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Report: Marlins meeting today with Mark Buehrle

     The Marlins are moving so quickly on the free agent front that it almost makes you wonder if they'll have one ready to unveil at Friday's big uniform and logo shindig at the new ballpark. The newest name to surface: free agent pitcher Mark Buehrle.

      According to Ken Rosenthal at Fox Sports, the Marlins are planning to meet with the veteran left-hander sometime today, followed by a meeting with shortstop Jose Reyes on Wednesday and another with outfielder Yoenis Cespedes on Thursday.

      The Marlins traveled to New York last week to make a pitch to Reyes' agent the moment the free agent signing period began, an indication he is high on their priority list. But pitching is a priority, as well, and the organization has targeted the 32-year-old Buehrle as the arm to get in that arena.

      The durable southpaw has logged at least 30 starts and double-digit wins over each of the past 11 seasons, all with the Chicago White Sox, where he pitched for manager Ozzie Guillen. He would provide the Marlins with a reliable lefty in the rotation and a veteran presence in the clubhouse, a No. 2 starter to follow Josh Johnson in the grand order of things.

       Buehrle said in September that he is intrigued by the idea of changing leagues and moving to the NL. "It's one of those things where it would be kind of an interesting challenge to switch leagues and see how the National League is," he said.

       Among available free agent pitchers, the Marlins are much higher on Buehrle than they are on C.J. Wilson.

        It's important to keep in mind that the Marlins face keen competition for all of these players, but the fact they're making such a strong push so early in the process is an indication they're in it to win it.       


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what do ya call 8 Cubans on their way to Miami ? Ocho Sinko...


Alot of teams are talking to the same players the Marlins are...they just dont publicize it the way the Marlins do...let's see..crappy season,crappy team with new stadium to move into..have to use the beat writers as their publicists to drum up business...

Marlins Shill Joe Frisaro MLB.com

Marlins are in talks with Mantle, Ruth & Ted Williams Frozen Head...


There are stories in every major newspaper and all over the internet about which teams are talking to which players, and these stories have nothing to do with beat writers drumming up publicity for the team. Anyone with half a brain knows that other teams are talking to the same players, so what's your point? I for one want to know every move the team makes this offseason, including whom they're meeting with.
I said in an earlier post that I think the Fish are angling (get it?) to have a hot new acquisition to show off at Friday's press conference, but time is running short.

Marlins fans r gullible Idiots

Bet they dont sign any Free Agents before their 11/11/11 propaganda festival...Marlins fans like above admit they only have half a brain...


Hey Marlins fans r gullible idiots,
Welcome back. We've missed you. Hope all is well.

Raul Jose Ernesto Sanchez-Jones

Marlins meeting with the Castro Brothers on the possibility of exclusive rights to all baseball players in Cuba.

Lou from Greenville

Marlins are desperate to sign somebody with a big name before their fart festival on Friday.


This guy shouldn't be so expensive. He's a back of the rotation guy that will eat innings and I'm afraid these fools will over spend just to get the name. We really need a #2 guy that can step up and be #1 should JJ's frail shoulder keep acting up and Ricky or Anibal are not it. They aren't gonna get that guy in FA because he doesn't exist. I'll give Lomo for one of Tampa's or Oakland's pitchers. Not because I don't like the guy but because we really need pitching and spare me the upside lecture on LOMO. In this division pitching is key and we've got none. As for offense Hanley, Coghlan and Gabby need to produce for a whole year. We can only hope Stanton gets better and Boni wasn't a fluke. Otherwise, there aren't any Prince's or Albert's that can help this team.


As for being a gullible idiot and only having half a brain, I'd rather be that guy than the guy the runs to the ticket booth once their team starts winning. Otherwise known as the fair weather fan.


Hello gullible idiot with half a brain, how many games did U go to last year ????

Stan M

Some interesting names are posting again. It's great to see Glags, Lou annd LB among that new rabble of discontents. Where are you Samson; hope you are well. Now to baseball.
I haven't seen a single rumor that isn't positive. Naturally we can't sign everyone mentioned, but persuing Reyes over the two 1st basemen is a great move in my opinion. I was all for Sizemore, but this Cuban fellow might be a better bet. Here we must defer to the scouting staff. Buehrie also makes a lot of sense to me. His performance as a pitcher who depends largely on outs from balls in play should see improvement in our bigger ballpark. If we could sign Reyes, the Cuban, and Buehrie then trade for a second pitcher (or sign Capuano for relatively small change in this money market), I'll feel like I died and went to heaven. I don't give a damn what the uniforms look like (although they should either standardize the stocking and knickers or that new pajama look), nor do I care about the name of the ballpark itself. But player improvements are the things that I live for. So far it's an interesting off season. And LB, for sure they'll have a big player announcement on 11/11/11. But Glags, trading LoMo is a no no. If some or all of these aquisitions come about, we'll have others to trade. Like Hanley, or Dominguez if Hanley stays and probably Gabby and please...Nunez. Getting rid of Buck is probably too much to ask for. The Mets are hinting that Wright is available. Would you folks trade Hanley for Wright? I'd do it in a heartbeat, assuming we had Reyes aboard. Marlin baseball is fun again.


