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Source: Marlins plan to make serious offer for Pujols

     The Marlins aren't playing games with Albert Pujols. According to a Major League source, the Marlins are serious about signing the free agent first baseman and intend to make a competitive offer.

     Pujols was in South Florida on Friday, lunching with Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria and other front office executives, who have spent the past week wooing other high-profile free agents, including Jose Reyes and Mark Buehrle. The Marlins also planned on giving Pujols a tour of their new ballpark, where later tonight the team will unveil its new logo and uniforms.

     Pujols is the big prize in this year's free agent class and has reportedly received a nine-year, $200 million offer from the Cardinals to remain in St. Louis. Sources say that Loria, in particular, covets Pujols and envisions him at first base when the Marlins open their new stadium on April 4 -- against the World Series champion Cardinals, no less.

     If the Marlins were somehow able to snag Pujols, it would seem inconceivable that they'd also land Reyes or Buehrle without increasing payroll to well over $100 million. But Loria is calling most of the shots now and is intent on creating a splash, both on the field and cosmetically, as the Marlins prepare to move into their new ballpark.

    In addition to a lucrative contract offer, the Marlins will certainly use location in trying to reel in Pujols, a native of the Dominican Republic. When speaking about the Marlins' interest in Cuban outfielder Yoenis Cespedes,  Marlins president David Samson said: "We think we're a great fit because we're Miami and we are a natural destination for any Cuban player, any Latin American player. We are the gateway to the Americas."

    You can be sure Pujols heard those same words.


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Has anyone officially said that Loria wont go over $100 mil?


You don't see Pujols happening, BUT it's looking increasingly possible every day.

Heck, maybe since Loria transformed his team into a "work of art" (from the stadium to the uniforms), he now has a subconscious urge to invest in the team like he would any other piece of art. Meaning he will be willing to spend serious cash.

Stan M

When I see citizens protesting againnst the greed of the wealthy, Pujols comes to mind even more than the corporate mongols. The man already has enough money for his children, his grandchildren and then some. Now he is willing to sell out his teammates, and the city that loves him and the ownership that offered him a very fair contract for extra money that he will never even have to count. Frankly, I don't like the idea of getting a player like that. Reyes is an entirely different story and grabbing him, that Cuban fellow and a competent pitcher, then shipping Hanley off , hopefully in a Votto deal, just makes more sense. With Reyes and Votto, you are paying for a future. With Pujols, you are paying too high a premium for his past.

Stan M

Should the Marlins sign Pujols, they are not gaining 35+ HRs and 125+ RBIs. Rather they are gaining the difference between what Gabby would produce and what Pujols would produce. That should be about 15HRs and 35RBIs at best. By signing Reyes and even keeping Hanley for 3B they should gain a at least 15 more HRs, and as many as 50 more RBIs and for far less money. Signing Pujols makes no sense. But then again, these are the same people who gave John Buck a 3 years contract for the same money it would have taken to retain Cody Ross.

Dan in Illinois

Pujols will bring fans, you gain money. also, Sanchez is then tradeable for another commodity. I'm from the St. Louis area, I can't see paying for 9 years that kind of money. we got a great deal on the last one, now all you do is overpay for the past. fans come for hero's and/or winning. we can still win w/o AP. the sentimental stuff about seeing him finish a Card would be great. but if it was MY money, no way would a 9 yr, 200 mil deal be on the table.


I saw the new uniform for the marlins
a joke a clown joke, now I now that al of this thing about, free agents are a bunch of bull


How can MLB aprove an owner like Loria
is all a big lie, we have another Mccourt
the majority of people are not, how should I call it, with a "disturbet" mind set.
we are baseball fan not art lovers


75% of people do not like or care for the new
uniform and or logo.
But what does Loria cares it goes with his mind set, and morals


How come the stadium name hasn't been leaked? What's it gonna be???


