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Marlins offers to Pujols, Reyes not as high as reported

    MILWAUKEE -- Anytime agents are involved, salary figures have a tendency to get inflated, and such appears to be a case with a couple of reported offers involving the Marlins.

    Am hearing now that the six-year,$90 million deal the Marlins reportedly offered to shortstop Jose Reyes is slightly inflated and that the nine-year, $225 million deal the team supposedly offered to Albert Pujols is greatly inflated.

    Don't know the exact figures yet, but I do know that the offer to Pujols was for less than $200 million -- which means it could be anywhere from zero to $199 million. Stay tuned.

    Meanwhile, have learned that the Marlins contacted the agent for C.J. Wilson on Nov. 3, the first day free agents could start talking to other teams. Don't think the Marlins are as high on Wilson as they are on Mark Buehrle, but he could be a fallback option.