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New home run celebration sculpture at Marlins stadium "a work of art"

Just when you thought the Marlins had used up all their "creativity" on their new logo, they've gone out and stunned us again.

Marlins The "new mechanized sculpture that will activate when the team hits a home run" at the new ballpark according to a Miami-Dade Cultural Affairs website made its debut today.

And there really are no words to describe it. Stomach it if you can... (FYI, Click on the picture to see it in action. It will move and show you how it is supposed to work).

Marlins owner and art dealer Jeffrey Loria promised in 2009 the team’s new ballpark would be a work of art and unlike any other baseball stadium. It looks like that will be the case -- for better or worse. This "piece of art", budgeted at $2.5 million, is the work of renowned multimedia pop artist Red Grooms.

Grooms, who was born in Nashville, said in 2009 he gathered his concept for the home run celebration on his memories of visiting Daytona Beach as a teenager and how what it was like seeing the ocean for the first time.

Home runs are celebrated various ways at ballparks across the country.

At Miller Park in Milwaukee, following every Brewers home run, mascot Bernie Brewer makes a splash in the "Kalahari Splash Zone" area, which sends an explosion of water into the air and onto fans below.

At Minute Maid Park in Houston, a train moves along a track on top of the length of the exterior wall beyond left field. The engine's tender, traditionally used to carry coal, is filled with giant oranges in tribute to Minute Maid's most famous product, orange juice.

At Citi Field in New York, when a Mets player hits a home run, the giant apple, which has a Mets logo on the front that lights up, rises from its housing beyond the center field wall.

At Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati, two smokestacks in right field, reminiscent of the steamboats that were common on the Ohio River in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, flash lights, emit smoke and launch fireworks.

After a White Sox hit a home run at U.S. Cellualar Field, fireworks go off, the scoreboard lights up and a pin wheel spins.

And at Petco Park in San Diego, every time the Padres hit a home run, a foghorn is sounded and fireworks are shot off in center field. The foghorn is a recording of the horn of the Navy's USS Ronald Reagan, a nuclear aircraft carrier that is ported in San Diego.


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Uhh What IS That??


Ok maybe it's just bad computer animation. Yeahh that's it. No worries! It'll look great when they build it. SMH!

god help us

please tell me that Loria is paying for that and not the office of "Miami-Dade Cultural Affairs".

Jebediah Gonzalez-Cohen

How will it work? How big is it going to be and positioned where?


That thing looks pretty cool to me. Hope it makes lots of noise. Did the Herald run a story about a new Marlins logo? I haven't seen that. Manny, can you or somebody else please direct me to it? Thanks.


Wow. That's a horrible concept and will make Miami even more of a laughing stock in the MLB community. Seriously, if you want to have a celebration that depicts the culture of Miami, we need to borrow from the Brewers and have a hooker in a bikini slide into a giant pool filled with cocaine!

Gil Gonalez

Wow. That's a horrible concept and will make Miami even more of a laughing stock in the MLB community. Seriously, if you want to have a celebration that depicts the culture of Miami, we need to borrow from the Brewers and have a hooker in a bikini slide into a giant pool filled with cocaine!


That is one of the dumbest things I have ever seen.


horrible !!! and G*Y


Read somewhere else that the scupture has undergone some "refinements" since this animation was created and will not be quite so gaudy.


$2.5 million worth of public funding from Miami-Dade’s Art in Public Places program which we're on the hook for.


absolutly-SUCKS!!! WTF is it??? HELL NO! Its freggin gaye.


I'm much more interested in who is going to be under those Marlins caps than what is going to be on them. And I don't care what the damn thing in centerfield looks like as long as Marlins hitters can keep it in constant motion.


Marlins home run sculpture on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/TaylorTV5


Grooms, who was born in Nashville, said in 2009 he gathered his concept for the home run celebration on his memories of visiting Daytona Beach as a teenager and how what it was like seeing the ocean for the first time


if that is his teenage memory then I wanna know how many acid hits it took him to "gather that concept".


This belongs with all the waste of our public money that we are used to see here in South Florida. This is actually part of "the collection of art of Miami-Dade County". I am sure that Mr. Loria's own art collection does not have anything like that. Who are these guys in the County that approve such an outrageous and distasteful display? Are they insane?

tom modzel

New Stadium....
New Logo....
New HR monument...

Only fitting that this should be the New Miami Marlins Uniforms.... Let's make it happen Jeffrey!!!... what a joke...


Ok, so one Professional Sports Team owner does the orange carpet and gets all of the 'B' 'C' and 'D' list celebs to come to the game... and whatever else he does for his own entertainment.

Now, another Professional Sports Team owner not only ruins one of the best logos/team uniforms in MLB... but to ad insult to injury, has to take a brand new, beautiful stadium and make it an ANIME (sp) joke...


This is really really ugly.

