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Ozzie Guillen on Loria, Hanley, "DH" and Himself

     Baseball analyst Tim Kurkjian sat down with Ozzie Guillen for an interview that will appear in the Dec. 12 issue of ESPN The Magazine, and the new manager for the Miami Marlins was his usual, candid self. Here are a few of the highlights from that interview, which Kurkjian has posted online here

     -- *"I like our owner, Jeffrey Loria. I've told him he can ask me anything about baseball. If he doesn't like the answer, I couldn't care less."

     -- *"I've had Hall of Fame players. I've had superstar players. I know how to talk to them. As far as Hanley Ramirez is concerned, I told him, "All I want from you is to have a smile on your face, to play the right way and to show everyone how good you are." The feedback I got from some people there is that he can be immature. But I don't blame him. I blame the people around him. So we will start with a program. I'll respect him; he'll respect me."

     -- *"I've never managed without a designated hitter, but I'll get used to it. I don't like the DH. I have a bulldog and named him DH because he is so lazy. He just sits there, eats and sleeps."

     -- *"I want everyone with the Marlins to know I'm not who people think I am. People say, "Ozzie Guillen is the guy who throws players under the bus." I never throw a player under the bus if he's playing the right way. If he isn't doing the job, don't blame the player, blame me. I played the guy. But if he isn't doing the little things to help us win a game, I will criticize him."

     I spoke to Kurkjian, who had this to say about his interview with Guillen:

     "He's great to talk to, and part of me worries in our business that we get angry at managers who don't say anything and then we criticize managers who maybe say too much. And that doesn't follow to me. To me, Ozzie is hilarious. He's worth listening to on every level. My interview with him took about 45 mintues and couldn't have been better. I did sense that he was a little bit more reserved than I've heard him in the past, and maybe he should be given this is his first year with the Marlins. He didn't dodge anything."

     So here's my question: Do you think Guillen will get himself into trouble with ownership, Marlins players, or fans with his outspokenness? Or do you think, perhaps, that Guillen's candor is just what the organization needs?