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Marlins Bigwigs Head to NY on Eve of Free Agent Signing Period

      Sitting inside Terminal D at MIA, having lunch and waiting for my flight to Boston this afternoon, and who should I see walk past -- briefcases in hand -- but Marlins president David Samson, president of baseball operations Larry Beinfest and general manager Mike Hill.

      Me (with eyebrows raised): 'Where you guys going?"

      Samson: "Business."

      Me: "Where specifically?"

      No response. The three smiled and walked past quickly, not in a chatty mood.

      Turns out they were headed to New York, where they'll meet with owner Jeffrey Loria and, in all likelihood, begin discussions with the free agents they've targeted. Teams were allowed to begin talking to free agent players starting at 12:01 a.m. Thursday.

       I'm getting negative vibes, in terms of the Marlins' interest, on Jose Reyes, C.J. Wilson and Grady Sizemore, though I wouldn't rule any of them out until all is settled. Pitching will be the primary focus, but the Marlins could address that need through trading, as the free agent market for quality arms isn't all that deep. Contrary to one or two reports out there, the Cubs' Carlos Zambrano remains a trade possibility.


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Johnny Boy

Desperation story to cover up that bogus leak post.


Go Marlins !


Saw you momentary post of Marlins new uniforms
Did someone or team asked that you delete it. Any the Orange uniform with yellow..... Hadt all orange (bright) with yellow bill... The other three are bearable. WHy not repost it.1!!!!

Johnny Boy

It was not real Alice.


I hope they stay away from CJ Wilson....my friends in Dallas said the Rangers could care less if he leaves. IMO...I think he's toast as well.


Super post! Just like your blog professionalism! Keep up the good work.


Join our contest to name the first new player the Marlins will acquire, by trade or free agency, during this offseason. Others have picked Grady Sizemore, Dontrelle and Ryan Madson, so try to come up with someone else. The winner gets an "Attaboy" and a hearty pat on the back in lieu of a Lamborghini.
Everybody else take a crack at it, too, including Clark and Manny if you want to be a sport.

Flav C

lb, there was a vote from "Alex" on one of the posts. He voted for Aramis Ramirez.


Thanks Flav, I missed that. You guys help me keep track of who has what.


I notice that Logan Morrison is one of the four or five players who are scheduled to model the new Marlins uniform at the press conference next week. That seems to indicate (seems, I say) that LoMo is back in good graces with the FO and might be sticking around for awhile. Hmmm.


lb.....my pick is Mark Buerle.

Flav C

Nobody going for Jose Reyes?


You guys think the Fish will introduce their first important free agent signing on Friday to spice up the "fashion show" press conference? I'm eager for some action. What about Yoenis Cespedas. Anybody seen him play?

Flav C

i just saw that ridiculous video with his workout and the christopher cross song in the background.

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