Pimienta, why r u so worried about what the uniforms look like? Isn't it more important who is the uniform even if it is hideous. You don't have to buy the merchandise to go the games. As for these guys jerking us around with these free agent meetings you cant criticize them for trying or at the very least getting a feel for what these guys are looking for. In my heart of hearts I don't believe they'll land Pujols or that a legitimate offer was made but I'm not going to criticize for doing what they are doing. They're interested it's a matter of whether they can afford them or not. The ball is really in the players court. The one thing they have been consistently saying is that they are going to spend money but they are going to do it wisely. Giving a guy $200 million is not smart for this franchise in particular.


I'm so sick of reading the negative comments. Why don't you naysayers just continue to follow the crappy football team in town? Today begins a new era. Did it ever cross your mind that perhaps the team has been saving money in order to spend it when it counts? No, of course you wouldn't, you simpletons are too worried about what the logo and uniforms look like.

Stan M

The powers that be pulled my critique. Thanks fellas. Could it have been any worse?

Stan M

The uniforms were fine. They should have introduced them on a stage and that's it. The extravaganza that we just witnessed was so bad and amatuerish that it couldn't possible create anything but fear of bad omens to come.


Stan M,
They carefully handpicked 500 guests to invite to this shindig so there wouldn't be any heckling going on. But even those "friends of the family" chosen to fill the seats couldn't work up much enthusiasm for the festitivies.
The so-called music was so bad that I switched to MLB TV, where I heard some interesting comments during their Hot Stove segment. First, Harold Reynolds and Ken Rosenthal noted the same skepticism in Hanley's remarks about changing positions that some of us had mentioned earlier and they came to the same conclusion we did — that Hanley may be on the trading block to help the Marlins acquire some topflight pitching. They both said the Marlins could demand, and would probably get, a big return for Hanley despite his recent troubles.
They also mentioned (and I know I'm repeating myself here) that the Sabermetrics people projected Jose Reyes will hit a paltry .277 next year and somewhere in the .260s in 2013. In other words, they believe Reyes had a "spike" year in 2011 and is unlikely ever to come close to that again. Not sure that's a guy you want to spend a big chunk of your budget on.

Stan M

If signing Reyes will allow the team to move Hanley, I'm all for it. Even those miserable stats predicted by the stat heads are better than what Hanley produced. And that ignores the running, the defense, and most importantly, the enthusiasm. To repeat myself, the team's highest point last year was late May and Hanley had done absolutely nothing to help that happen. If anything, he was a detriment and rally killer. And if Hanley could bring us a pitcher or two, or better yet Votto, then Reyes is worth the gamble. If Pujols was really only 32, the maybe sign him. But the guy is so obviously older than that but no one is saying so out loud. Reyes, the Cuban and Buehrle all make sense, then trade for a 2nd pitcher. It is inconceivable to this old man that the FO cannot understand that Hanley is loathed by us fans. But as you say, there are some encouraging hints that he might be gone...praise the lord.


There has been so much expectation built up and so many implicit promises made that if the Marlins don't have a blockbuster move to announce soon, the fans are going to revolt. It's hard to imagine Votto being for sale, but maybe if the Marlins offer Hanley and Gaby, they could get it done.
And I somehow, someway, I want Gio Gonzalez.


After all the time and space wasted yapping about the new uniforms, turns out they are neither spectacular nor are they awful. They're just baseball uniforms and the logo is just a logo. And that's fine.

G Ramos

The Marlins have a great oppurtunity to win over some fans right now. The "dull"phins stink, the canes are rebuilding and the Heat well they are great but their isnt going to be a season. The Marlins need to take advantage of this moment and go into a New Stadium with superstars. Reyes, Buerhle, Gio Gonzalez and Cespedes are my choices. Of course I would love Pujols but not at the money it is going to cost to get him. He will cripple this francise. Unless they feel that they can trade Sanchez and Maybe Coghlan for a Solid number two and a Cather. Then pull the trigger. All I got to say is I cant wait for Baseball Season...I am sick of watching this train wreck that is the Dullphins...Lets see what excuse they are going to use now that there is no clay on their beloved football field...Maybe they can win two games a season at Home!!!!

Marlin from Texas

No Pujols, it does not make sense. Bring Reyes, Cespedes, Burhle and a mid-price closer and Marlins will be a lot better.

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