Looks like something stolen from a cinco de mayo Mexican parade 50 years ago.

Mike Kucharski

What the heck is going on here? And I really hope that logo they trotted out a few weeks ago is not the real thing. I'm trying to follow a ball club, not Mickey Mouse and Disneyworld.


Oh, I forgot... I was watching the Dallas/Detroit game and noticed that the logo for the cowboys statium is almost exactly like the Marlins stadium logo, only without all of the colors....

Marlins are a Joke

HaHaHaHa first the gay logo , now this hideous looking artsy-fartsy faggy thing...cant wait for the gay caballero uniforms...the Miami He-She's Ball Team...

Yoel Carratala

WOW, the Marlins are getting worst by the day. This Horrible!


If I can get the new
No.3 Combo
Hot Dog
Pale Ale Beer
And a Acid Gel Tab
This might work
Lets all trip , at least we will all be happy when nolasco gets shelled for 10 runs in an inning , YAY !

Richard Nixon

It looks like something that would be found at a cult gathering in India. Will there also be a team of hippie Krishna zombies prancing around with thumb cymbals chanting Hare Hare, Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare after every homer?


I didn't know Marlins also changed the sports they play to softball.


They need to put a statue of Jack out front of the main entrance. Now that would be cool.


Try to talk baseball on this blog and you can barely get a dialogue going. But throw up a picture of a silly looking home run feature and suddenly people who have never been on here in their lives crawl out from under a rock to take a crack at it. Who cares?

FIU Beisbol

what a piece of c***, they've turned baseball in to Rio's carnival! disgusting. I'm boycotting next season!!!


That sculpture is gaudy and disgusting, between the new logo and this sculpture the Marlins are going to be the tackiest team in MLB.

Kam the MAN

HOW DO YOU PEOPLE HATE THIS?!?!?!?! this thing is sooooo funny!!!! i love it. i wish they put 8 out these in the out field...


If they add a San Lazaro in the middle then it would be the BOMB!!!

Keepin' It Teal

Disgusting. It's a disgrace to baseball and South Florida. Just like the new logo that leaked, this is 100% real, and it's just as bad. You can see them building it already on the webcam. It's 74 feet tall. It'll be there all the time.

LORIA MUST GO!! He is a horrid stain on the South Florida sports landscape and is making a mockery of OUR ballclub. Just because he thinks something looks good does not mean everyone else will. He clearly has no taste whatsoever.


I agree. It's fun.


WAY too flamboyant for my tastes.


I like it....it stands out....lol


no way


Everything this organization has done over the past years is greeted with laughter and/or disgust and/or apathy..when will it ever end.. last place team, dirt/scum bag owners...and on and on ..one clusterphuck after another...no wonder their fan base is irrevelant,almost non-existant, their TV ratings at an all time low.


Paid for by Art in Public places? If I go to the stadium, I'll have to pay to get in--therefore it is not public. Sounds FISHY to me.

Woody Graber

This thing is friggin' awesome! With Mike Stanton on the team, we should be seeing a lot of this piece. Screw the naysayers. I love the glitz.


now it all makes sense, why the team couldn't spend some money on baseball players. they needed it for this tutty frutty thing. probably has something to do with gloria's gift to peter pan


Three times now I have posted a comment about Loria's artwork in centerfield and each time, it's appeared among the other comments for about three minutes, then vanished into thin air. In fact, this has happened to me on several occasions this week. My comment today, though disagreeing with some of the other opinions expressed here, was in no way obscene or inflammatory. Can somebody help me understand what's going on here. If I've been banned like a certain friend of ours, I'll move on. I'm frustrated and totally baffled.

Flav C



Yep. Guess I'll take my talents to South Beach.

Stan M

I believe it was while you were away that Clark posted a blog about the new logo. There were multiple derogatory posts. I merely posted that, "I'll bet it was inexpensive" and it was deleted upon several attempts.

Stan M

I just got pulled down again for a fairly innocent post. It was pulled 5 times in different forms.

Stan M

I'm wrong. this last post was not pulled and is right below LB's. Sorry, Clark or whomever administers this blog.


Stan M,
Must be some kind of technical glitch far beyond my understanding at work here, but it is frustrating. Our friend Clark is a good man and I'm sure he'll get to the bottom of it. BTW, I posted the same comment that was rejected here with the Sun Sentinel to see what would happen and it was accepted without a moment's hesitation.
The new logo as shown on the ends of each row of seats looks great to me. As others have said, it's only the mishmash of colors that makes the leaked uniform logo look so bizarre. Plain white caps with that logo in one solid color (maybe teal or dark blue) would be good. But again, if we get the right guys under those caps, I won't give a hoot what color the logo is.


Have been told the colors on the new logo will be changed from what was leaked...the yellow will be changed to orange and the white will be changed to black...looks pretty good...

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