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Marlins offers to Pujols, Reyes not as high as reported

    MILWAUKEE -- Anytime agents are involved, salary figures have a tendency to get inflated, and such appears to be a case with a couple of reported offers involving the Marlins.

    Am hearing now that the six-year,$90 million deal the Marlins reportedly offered to shortstop Jose Reyes is slightly inflated and that the nine-year, $225 million deal the team supposedly offered to Albert Pujols is greatly inflated.

    Don't know the exact figures yet, but I do know that the offer to Pujols was for less than $200 million -- which means it could be anywhere from zero to $199 million. Stay tuned.

    Meanwhile, have learned that the Marlins contacted the agent for C.J. Wilson on Nov. 3, the first day free agents could start talking to other teams. Don't think the Marlins are as high on Wilson as they are on Mark Buehrle, but he could be a fallback option.


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Mike Fdez

"Don't know the exact figures yet, but I do know that the offer to Pujols was for less than $200 million"

Says who?

Albert Pujols

I will be a Cardinal for life, no way I play en Miami.

Albertico Pujols

ñooooo ... $225-milliones caña ... pa ya voy - de cabeza ...


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I'm staying in STL

Albert pujols

No me jodes con menos de dos cientos millones
pero los mujeres en Miami me tienen pensandolo

flipper's ghost

flipper is trying to be Albert now? I'm not buying it flipper! Who else are you going to be next?

Albert Pujols

There isn't enough money they can pay me to where that logo.


yea, who would WHERE that logo? who wood lurn two speek inglitch beefour righting stoopid sh*t

Salvation Tweet

Repent and Turn to Jesus/Messiah and be saved before the soon Wrath of G-D comes to punished the Wicked !



Pay 'em little, Pay 'em a lot but Losers are all the Marlins will ever be,,,


Albert maybe some of your money should have been spent on remedial spelling lessons so you know when to use the spelling WEAR & WHERE. Just sayin'

Pat Gee

Losers? The Marlins have in their brief 20 year history 2, count'em 2 World Series titles. Losers? I think not.


Sell the stadium and offer them the money


Hard to imagine Madson leaving a team that gives him a chance at the World Series every year. Impossible to imagine Pujols leaving StL where he is king of America's best baseball city. Would Brewers let Fielder get away, as close to the top as they are? If they did, would he pick Miami? Don't hang by the neck 'til that happens.
On another hand, Reyes hasn't much to lose by leaving the Mets. Ditto Buehrle and the White Sox, but other teams prob'ly will offer all the top free agents a lot more than the Marlins will.
If you could bring in just 2 of that bunch, who would they be? My choice: Madson and Buehrle.


Reyes and Buehrle will make the Marlins and instant contender in the NL east...as long as JJ is healthy and can start 30 games..Hanley is healthy...and the back of the bullpen falls into place. Mujica,Dunn,Sea-Shack,Choate,Hensley,Hopper and ????...


Now that the Phillies have Papelbon, Madson might be lured away by a team that promises him a chance to close. He thought he had a deal in place with the Phillies and then the Phillies reneged. So who knows what's going on there — maybe Phils aren't going to want to pay him what the Marlins or some other team will, now that they're spending all that money on Papelbon. At any rate, Madson would be a great addition to the Marlins' pen. Then if old what's-his-name-this-week returns, they could make him a setup man.


I like Gaby Sanchez a lot, and think he has a great attitude and a great work ethic. But. If the Pujols deal falls through (and I think it should--as incredible a player as he was and is, he's too old to be signed on a 9 or 10 year deal), the Marlins could do much worse than to sell high on Gaby in return for pitching and move LoMo to 1B. LoMo has much more power potential than Gaby (4 more HRs last season in more than 100 fewer at bats), and he's four years younger. With Peterson developing and the improvement of Bonifacio last season, the Marlins are not going to be short of outfielders (especially if they can land Cespedes), and an infield of Hanley, Jose Reyes, Infante and LoMo looks good to me.

Just win baby!

As long as Loria own's the Marlins, they will always be pretenders

Mets Fan

Yes and the offers are even lower. It's a publicity stunt for their circus and their clown manager to sell those ugly uniforms

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