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Report: Marlins' offer to Reyes is $90 million for six years

   MILWAUKEE -- Greetings from the ornate lobby of the historic (and supposedly haunted) Pfister Hotel, site of the G.M. meetings, where the Marlins are being represented by Larry Beinfest and Mike Hill. It was at these same meetings a year ago that the Marlins dealt Dan Uggla to the Braves for Omar Infante and Mike Dunn.

    The news of the morning is brought to you by Ken Rosenthal of FoxSports, who is reporting that the Marins offered Jose Reyes a six-year deal for $90 million. That definitely fits within the competitive range for the free agent shortstop and, as a first offer, it's a strong indication the Marlins are serious. Now they'll wait to see what other offers Reyes receives before making their next move.

     Rosenthal also reported that, in addition to Reyes, Albert Pujols and Mark Buehrle, the Marilns also made an offer to reliever Ryan Madson -- no surprise given the clear absence of a closer. Agent Scott Boras was reportedly asking the Phillies for four years, $44 million to retain Madson. But the Phils balked and instead signed Jonathan Papelbon. Can't see the Marlins paying that kind of money for Madson, either.

      DATE CHANGE FOR MARLINS' ROAD OPENER -- The Marlins will play their first road game of the 2012 season in Cincinnati one day after their April 4 season opener at home against the Cardinals. The Marlins were originally scheduled to have a day off on April 5 before facing the Reds at Great American Ballpark on April 6. But the Reds petitioned to have the date changed because they didn't want their opener to fall on Good Friday.


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WOW I'm shocked

Flav C

Honestly, considering how injury-prone Reyes is, and that he would stick around with the Fish until he is 35, this is good money.


I bet they are all undecided to sign with the Miami Marlins, because of that ugly A** uniforms they are going to make the players wear.
If I were a current Marlin player, I'd be looking for a trade ASAP before I had to wear those hedious uniforms which by the way, are NOT representative of Miami!!!


I assume you're joking, you old kidder you. Those guys would play in bras and panties for a couple extra bucks and everybody knows it. They couldn't care less what color the unis are.
Flav C,
You're right. That's a very legitimate offer for Reyes and I wouldn't go a penny higher. If he doesn't bite, spend the money on pitching.
BTW, I guessed Madson for the Marlins' first new acquisition but thought my goose was cooked when MLB TV announced (erroneously) that Madson had re-signed with the Phillies. Now I'm back in the running. I'd like to see the Fish sign Madson but $44 million is too much.
Anybody else want to play?

Stan M

Can you folks see Loria signing Reyes, a quality pitcher, the Cuban, and maybe Pujols and then not dumping some salary? Read that Hanley would then be gone, along with Gabby of course. If such signings took place, maybe the team could support Dominguez' weak bat for the sake of his superlative glove. My first choice was Dontrelle, and I read this AM that there is interest in him around baseball. Loria would commit suicide before he gave that kind of money to a closer...any closer. Actually, I think the basic home white and road grey uniforms are quite tasteful. The ones that Hanley and Anibel modeled.


It's interesting that Hanley is due to make $15 million in 2012 and the deal reportedly offered to Reyes averages out at $15 million a year. Could that be a way to keep the two little boys from pouting? You know, make sure each of them gets the same size ice cream cone.
Stan M,
Is Matt D. really that good a fielder? I haven't seen ANYTHING about the guy that's impressed me but I guess he hasn't really had much chance to show his stuff. My hunch is they should move him right now before his trade value becomes nil.


Laurelbowie, of course I am kidding - but can't deny those uniforms are fogly as heck.

Flav C

great to see you back, Lou. I see you enjoyed the new uniforms. I'll FedEx a set of the Orange cap/jersey to you, with Hanley's name in the back. I'm kidding, of course :)


Damn, Lou. You made me Google "fogly" just to see what the hell you were talking about. Don't agree about the unis, but I did expand my vocabulary.


Am I talking to Lou from Greenville or is this another Lou? Just curious.

Flav C

lb, i was going to ask the same thing!


People need to get off the uni's. I saw them in person and they are nice!! Reyes and Hanley would look sweet on opening day sporting the home whites. Madson would be gigantic!!!


cespedes,reyes,Buehrle and K-Rod would be great signings and would help the Marlins compete at least for the wild card. They also need to sign Anibal to an extension. A healthy JJ,Buehrle,Anibal, Nolasco and possibly Volstad as he pitched much better his last few starts. That should be enough for maybe a 2nd place in the division.The bullpen is ok and agreeing to a one year deal with Oviedo for a couple million bucks as middle relief or a set-up man because the guy has an electric arm and he needs to re-build value as not many teams would touch him because of his identity issues.


If Handley can't be given happiness...the Red Sox might give us Beckett back for him.


This is kinda disheartening. They offered the absolute minimum knowing such an offer could be easily outbid by another team. I hope this isn't the final offer. Otherwise, they will prove the critics right.

Flav C

Glags, would you seriously offer more than that for an injury-prone player like Reyes?


The offer to Reyes is a first offer which is expected to show interest but it most likely isn't their final one unless some other team makes a ridiculous offer. As for the uniforms, they do look good in person with the exception of the hat which the M seems way to large. Still, being a fan I bought it in addition to the commemorative 11-11-11 hat with a much smaller logo. As fans why don't we concentrate on what will be in the uniform?


I realize he may not be worth much more but with so many teams needing an offensive shortstop I can't help but feel that they'll be outbid quite easily. I would have felt more comfortable not knowing this information. You know, ignorance is bliss.

Hanley's Wife

Hope the Marlins sign Reyes, just to burst Hanley's ego balloon and force him to learn a new position...


I realize Nunez or whatever his real name is was terrible as a closer but for the Marlins it would be ridiculous to pay a one inning a game guy 8 million a year or more. Shoot, no closer other than Mariano Rivera should make anything close to that. I love it, let so many walk and trade others but give a closer a huge contract. Nuts!

Aunt Jemima

What's up with Reyes hair??? Is that real or is he wearing a wig???


Those are called dreadlocks and since they are almost impossible to take apart, wash and refashion in less than a couple of hours, most people who wear them simply don't bother to wash their head or their hair. So you can imagine what they smell like after a three week road trip.

Uncle Remus

How does he keep the flies away ? Off? Does reyes have a No-Pest Strip under hat hat?P-effin-U....

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