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Samson: Crowds to exceed 30,000 per game in new ballpark

   During what was a mostly unrevealing interview on SiriusXM's baseball channel this morning, Marlins president David Samson provided a figure range on what he expected attendance to look like in the new ballpark.

    "We're going to be drawing, I'd say, 30,000 to 35,000 every single game," Samson said.

    Based on that estimate, the Marlins should draw anywhere from 2.4 million to 2.8 million over the course of an 81-game season. If so, that would translate to the second-highest home attendance figure in franchise history, eclipsed only by the 3 million that turned out during the inaugural season in 1993.

     The club has yet to release season-ticket sales figures.


      Jose Reyes is supposedly in South Florida today, receiving the grand tour of the ballpark as the Marlins continue to woo the free agent shortstop. New York Daily News columnist John Harper wrote today that he had heard the Marlins might offer Reyes a three-year deal with a high annual salary in excess of $20 million per season. While that's entirely possible, I don't see the Marlins winning out on Reyes if they were to remain firm on those numbers. Most reports project him getting a five- or six-year deal at $15 million to $19 per season. Keep in mind, too, that any offer the Marlins make to Reyes probably won't be their final one. One side note about the Harper column: the Marlins did not -- as one Mets official privately joked to him -- have a one-minute phone conversation with Reyes at 12:01 a.m. last Thursday. They had a sit-down, face-to-face meeting with him in New York at that early morning hour, an indication the Marlins are serious.


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Not if ol Samson and Loria dont land these supposed players they are targeting.
Us taxpayers have paid the majority of the bill for your stadium.
Your turn management
sign Reyes
sign Buerhle
Trade for Shields
Then you might have your 25k a night.
30k might be pushing it for this city

Slap Johnson

You are so full of shite Samson. You keep dreaming. By July, there will be 10K tops.


Whatever Samson says regarding people at the game ,you have to divide by at least two...over the years,how many times were the numbers inflated ,as opposed to people really there. All the time. On Oct 27 Samson said Hanley is our SS...2 weeks later,he's trying to sign Reyes...Samson is a habitual liar..must be due to his career before Loria bought the Expos. A Wall St. investment banker. The man just cannot tell the truth.

Stan M

How does everyone read the fact that Hanley will not be invited to help woo Reyes. Could it be that if Reyes comes, then Hanley goes?

Dr R. Glassman

GeorgeB above, is 100% correct. Last year my son and I went to six Marlins games. There wasnt 10,000 people at any of these games,but the attendance in the boxscore was anywhere from 17-22000. My son asked me if they counted cars in the parking lot also. Samson is a Pro at cooking the Books regarding attendance/actual tickets sold,and based on what I've heard and been told, alot of other assorted things.


Stan M,
I'm guessing that, despite the spin the Marlins are putting on it, Hanley isn't all that hot to have Reyes step in, upstage him on the roster and displace him in the infield. That would be a tough blow for a guy who's used to being the star of the show. Maybe that's why he wasn't invited to the party.
Dr. Glassman,
I'm sure the Marlins FO has been cooking the books for years, and I'm definitely no businessman. But I don't understand why you would cook the books to show that you're taking in more money than you actually are. Don't you usually cook the books to HIDE revenue?


Also, Stan M, it just dawned on me that Boni is a Dominican as well. I'd rather have him and his magic smile involved in the Reyes courtship than Hanley Ramirez any day.


Ever hear of the Marlins Community Foundation? A Charity..tax-exempt..when a business claims it gives something away,like tickets, thru their foundation,even though nobody uses those tickets,they can be writtn off and included in the attendance figures..like ghosts in the seats or like dead people voting in a Miami election..ever hear of the Double Play co...look that one up...tip of iceberg..

Stan M

There really isn't any question that the crowds will exceed 30,00 next year. A better question would be, for how long will the crowds exceed 30,000? All current news points to some big splash signings. If they aim for the long run, maybe they can keep attendence up. Dr R, remember attendence is based on tickets sold, not fans in the seats. It just seems illogical (at least to me) that they would show false reports of "more" fans. That would signify more revenue and cut down the amount our greedy little owner would get in revenue sharing. LB, it's kind of gotten to the point that if they don't introduce a big signee this Friday, and just try to impress us with new uniforms, there will be major disappointment. I for one am excited as heck. This is the most fun we Marlin fans have had since late May. They could really blow it if they built us up too much. I know what you mean about Bono. As much as I couldn't stand him until this year, the fact the guy was always smiling did have an effect. Now he is one of the, if not the, best leadoff men in the league. He's got every right to keep smiling...much like Amezega a few years ago.


Hi everyone, feels good to talk baseball again without suffering how we did during the season.


Don't get too excited Glags, every Marlins fan will be suffering after the worst uniforms, logo and colors in baseball are unveiled on Friday.

Stan M

Nice to see you back Glags. Now where is Samson's boyfriend? Even Lou had a post and minus the caps and rants. Good to see him back, as well.The heck with the damn uniforms and ditto the logo. Give us hope with some creative personel changes, oh great and wise front office!!!!!!!


While the real fans are holding their breath wondering what will happen with the baseball team, a few fashionistas out there are still yapping about the uniforms — and no one even knows what the unis are going to look like yet. Unbelievable! Oh well, as long as they don't ask to measure my inseam.
We know the FO would kill to have a big player acquisition to announce Friday. But if they do, it will probably have to be a trade, because the big-name FAs are going to hold out as long as possible to milk the negotiations for every penny they can get. If they don't, their wives will beat 'em with a rolling pin.


I guessed in the contest that the Marlins' first offseason acquisition would be Ryan Madson. But I see on MLB TV that the Phillies have signed Madson to a four-year deal, so I guess I'm SOL. Of course, the Marlins could still trade for him, but it ain't gonna happen. So who's going to be the team's closer?


I predict mike dunn to be the closer
will coughlin be back?


Jose Reyes is the best all around player in baseball in my opinion.He would be bargain at 15 millllllllleeeeeeeeeee


Reyes would be a bargain at 15, but you're not going to get him for that. I'll be very disappointed if they settle for Dunn as a closer after all this big talk.

Flav C

I'll say this now because i dont want people to say its pure hindsight in the future: If (only if) Reyes is signed up to play for the Marlins, Hanley becomes automatically expendable. Look for Hanley having a good season in '12 and becoming a high-priced trade piece for '13.


I know some of you bash the marlins front office... But I'm happy we have baseball, i am also glad my father gets to see the game he loves daily on TV and attend games when able. I support this team and I look forward to seeing the new stadium in little havana and maybe attending some of the games if able. So jose reyes is my fav due to his injury woes.. but Buerhle will be nice and a true center fielder that can bat.. I just think jose will be over priced for the amount of games he misses..


Hell of a deal with Wilson Ramos. We need a catcher so badly, maybe we could trade the kidnappers a couple of Marlins for Ramos.
Sorry. Bad joke. In truth I'll pray for his safety.


here's my 2 cents on the attendance being slightly inflated....the season ticket holders probably had a high 'no show' rate...but their attendance is counted... as the ticket was already sold.


LB, bad joke. It's a good thing you don't do voice overs for Aflac.

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