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C.J. Wilson to visit Marlins

    C.J. Wilson is making the rounds, and one of his East Coast stops will include a post-Thanksgiving visit to South Florida to meet with the Marlins, who seem to be throwing out the welcome mat for every available free agent. The Marlins met with Wilson's agent at the G.M. meetings last week in Milwaukee. According to the Los Angeles Times, at least 13 teams are interested in the free agent left-hander.

    While the Marlins have spoken to the A's about a possible trade for lefty Gio Gonzalez, Oakland's demands for the Hialeah product -- specifically, some sort of package containing either Logan Morrison or Mike Stanton -- have been flatly rejected. Susan Slusser of the San Francisco Chronicle suggests in her blog that the A's, based on their history, could hold out for a premium deal involving prospects for the 27-year-old All-Star (see their 2007 Dan Haren trade), and the last time I looked, the Marlins aren't exactly bursting at the seams with highly coveted prospects.

     -- For the fourth straight year, the Marlins are sending a contingent of players, execs and Mermaids overseas to visit U.S. troops. Marlins players planning to make the junket to Japan, Guam and Hawaii from Dec. 1-15 are Stanton, Brett Hayes and Bryan Petersen.

      -- It was six years ago this week (Nov. 24, 2005) that the Marlins traded Josh Beckett, Mike Lowell and Guillermo Mota to the Boston Red Sox for Hanley Ramirez, Anibal Sanchez, Jesus Delgado and Harvey Garcia. Other Thanksgiving week deals: Derrek Lee to the Cubs for Hee Seop Choi (Nov. 25, 2003); Carlos Delgado to the Mets for Mike Jacobs, Grant Psomas and Yusmeiro Petit (Nov. 24, 2005); Jason Vargas and Adam Bostick to the Mets for Matt Lindstrom and Henry Owens (Nov. 20, 2006); Chris Resop to the Angels for Kevin Gregg (Nov. 20, 2006).


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steven gonzalez

C.J Wilson ahahahahaaaahahahahahah noooooooooo
he's not worth 100+ just stick to the plan marlins and get gio gonzalez for lomo makes sense and reyes


Saying that CJ Wilson is the top free agent pitcher is kinda like claiming to be the tallest midget. Not to to mention you would be paying alot of money to a two a 2nd year starter and a guy who has pitched deep into the post season for two consecutive years. There are alot of miles on that arm. Gio on the other hand is younger and cheaper and less likely to break down. He should be fresh too pitching in the east bay. Lomo for Gio is a fair trade.


Wilson just converted to SP two seasons ago, he has pitched under 1000 innings. For his age that is very low and the fact that he has adapted very well to the rotation is a plus and is a sign that he will be a good pitcher even into his mid to late 30's. With that being said, I would not like the Marlins to sign him for more than 75 mil. because he is not an ace, he is a good number two in most rotations. I agree with most fans in saying that the Marlins should trade for Gio. Gaby sanchez, Chad James and Yelich would be good package so LOMO can go back to 1st and Boni can go to LF. That helps defense and doesnt really affect the Big league club. Does anyone agree?

Flav C

J, aside of Stanton (which i know more people here agrees) i dont see any other Marlins player who is "untradeable". I see Yelich as a good, very good prospect, but a good piece in a trade for Gio. That is a good proposal you just came up with.

Monty Hall   Lets Make A Deal

If Oakland wants Lomo as the main piece of a trade for Gio ,they should say good-bye Lomo,take your .247Ba and your .182 w/RISP with U, and hello Gio...a no brainer..Lomo is over-rated..another Mike Jacobs in the making.


So Mr.Hall, if one of the two 1st basemen would have to be included in a possible deal for GIO, who would you rather keep LOMO or Gaby?


They are one and the same. Both very young and unproven. The reasoning here is not to trade Lomo for the sake of getting rid of him but rather he is going to give you the biggest return value, i.e. Gio Gonzalez. You could talk about trading Hanley 'till your blue in the face but it just doesn't make sense to do so.

Gabe the D-Town FishFan

LoMo for Gio is Great, he won't be missed with Cespedes coming soon to The Fish!

Maybe swap minor league prospect, like an NFL draft day trade.
Gio and a 5th Round type player
LoMo and a 4th (maybe high 3rd) Round type player


Harley Schmidlapp

If the Marlins want to compete to win the NL east ,they need to match up against Phillies and Braves with Lefty starting pitching...sign Buerhle and trade for Gio to get the job done. the only untouchable is Stanton. Lomo is still unproven and if that's what it takes, adios Lomo. He's a 22nd round draft choice that can be traded for more now, than he's really worth.

H&R Goniff

Marlins will be cut out of revenue-sharing by 2016 as a top 15 market team ,according to the new CBA. What will the con men do then. Sell

H&R Goniff

Loria will be cut out of revenue-sharing in 2016 if the Marlins are a top 15 market team,according to the new CBA. What's an art dealing con man and his pet gerbil shyster to do then? Sell


H&R--As part of the stadium deal, Loria cannot sell the team for 10 years. LoMo is far and away the most popular Marlin; if they trade him, they are making a HUGE mistake & PR blunder at a time when they can ill afford to do so.

Marlin Fan since 93

Doubt that the majority of Marlins fans would care less about Lomo being traded to upgrade the team..He's only popular because of his twitter followers,not his .247 BA or his .182w/RISP...admit it Jane,u are one of his tweet followers..ask Samson and Beinfest if they gave a shite about Lomo's popularity with the fans..Guarenteed answer NO,especially since they already spanked him last season with a trip to the minors.


Agree .lomo's just an average player that get's more publicity because of his tweeps and big mouth...if I had a dollar for players his age that they say has a big upside, I'd be rich...right now,lomo's upside might bring more than he'll be worth a year or 2 from now.


don't be so quick to trade Yelich. We did that with Adrian Gonzalez. Yelich is very young and can already hit. He might be an excellent major leaguer. He's much too good to be a "throw in" along with Lomo for Gio Gonzalez.


Gonzalez was not a throw in he was the only reason Urbina was traded
By the rangers, that was a great move bc the marlins won it all that year. The reason he was traded was bc of a wrist injury that zapped his power that year and the marlins were not sure he would fully recover. Of course he did though. Yelich is a great prospect and will probably be a great major leaguer but the A's are not going to just give Gio away, they want a great package.

Just win baby!

Loria and Sampson are PRETENDERS, they will not sign any of the top agents they have brought in and make low ball offers too. They will also drop the ball on the trade for GIO.

We need an owner that is truly commited to winning and building a championship contender. As long as Loria and Sampson are around we'll just have to be happy with a somewhat competetive team if everyone stays healthy and uniforms that look more like the Miami Hurricanes.

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