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Fans might need to win lottery to get Opening Day tix

           MILWAUKEE -- An Opening Day seat could be a tough ticket when the Marlins open their new ballpark on April 4. Marlins president David Samson said the team might conduct a lottery to sell about 2,000 seats. But the rest will likely end up being sold to fans buying season-ticket packages.

           Those buying season-ticket plans, whether it's a full-season plan or a 20-game plan, are being given the option of buying a ticket to the Miami Marlins' first game in their new ballpark. Samson said the team will likely hold back about 2,000 seats to sell through a lottery, however.

           "We'll have a lottery of some sort," Samson said. "But the way season tickets are going now, I think that Opening Day is going to sell out with just ticket holders. The best way to get a (Opening Day) ticket is to buy a plan."

           In other words, fans won't be able to buy Opening Day tickets at FanFest, which is tentatively scheduled for March 3, like they have in the past. Samson said the lottery would likely occur after March 3.           


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I wonder if they will be able to handle the crowds for Fan Fest???

No Gringo Ballpark

The best way to watch the marlins is at home on ur Hi-Def. Park in ur own driveway,eat better food at cheaper prices. Let all the Julio's pay the freight for the pleasure of having to watch their Meeyami Marleens...

Michael A.R.

Fine with me, "No Gringo," if you keep your ignorant racist butt at home while you maintain your burning cross and bleach your sheet and hood.


Gringo, you really think the food is going to be bad at the stadium....how stupid you are.


I'd bet on Gringo being right about the food, even though he's a bigot.

No Thanks...  I'll Eat At Home

Fact...Levy's has the concession at the new Ballpark..the same Levy's that has Wrigley Field...that was shut down by the Board of Health during a surprise inspection , during a Game there last season....as Casey used to say..."You can look it up".


Does that mean if we go to a Marlins game we'd better eat on opening day before the rats and roaches find the kitchen?

Smuggler's Blues

Good Idea....wonder if u can bring anything in like at Sun-Lifeless or if they will be searching everybody before you go in...imagine the security will be tight in the beginning..also imagine that the CSC ushers will not let anybody move down..in the beginning anyway....somehow I can envision samson as the Stadium Nazi in his new kingdom

Lotto Preview

Thanks for sharing such valuable information.It will surely going to help me a lot to solve my queries.

Wont Be Fooled Again...the Who

Sooo...Samson is using extortion to sell season ticket packages..To go for Opening Day .you have to get at least a 20 game pkge as of now, plus pay for the parking in garage...No thanks...Nice try...Stay at home ,watch on the HD...barbacue and 12pk,park in own driveway...

Stan M

My son in law used to work for an airline. He said if you entered a dark plane and turned on a light in the galley, the whole wall, which was covered with roaches, would move. I'm an old man now and can't help but marvel at how much food is eaten at ballparks. No wonder Americans can't make ends meet. Eating that crap at those prices...insanity. Eat at home and watch the damn game you came to see. Did someone say obesity? Of course it's perfectly all right to buy lots and lots of beer. After all, we can only stretch human failings so far. Remember, to err is human; but it feels devine!


I can't afford the high price of foods at ball games and I don't like having to pick the rat hairs from my teeth after eating concession goodies. So when I go to a ball park where they won't let you bring food in, I stuff my shorts full of peanuts, granola bars and assorted treats. That's one place they usually won't search and the bulge gets me a little added attention from the ladies.

Stan M

Saw where Samson was discussing the feasability of a 100 million dollar payroll. However, I was confused as to whether he meant the team's payroll or the Loria family's take home. Samson himself is a paradox. The dichotomy between being a sniviling sycophant on the one hand and a triathelon and marathon participant on the other makes little sense. Better if he were a champion in hoola hoop contests or a renounded tiddleywink contestant, something of that sort.


You guys know how to suck the fun out of everything. Why are you worrying about rats and roaches? While agree that ballpark food prices are ridiculous it comes with the territory. As for the quality of the food, if your going to the game expecting a filet mignon you deserve food poisoning. Eat a hot dog, drink a beer and shut up. Can't forget bout the nachos and popcorn for the little ones. Man if I didn't know any better I'd say this would be the first and only ballpark you guys are headed to. It's 2011, if you haven't noticed everything is expensive. Miami is no exception.


Are U related to Samson or work for the Marlins..it's amazing how sports fans throw common sense out the door ,when trying to defend the falicies of their own team. That's what team owners count on,their team being the optiate of it's fan base.

Hope They Choke On It

Would love to see the Marlins sign several players to expensive, long term contracts...then would love them to all get hurt and fail miserably ,with Loria and Samson getting royally screwed in the process.DeJaVu. Like Johnson and their poster stiff Ramirez did last year.


You're right — there's way too much belly-aching going on here, and I plead guilty as charged. I meant my comment above as witty repartee, but I'm sure it sounded more half-witty than witty. I think a lot of us who live and die with the Marlins are going stir-crazy waiting for something — anything — to happen so we can get back to talking baseball.
And just to set the record straight, I've never stuffed granola bars or peanuts into my briefs in my life. It's already too crowded in there.


BTW, I think every comment on here not signed by a name we recognize was written by the same person. Wonder who.


Why would anyone watch the game from their driveway, what are you some ignorant rednecks?

I've got a nice 70" in my family room at home, AC, Fridge nearby, etc.

But on opening day,I'll have my ass on a seat down first base line.

Go Marlins
Go Fish!!!


No...ignorant spicspanics

Mets Fan

Listen dummies. Other ballparks sell good food.Ive been the Great American Ballpark in Cincinatti and the food was awesome. At the prices they charge its not alot to ask for good food. They sell goood food at the Bank Atlantic Center for The Florida Panther games. I urge all of you Bandwagon Marlin fans to come to see Panthers Hockey. A beautiful arena in a Great Location. Plenty of Free and or paid Parking even when there is a sellout and you wont have to park in someones driveway or walk 3/4 of a mile or park on the street and wonder if your car is being towed or stolen.. Great food, friendly staff and owners who actually care if you come or not. They always say hello. BTY Buerlie will stay in Chicago, Pujos will stay in St. Louis and while you may get Reyes be prepared to not see him play as he will be hurt. Alot. Its all an illusion. The marlins won't sign anyone. if they do they will be traded within 3 years. Say goodbye to Stanton and Hanley. They wont be resigned by the penny pinchers


do they speak spanish there?

Mets Fan

Just at Sawgrass Mills next door


Dont be fooled Sampson is still Sampson, liar and a thieve, they are making offers that have no chance to successful. When the sign no one they are going to say dont blame us we tried. BS the Marlins dont care if they win or not, they got their

Vince Anderson

The idea is good. But at any time, lottery is associated with disappointment as you may not get what you desire, in this case, a seat on Opening Day. I should know. I play health lottery every week, but have faced only disappointment so far. But I am optimistic. All best to all you guys too for the lottery.

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