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Ozzie Guillen on Loria, Hanley, "DH" and Himself

     Baseball analyst Tim Kurkjian sat down with Ozzie Guillen for an interview that will appear in the Dec. 12 issue of ESPN The Magazine, and the new manager for the Miami Marlins was his usual, candid self. Here are a few of the highlights from that interview, which Kurkjian has posted online here

     -- *"I like our owner, Jeffrey Loria. I've told him he can ask me anything about baseball. If he doesn't like the answer, I couldn't care less."

     -- *"I've had Hall of Fame players. I've had superstar players. I know how to talk to them. As far as Hanley Ramirez is concerned, I told him, "All I want from you is to have a smile on your face, to play the right way and to show everyone how good you are." The feedback I got from some people there is that he can be immature. But I don't blame him. I blame the people around him. So we will start with a program. I'll respect him; he'll respect me."

     -- *"I've never managed without a designated hitter, but I'll get used to it. I don't like the DH. I have a bulldog and named him DH because he is so lazy. He just sits there, eats and sleeps."

     -- *"I want everyone with the Marlins to know I'm not who people think I am. People say, "Ozzie Guillen is the guy who throws players under the bus." I never throw a player under the bus if he's playing the right way. If he isn't doing the job, don't blame the player, blame me. I played the guy. But if he isn't doing the little things to help us win a game, I will criticize him."

     I spoke to Kurkjian, who had this to say about his interview with Guillen:

     "He's great to talk to, and part of me worries in our business that we get angry at managers who don't say anything and then we criticize managers who maybe say too much. And that doesn't follow to me. To me, Ozzie is hilarious. He's worth listening to on every level. My interview with him took about 45 mintues and couldn't have been better. I did sense that he was a little bit more reserved than I've heard him in the past, and maybe he should be given this is his first year with the Marlins. He didn't dodge anything."

     So here's my question: Do you think Guillen will get himself into trouble with ownership, Marlins players, or fans with his outspokenness? Or do you think, perhaps, that Guillen's candor is just what the organization needs?


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SoFla Ken

I'm less worried about what Ozzie says than how Loria might take it. Jeff can be a little sensistive about managers that speak too much(just ask Joe Girardi). But he's got to completely understand what he's getting in Ozzie, right?

If not, this could be another very short managerial reign in Marlinland.


Oh Ozzie. I'm gonna love next season, even if all the Marlins got this offseason was Ozzie. He's just lucky Loria loves him so much (or does he?).

Plus, I have to agree about the DH.

Personally, I think Ozzie is what the organization and the players need. His outspokenness is a win in my book. The only thing is, everyone said Loria got him because he really likes him, and I hope for Ozzie's sake that it's true.


As long as the FO can get the 'horses'....Ozzie will do well.


WoW .revealing interview...YAWN

yolanda z.

Rumor has it, that Ozzie has kissed alot of dogs over the years, on those long road trips during the season. si mami.


I think sooner or later this clown is gonna throw himself under the bus. The fact that he's not Cuban or Cuban American, leaves a bitter taste to a community that's prodominantly Cuban or Cuban American, and managing a team in the heart and soul of Miami's, historically, most prodominant Cuban/Cuabn American neighborhood. The best manager the Marlins have had were Leyland, McKeon, and Gonzalez. Out those three, Gonzalez was the best one, considering talent he had to deal with, the budget the Marlins were willing to spend, and still, was able to put the Marlins in position to make the playoffs year after year. Gonzalez should have been the manager to lead this team in its new stadium, he's a Miami product and he's Cuban American. Its a shame that Loria is nothing more that a political swindler, and a shyster, rather than being a Major League Baseball owner.

david h

you cubans think you run everything just a reminder this is THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA just saying :)


i don't get the post from ferrigamo05.the marlins have moved their club to the heart of the cuban american community.they have changed their team colors to appeal more to the cuban american community.and they brought in ozzie guillen,one of the best known managers in the game today.and because ozzie isn't cuban that is supposed to be a slap in the face to cubans?if you follow this logic,we'll have to trade all our players for any cuban available until the team is 100% cuban.i liked gonzalez too,but he probably would've jumped ship to coach the braves anyway.and who knows?he's still relatively young,we still might get gonzalez one of these days.this franchise has built a state of the art stadium in your community.they are FINALLY going to be trying to sign the big name free agents instead of just developing players to be traded when they begin to come into their own.they have bent over backwards trying to embrace the cuban american community and i just don't see how you can complain.the club could've went elsewhere,be it broward or out of state even.i say go to the game,enjoy the stadium,enjoy the more competitive team,and relax.you've hit the jackpot,enjoy.


