switch to. It's got to be a coincidence, but it sure happens an inordinate number of times.


I've been enjoying the playoffs somewhat, but last night I had to switch back and forth between the Tigers-Yankees game and the Oregon-Cal game to root for my Ducks. Watching the playoffs with no rooting interest — this year we don't even have Cody around to pull for — makes me realize how badly I need the rush of seeing the Marlins in the postseason again. It's on my bucket list. Of course, last night the rains came at a crucial moment in both games and I lost my satellite reception. Who would have thought that one little popcorn bowl could have done so much damage to that big ol' TV screen?
Did anyone see that ESPN documentary on Steve
Bartman a couple of nights ago? How crushingly sad. Kinda makes you ashamed to be a baseball fan — or a member of the human race, for that matter.

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