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Marlins make offers to Pujols, Reyes and Buehrle

     Never mind trying to sign one big-name free agent. The Marlins are going for the trifecta.

     Sources are confirming earlier reports by Ken Rosenthal and Jon Heyman that the Marlins have extended contract offers to three of the biggest names on the free agent market: first baseman Albert Pujols, shortstop Jose Reyes and starting pitcher Mark Buehrle.

      Details of the offers are unknown, but signing all three could conceivably add $60 million in annual payroll and push the total figure well over the $120 million mark. The Marlins already have commitments to six players for $50 million next season and have five arbitration-eligible players that could add antoher $13 million to the total.

       Pujols met Friday in South Florida with owner Jeffrey Loria and received what Rosenthal reported to be a "substantial" offer. Reyes visited Wednesday while Buehrle met Tuesday. The Marlins also went to the Dominican Republic on Thursday to look at Cuban outfielder Yoenis Cespedes, who is expected to become a free agent within weeks.

       If the Marlins managed to sign Reyes and Pujols, they would arguably feature one of the most formidable lineups in the majors, one that would also include Hanley Ramirez, MIke Stanton and Logan Morrison, as well as Emilio Bonifacio and John Buck.


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The Marlins sure are being generous! I guess when the taxpayers give you $2 BILLION, you can afford to spread money around. I hate this organization. I will never (willingly) give them a cent of my money. And Boy Sampson, the uniforms are hideous.


shut up you big baby. you would cry if they didnt spend the money to put a winning team on the field and you whine when they do. if you hate the team get off there blog *****


Go Marlins! Love the stadium; I'll be there, and Yes, I live and pay taxes in the City of Miami.

Stan M

Right now I completely believe Hanley when he says that he's the shortstop. He just forgot to tell us which team he will play shortstop for. The way things are shaping up right now, it won't be the Marlins.


Sign them all Loria.....sign them all Pat Riley style. Yes We Did!!!!


Pat Riley style works great unless you have to go through Dallas... Ha! Ask the Yankees and Phillies how that worked for them.


Just saw a segment on MLB-TV where the Sabermetrics guys projected that Reyes would hit .277 in 2012 and in the .260s in 2013. I don't know if I believe all that Sabermetric crap, but it sure gives you something to think about if you're going to spend a big chunk of your budget on him.

Jebediah Gonzalez-Cohen

Oh man this team would be fierce.

Jorge Romero

Congrats Miami! We got scammed again! Shooks! I appalaud all teh city commisoners, who approved this deal! Your kids are gonna get put through college now because of the massive kick backs you got! YES BABY GO MARLINS!


Why would Pujols, who is king in the best baseball city, move to the worst? ARe the Marlins offering hom much more than the Cardinals?
The new Marlins logo looks good on the uniforms,especially the black shirts, if not on paper. Those colors don't work on a white background.


Pujols will not come. But the others will be here. And BTW the uniforms are tight!!!!

Joe Robbie

The new ballpark is pretty much built, they have the new logo, new uniforms and the new name. Why dont people believe they will bring in new big name players?

This is what Wayne promised to do if he had been able to get a ballpark built.

Enjoy it. Be positive people.


No stadium naming rights announced....I thought that was going to be part of the show.
The uni's look ok....hope they have a 'throw back' night & wear the old tealfor a game or two.

Stan M

Well the great awakem=ning is over. There were several local touches. Some teacher's third grade class was the obvious producer. The Miami school for the blind designed the set and the home for the deaf chose the band. It was brave of Mr. Loria to personally introduce this travesty and he even added a further amaturish touch by reading the few words he uttered. Lastly, an entertainer of unknown origens utilized the last 2/3 of the presentation by allowing us TV viewers to kill the sound and watch our regular TV shows. The overall effect wasn't bad, it was hideous. What in the world were they thinking? If this was getting off on the right foot, watch out sports fans, we might fare no better than the local politicians that were duped into giving a man like Loria his head. Oh my God! The funny thing was the uniforms weren't bad at all. Why didn't they stop there?

