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Marlins Talking to Jose Reyes

      The Marlins are so enamored with All-Star shortstop Jose Reyes that they were in contact with the player at 12:01 a.m. Thursday, the moment the free agent signing period could begin. A contingent of high-ranking front office executives for the Marlins were spotted at Miami International Airport on Wednesday headed for New York, where Reyes' agent, Peter Greenberg, keeps his offices.

       If the Marlins were able to sign the Mets shortstop, it would necessitate a position change for Hanley Ramirez, something he said in September that he would welcome and accept. "It would be nice to play next to him," Ramirez said at the time. "He's an energy guy."

       Reyes is considered one of this year's "Big Three" position-player free agents, along with Albert Pujols and Prince Fielder. He has battled a myriad of leg injuries the past three seasons that have cut into his playing time. He made two trips to the disabled list this past season with hamstring issues, but still managed to play in 126 games and qualify for the league batting crown with a .337 average.

       Reyes, 28, isn't the only marquee name the Marlins are targeting. They will be sending a contingent of 13 people -- including Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria -- to the Dominican Republic on Thursday to take a look at five-tool center fielder Yoenis Cespedes, a 26-year-old Cuban defector. Cespedes is expected to receive clearance to begin talking with major league teams later this month and could command a $30 million figure to sign, according to reports.

        "The Marlins love him," according to one source with knowledge of the team's interest.

        Some believe Cespedes is major league ready. If so, and the Marlins were able to sign both he and Reyes, it would likely put Ramirez at third base. Ramirez is recovering from September surgery on his left (non-throwing) shoulder, but the Marlins believe he'll be ready for April 4 when they open their new ballpark against the World Series champion Cardinals.

        The interest in Reyes and Cespedes would seem to indicate the Marlins are prepared to increase payroll well above the $80 to $90 million figure some have projected. Reyes is expected to receive a 5- or 6-year deal, and the Marlins have said that they intend to upgrade the rotation with one or two more quality arms.

         This much is certain: as the Marlins prepare to move into their new digs, they're going all-out to jazz up the roster. Marlins president David Samson, president of baseball operations Larry Beinfest and general manager Mike Hill flew from Miami to New York last Wednesday to begin discussions with Reyes at the first possible moment.

          They'll head to the Dominican on Thursday to evaluate Cespedes in a private workout. On Friday, when they officially become the Miami Marlins, they'll unveil their new logo and uniforms in a three-hour ceremony at the new ballpark. 


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David Crespo


Both these signings will make up for the flamboyant uniforms and eye sores we, the fans, will have after Nov. 11th.

David C.

Also, lets get started on that Francisco Rodriguez signing, too.


I remember the Marlins loved Aroldis Chapman too. Hopefully they love Cespedes enough to sign him.

Finally nice to hear the Marlins in the mix for the big three free agents. Any one of them would be a great addition to the team. Heck, maybe a position change is what Hanley needs. He may be too bulked up to play shortstop effectively anymore.


@David C - i see us getting KRod or Nathan. Apparently they have said they are more concerned with Closing than the money - so if we offer less and the closing job than someone paying big and as a set up man , we win. Does K-Rod still have it though?

Stan M

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. Reyes would be a tremendous asset. With him and Bono at the top of the order, we'll be back to the days Of Pierre and Castillo and that worked pretty well. It would also improve 2 defensive positions in the infield. That Cuban signing also sounds like a tremendous move. Maybe with this aquisition, Hanley could be moved in a package for Votto. But KRod...no, no, no. We have enough of problem if Hanley is kept. I wish they could have gotten that Sanchez fellow from SF. An awful lot of upside. With Reyes and the Cuban, the team is half done. Now sign one pitcher and trade for another. But please not LoMo, the team will regret it for years and years.


Cespedes is a beast! I hope we can get him. The Yankees want him too....it will be tough. Just hope he likes living in Miami more than NYC.

Sue F.

We'll see if the Marlins put their money where their mouth is...believe it when it happens, as the Marlins FO track record is that of lying ,cheap , dirtbags...

Sonia Amerrison

Pepsi Ballpark, thats the new ballpark name.

Philly- Phanatic

Stop the daydreaming Marlins guppies...Albert, Prince and Reyes will sign with play-off ready contending teams...not the jerk-off Marlins organization...Miami needs another Mariel Boatlift to fill a stadium for a whole season...Marlins and their new gay uniforms will be the joke of Baseball,as they have been for a long time now...see u minnows in last place again,believing the words of your scumbag owner and his pet gerbil...

Roger Rotolante

How many short stops do the Marlins need? We have of pop guns on the team. We need some power.
We need one more starter.
Please sign up some pitching.
The Marlins were one stater away from contending.
The manager burned out the pitching.
We may have no starters for next year.


Hey Philly-Phanatic,
How'd those Phillies do in the World Series?


Setting aside the excessive uncouthity, Philly-Phanatic is probably right about Reyes (Pujols & Fielder too)being far more likely to sign with contenders than a franchise like the Marlins, which Ph-Ph describes in such vulgar words of language.

Other than that, where is it written that any of those 3 wants to leave his present team?


Bro ! WE DONT NEED REYES ! What they need to do is move Hanley to third this year, move Infante to short and put Bonifacio at second ! If anything, trade either Hanley or Sanchez and upgrade at either third or left field ... or even center field. You can alway move Morrison to his natural position, ... FIRST BASE ! What we should have done was trade for Jonathan Sanches ... like the Royals did ! We need STARTING PITCHING and a CLOSER ..... !!!

paddy O

The 500 or so Marlins fans there are should be very worried about their incompetent ownership trying to play the free agent market with the big boys.After all the bad moves they;ve made over the previous years..firing managers, the Cabrera trade fiasco,terrible 1st round draft choices leading to nothing in the minors,and other various stupid moves they've made, better hope they dont step in it again with their rush to make a splash going into new stadium...be careful what you wish for with this incompetent group of over-rated idiots running the show...if it wasnt for the Dombrowski regime they wouldnt have had anything to work with in the 1st place.

Marlins Blow the Big One

Reyes and Hanley together??? Just what the Marlins need. Rubber-Band Hamstrings Reyes and Hanley the Mutt vacationing together while they spend half the season on the DL.

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