I agree wholeheartedly there is no player out there who can singlehandedly turn this franchise around. Too many holes to fill. And let's not overlook the fact that the Fish desperately need a catcher who can throw a baserunner out and get a hit now and then. Yadier Molina and Gio Gonzalez would both look great in the Marlins' new green and orange uniforms.
My big fear is that the FO will sign one big name and spend the rest of the offseason patting themselves on the back.


I'm fairly sure the Marlins will at least win the bidding for Cespedes unless the Yankees sign him to a ridiculous contract which they seem to be shying away from these days. Gio Gonzalez and James Shields should be candidates and sorry to say guys but John Buck is here to stay. Maybe he'll simply turn it around. For all we know, they signed him last year based on the sabermetrics in the new ballpark.


Yankees want a crack at Buehrle and the cuban...Reyes wants to talk to a few teams before giving Mets their best shot...Will Samson close a deal before 11/11/11 like he closed the Miami politicians ??? Enquiring Mindless want to know.


Stan M,
You and I must have been writing at the same time, because I hadn't seen your post when I submitted mine. You and I see eye-to-eye on a lot of points, including the fact that the Buck signing was a disaster. But that only makes it harder for me to trust that the scouting staff and FO will allocate the Marlins' newfound money wisely. This Cepedes guy could be the most exciting ballplayer to come along in a long time, but he's an unproven commodity and I'd hate to throw too much money at him.
I don't honestly care what color the uniforms are, either, or what they call the ballpark. If fans howl loud enough, they can overhaul the uniforms in the blink of an eye. Those little kids in China sew real fast.
Hello once again to L from G.

Mr. B

The scouting staff has had mostly misses lately, so it'll be interesting to see what happens with Cespedes. I don't expect any of the big names to come here, Reyes included, because the finances, new stadium or not, wouldn't add up. No way does this team sign a $20 mil a year guy. The Yankees will throw big money at the Cuban, like Cincy did with Chapman, and Wilson isn't worth $20 mil a year. He proved that in the World Series.

Flav C

Mr.B makes a good point regarding Reyes. On top of that, it seems like the Brewers will make a strong push to get Reyes. Remember they will have some good free money since Fielder will most likely leave.


Marlins will regret it for years to come if they sign Reyes...Samson likes to have players that out perform or at least equal their contracts, injury prone Reyes will come up far short of doing that..Buehrle is the guy the Marlins should go after ,as he will instantly upgrade the most important need they have to have to compete with the Phillies and Braves in the NL east. The cuban is a big ? in the mix,at this point.

Stan M

I think the Marlins simply must make a splash with their first signing and Reyes makes perfect sense. The LoMo for Shields trade sounds frightening. We would be buying high and selling low. On another site a trade of Dominguez and Gabby for a starter is suggested. Makes sense if Reyes is picked up. If not,LB, the short discussion we had about Wright doesn't sound so impossible. Dominguez, Gabby.and any 2 prospects except Yelich might get it done. Would need a 3rd team involved because the Mets are set at 1B though.


Sign Reyes
Sign Cespedes
Sign Buerhle
Trade either LOMO or Gaby along wiht another prospect for James Shields
This offseason will be a great success and the ticket sales should increase.
I would prefer to trade Gaby because LOMO can play 1st.
Can I dream or is it all a dog and pony show?


The Fish need to cut bait on Dominguez now, because he'll never be a quality
Big Leaguer. He's too slow and he can't hit. So, Stan M, if the Mets are dumb enough to take M.D., Gaby and a couple of throw-ins for Wright, then of course you've got to go for it. I guess the only way they'd consider trading Wright is if they manage to re-sign Reyes. I hate to say it because he's become one of my favorite players, but I'd even throw Boni into the mix to get Wright, especially if the Marlins could manage to sign him to a multi-year contract.
To theJUANdiggler,
You're entitled to dream. That's basically what we're all doing right now and it's kinda fun.


Why a couple of you guys are suggesting to trade Gaby. He's dependable, never crashes into fences. Coglin is done as a mlb player. If you want to trade someone, trade Hanley.


Hey Marlin fans... Although I cannot comment to the recent struggles of your team, I can comment to Mark Buehrle .... The fact that you make comments like "he is back end at best, and this league is about pitching" just proves that you really do not know anything about him! He has been the backbone to one of the best pitching staffs overall for many years! You can say all you want about the National league being a "pitching" league, but you cannot argue that in the American league Buehrle has faced some of the most feared line ups throughout the past 12 years and has consistently come out on top!

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