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New home run celebration sculpture at Marlins stadium "a work of art"

Just when you thought the Marlins had used up all their "creativity" on their new logo, they've gone out and stunned us again.

Marlins The "new mechanized sculpture that will activate when the team hits a home run" at the new ballpark according to a Miami-Dade Cultural Affairs website made its debut today.

And there really are no words to describe it. Stomach it if you can... (FYI, Click on the picture to see it in action. It will move and show you how it is supposed to work).

Marlins owner and art dealer Jeffrey Loria promised in 2009 the team’s new ballpark would be a work of art and unlike any other baseball stadium. It looks like that will be the case -- for better or worse. This "piece of art", budgeted at $2.5 million, is the work of renowned multimedia pop artist Red Grooms.

Grooms, who was born in Nashville, said in 2009 he gathered his concept for the home run celebration on his memories of visiting Daytona Beach as a teenager and how what it was like seeing the ocean for the first time.

Home runs are celebrated various ways at ballparks across the country.

At Miller Park in Milwaukee, following every Brewers home run, mascot Bernie Brewer makes a splash in the "Kalahari Splash Zone" area, which sends an explosion of water into the air and onto fans below.

At Minute Maid Park in Houston, a train moves along a track on top of the length of the exterior wall beyond left field. The engine's tender, traditionally used to carry coal, is filled with giant oranges in tribute to Minute Maid's most famous product, orange juice.

At Citi Field in New York, when a Mets player hits a home run, the giant apple, which has a Mets logo on the front that lights up, rises from its housing beyond the center field wall.

At Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati, two smokestacks in right field, reminiscent of the steamboats that were common on the Ohio River in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, flash lights, emit smoke and launch fireworks.

After a White Sox hit a home run at U.S. Cellualar Field, fireworks go off, the scoreboard lights up and a pin wheel spins.

And at Petco Park in San Diego, every time the Padres hit a home run, a foghorn is sounded and fireworks are shot off in center field. The foghorn is a recording of the horn of the Navy's USS Ronald Reagan, a nuclear aircraft carrier that is ported in San Diego.


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Don't know whether you're kidding or not, but that really does sound better. Guess it depends on what color the cap is, too.


not kidding..was told the cap will be black 1st because it sells the most ,then might see other color caps also, maybe orange or blue.

Greg Jacobson


Fingers crossed we go from your post to the heart of every Marlins fan, Please let even that subtle change be true. The logo is not the problem, it's the rainbow of colors. To offer a visual mockup to your post, Here it is with Black and Orange. What do you guys think?



looks pretty good...


Greg Jacobson..Believe U Nailed It...that's a Logo that will sell like crazy and Marlin's fans can be proud of...

Flav C.

Greg/George great job. It does look good. I still prefer the old one, but i think its because i got used to it.


Hi Flav C...met U at the Philly game on the 4th of July w/ur family... remember? gave U my card....have a good off-season and see U at the new Marlins Ballpark..

Flav C.

Of course i do remember u!! I kindda thought "GeorgeB" it was really you, LOL. Let's schedule something for spring training season. Enjoy your off-season, George!


looking forward to it...maybe see U at FanFest at the new Marlins Ballpark in Feb ,right before springtraining kicks-off..


This is the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen. If this team isn't disappointing us on the field, they are disgusting us with decisions like this. Truly pathetic.


This reminds me of some sort of Santa Maria get up!
They may as well create a picture of Fidel Castro and call the team "Cuban Revolution".


Looks like a design from an old pinball machine. A very old and strange one. Hope it doesn't deter Stanton from hitting any dingers simply out of sheer embarrassment.


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Norden Rand

That homerun celebration thing looks like a fish-filled birthday cake exploded. The uniforms and the logos are faggy as hell. I won't be buying any Marlin merchandise anymore, and I sure as hell won't be driving to games anymore. In two years or so people will not be able to deny the scam that was pulled on the city of Miami. Epic fail.

Jane Nielsen

OMG. That piece of $#%&^*&^ for $2.5 million? Daang!


Saw it last night...IT'S HIDIOUS!!!!! Ruins the elegance of the stadium. I'm sure we have better local artists that could have done a much better job. I'd take it down...it was the main comment of everybody there!


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The artist was not the problem, it's the people who picked the non-art tacky billboard. I'm living in LA and a Dodger fan and look back on my home town as stadium committee as a tasteless, tacky bunch of loosers.

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