Go marlins

Sports is a money maker no matter how u put it. When teams are in championship serieses or game it brings the community together. Politicians are crooks anyway and allot money to quesionable stuff anyway. At least sports is something we can all benefit from.

Pat Gee

Can't believe the negativity from some folks. You haters must have reasons. Maybe you were pushing for some of that government money and didn't get it. Maybe you wanted some of the kickbacks. Who knows? All I know is that I'm a homegrown product and I can't wait til' Spring 2012. Go Marlins!


The way this FO has treated this ballclub so far , you cant help but not believe until you see these guys in a press conference intro.
But at the end of the day I am excited it looks like we will end up with some improved talent !
The new uni's look pretty good but that logo is horrid.
I have called out these clowns for yrs for low balling us
But if they some how sign all three of these guys , I would be the first to admit they have done the things necessary to field a contending team.


I'm only going to be a partial pessimist about the team. There's no way they'll pony up 25 million a yr for Pujols. Landing Buerhle and Reyes would be great and I could see it if Reyes' total package comes in under 100million.

Best case scenario, sign those two and try to work out a trade with the Rays for James Shields built around sending them Matt Dominguez.

Johnson Buerhle Shields Sanchez Nolasco would be a pretty formidable rotation.


I went to the ballpark to look at the merchandise and ended up buying a T shirt. I don't like the M logo on the caps so ill keep wearing my old one. The real reason I went was because I thought I'd get a glimpse of the outside of the ballpark. It didn't happen. Let's just say it felt like I was buying something out of someones trunk in a well lit alley. I did get to meet Samson. That guy fits in my pocket. Some wise guy ordered the Pujols jersey and he jokingly said not yet. Someone else yelled out loud to sign Pujols and said to expect a double in price on the merchandise if it happens. That statement tells me that he's a little out of their price range.

jane w

read the truth...Jeff Passan@Yahoosports.com writes the truth about the Marlins rebranding.


New uniforms are fairy nice...samson must have designed them himself. Saw him wearing his pink outfit at Fish&Chips Vegas nite on Thursday nite at new ballpark.

Ricardo  Valez

gonna make sure all mi amigos wear the Miami Marlins outfits at all our Gay Pride events. Es muy bonito.


Got to see inside the ballpark at the select a seat event today. It was awesome.


after all the bullspit to get publicity and their laughable new uniforms out ,the Marlins will be lucky to get 1 out of the 3 FA's mentioned in above story...REALITY


They WOULD be lucky to get any of the three. Thank you captain obvious. Any organization should feel lucky enough to get any of the players mentioned. Samson and Loria are not Pat Riley but if anyone can scam their way into getting what they want it's these guys. Enjoy watching the games on your standard def TV.

WTF is that stupid M

meeami marlinos and their faggy uni's en a sheethole bananaland town


Wahhhh, the uniforms. Wahhhhhhhhhh, the Stadium built in Miami so I won't go. Wahhhh they wont get anyone. F U crybaby little biatches. Get off the Marlins blog.


I agree with Bobbyd12. A lot of these mousy little nobodies get on here and whine and moan about nothing because it's their one chance in life to grouse about something and actually get away with it. They know if they dare speak up at work they're gonna get canned and if they dare speak up at home, their wives will slap them silly. Of course, there are real fans on here with valid criticisms, but it's not hard to tell which is which.

Sergio salinas

I'm so glad the stadium is in Miami. Is funny that all the people that complained about the taxes used used on the stadium are not even from Miami. They will be the first one's attending games at the new ballpark. You can keep Dolphin Stadium.

Marlin from Texas

No Pujols, bring Reyes, Burhle, Cespedes and a closer, trade LoMo for another good arm.... LoMo is great, but his mind is not. Put Hanly to hird, give Matt Domingues a last change as a bench outfilder/first base....

Flav C

Hey Clark, you've been just mentioned in the "Daily Scoop" at SI.com (article by John Heyman) as saying "(Clark Spencer -- @clarkspencer -- of the Miami Herald reported that the Marlins called Reyes at exactly 12:01 a.m. Thursday, or one minute after they were able to). This is the link:


More stuff about the Marlins making offersnot only to the ones we already know, but also to Ryan Madson.

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