What is with this notion that because the Marlins are now in little Havana there has to be an intense Cuban presence on this team?! Should we then trade for or sign every hispanic individual available. It's pretty stupid and people that react like the post above are not real baseball fans. Freddy was done for regardless of the teams performance as he was due to manage the braves after Bobby Cox retired. Quite frankly they did him a favor.

I want a good product on the field regardless of player's nationalities. If the Cuban national team is going to bring home a ring by all means I'll pay for the rafts. If it's an all American team I'll take that too. I've said before that all the Pujols' and Wilsons (one hispanic and one American by the way) in the world can't save this team if the guys already in the team don't do their job. As for Cespedes I'm not so convinced that he's the answer in Center but if you want to follow the herd be my guest.


As for David H's comments last I checked Loria and Samson and Beinfest and Hill are not Cuban. Perhaps you could be referring to Mark Cuban but he is in no way associated with this organization. So I am not sure who or what gave you the impression that Cubans are running the show.


I guess it always turns back to race... silly me, I was expecting comments related to ozzie's interview.

Jack Meoff

heard slo mo lo mo has a bad right knee...bye-bye- Gaby in any trade for starting pitching

octavio de armas

Ferrigamo05 must be an old Bastistiano. I went to a Marlin's game last season and the Cuban factor was non-existing. Having lived in Chicago I will tell you Guillen is a good manager. Yes he is outspoken and at times brash. We Cubans need to be grateful that this great country gave us a chance to come live in freedom. Castro is no ones problem but ours. Look at those middle eastern country and how they rise and get killed. Maybe we just need to shut up. Wishing the Marlins and Guillen a very succesful season.


they have changed their team colors to appeal more to the cuban american community

uuuuuhhhhhhh. no... thinking wrong carribean there buddy. we're red white and blue. not trinidad and curacao. racist


I want a good product on the field regardless of player's nationalities. If the Cuban national team is going to bring home a ring by all means I'll pay for the rafts.


Heinie Manush

cubans will not pay $ to watch a game they can get for free..can u say el cheapos


Ozzie is a blast, he's Casey Stengal in 2 languages. He double talks with the best of them.

Loria knows to let Ozzie do his thing.

Ozzie is a lefty trapped in a righty's body.

Eddy "tells it like it is" R.

Fisrt of all guys you are all full of it. The Marlins are not targeting the Cuban community, they are targeting the Latino/Hispanic Cummunity. "Yes there is a diffrence between the two for the ignorant people out ther". The Marlins want a contender. When the Marlins won in 1997 and 2003 the stadiums didnt fill up with just cubans but the Latino/Hispanic communty. That is what they want.

David H said and i quote "copy and paste" ((you cubans think you run everything just a reminder this is THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA just saying :)))

Well david, Cubans dont feel that they run things and if you are basing it off the Scarface movie your mind is more feable than your comment. Cubans get involved with their community and with politics to make a diffrence and Cubans know they are in the United States. Thats why they take advantage of the oppertunity and have been very succesful.

Octavio de Armas said ((Cubans need to be grateful that this great country gave us a chance to come live in freedom. )) Im sorry but do you recall the Bay of Pigs and what happened and how the US was involved? That is why the whole Mariel happened in the 80s and why Cubans are allowed diffrent residential rights than other alien residents. Know your hystory before making it seem like we came here and are in debt with the US because of it. The US was in debt to their screw up during the Bay of Pigs and thus allowed these special treatment rules on Cubans coming to the US.

Last but not least Heinie Manush said ((cubans will not pay $ to watch a game they can get for free..can u say el cheapos)) First of all if you are going to write in spanish use proper grammer just like you would expect us to know the english language in the US. Also if you look at Cuban dominant cities like Miami it is very wealthy. Who do you think owns most of the properties and built Miami? Cubans thats right.

For whoever is wondering I am Cuban and venezuelan and i didnt take any of this personally since i know it was written by ignorant people. Now about the article i think Ozzie was the best choice to go with.

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/fish_bytes/2011/11/ozzie-guillen-talks-about-loria-hanley-and-dh-his-pet-bulldog.html#ixzz1fJn95oRh

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/fish_bytes/2011/11/ozzie-guillen-talks-about-loria-hanley-and-dh-his-pet-bulldog.html#ixzz1fJm8no1Z

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/fish_bytes/2011/11/ozzie-guillen-talks-about-loria-hanley-and-dh-his-pet-bulldog.html#ixzz1fJgfZR89


Eddy...miami is one of the poorest cities in the US...check ur facts dipshit,,,ranked one of the worst cities to live in, u effin gasbag.

Bannana Republic Suckers

Forbes voted miami the worst city in U.S to try a find a job right now...eddy u r an idiot


I'm a life long Sox fan, but I still love Ozzie. Enjoy him and Buehrle next year, you guys are in for a true treat. Buehrle is the most reliable pitcher in all of baseball.

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