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Albert Pujols to meet with Marlins

      Jose Reyes I can visualize. Albert Pujols I cannot. But the MLB.com report that the Marlins will entertain the biggest ticket on the free agent market is true. Pujols will pay a visit to the Marlins -- the Miami Marlins as of 9 p.m. tonight -- just as Reyes and Mark Buehrle have done already.

       Pujols has previously received a reported offer from the Cardinals for $200 million over nine years. If the Marlins were to pig out on Pujols, they would have to increase payroll well beyond the $80- to $85 milion estimate that has been widely projected. They would also be hard-pressed, at that point, to address pitching, which is their primary need.

       The Marlins can dream big. They can dream all they want. But the fact remains that, even with the pending increase in payroll, they're not in the sort of financial realm to pay big stars mega-salaries, no matter how creative they get with the numbers or how much they sell Pujols on the idea of living in balmy South Florida, chowing on stone crabs instead of toasted ravioli.

        I don't see Pujols happening.



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dog and pony show just like it was for Aroldis Chapman.

he ain't coming here.


Right guy, wrong time. Signing Pujols to a longterm mega-deal might boost season ticket sales initially, but it would be disastrous for the Marlins in the long run. Albert's best playing days are behind him, or they will be long before any 10-year deal, or even any 6-year deal, runs out.

Flav C

Carlos above said it all. Marlins FO trying to boost up the sales of season-tickets.


From all indications, the Marlins are going to have a payroll in the upper $90M to lower $100M. Where everyone in "journalism" and media are obtaining this expected $80M-85$M mark is a mystery. No one! No one in the organization has ever come close to stating that is their payroll range.


He won't be coming to SF because economically does not make sense for the Marlins..The same way it did not make sense for Texas when they signed Alex Rodriguez but not because Pujols days are over or behind him as laurelbowie says....Pujols can sign a 10 years deal and be a great producer on 6 of those and average producer in the remainder....if he takes care of himself (more muscle, less fat) he'll brake records here, there and everywhere....

G Ramos

Going after Albert sounds great but its not what the Marlins need. We need a solid #2 Pithcer (Lefty preferable) CF and 3rd Basemen. Reyes might not be the answer either. I am not sure what type of influence Reyes could be on Hanley. Hanley is already a dog. The only positive I can see about signing Albert is that Hanley would have to work his tail off to be the best player on the team. Even if it is only for a few years till STANTON becomes the beast he is going to be. Go Marlins...And lets all pray that those are not the Colors/Unioforms or Home Run Celebration!!!

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