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Angels -- not Marlins -- get Pujols and C.J. Wilson

    Good morning from Dallas, where the winter meetings are wrapping up with a bang. The big news, of course, is that the Angels -- the "mystery team" from two days ago -- have reeled in both Albert Pujols AND C.J. Wilson with a couple of huge contract offers.

    According to reports, the Angels landed Pujols with a 10-year, $250-60 million offer that includes a full no-trade clause. They got Wilson with a 5-year deal worth about $75 million. The Marlins withdrew their offer for Pujols on Wednesday and lost out to Wilson on Thursday when the Angels swooped in to grab the lefty.

    The vibe I was getting from Marlins people on Wilson was never optimistic. While they extended a 6-year offer to the pitcher, they felt the California native's desire was always to play on the West Coast.

     Even though the Marlins lost out on Wilson, it doesn't mean they're closing up shop with their rotation. Spoke briefly this morning with Larry Beinfest, who said the Marlins "have some things going" on other fronts, which I took to mean the trade front. But after the flurry of activity of the past few days, don't expect anything to transpire soon.

     "We still have some stuff cooking," Beinfest said. "I don't know that it will be at the pace that we just saw -- the pace or the magnitude."

     Some other business: the Marlins weren't involved in the major league phase of the Rule 5 Draft. They created no openings on their 40-man roster to make a selection, and they did not lose any of their players in that phase of the draft. Remember, it was at the 2005 winter meetings in Dallas that the Marlins plucked Dan Uggla out of the Rule 5 draft.

     All right, gang. Time to give us your thoughts. After four days in which the Marlins have hooked Heath Bell, Jose Reyes and Mark Buehrle (he'll be formally announced Friday in South Florida, assuming he passes his physical), how would you grade the Marlins' offseason so far? Are you disappointed that they failed to land Pujols? Are they better off that they didn't, and were therefore able to get Buehrle? What else would you like to see them do?

     Here's your chance. Let's have it......


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Marlins Fan

Go get Prince and trade Gaby for some frontline pitching. Marlins have done a great job this off season so far. Go Marlins!!!


I think it is an A considering previous off season moves. I really think we need to ship Hanley off somewhere. Major talent, but major cancer. Uggla was right about him. We do not need that diva were better off getting a true 3B and more pitching.


Trade Gaby for pitching and get Fielder, just think of that lineup!!!!!

Stan M

From my perspective, all has gone extremely well. Very pleased with the 3 signings and delighted that Pujols went elsewhere. Too much money and for too long. Regarding Wilson, I'd rather resign Vazquez for far less money. If Vazquez resigns, and Hanley plays 3B, we have Volstad, and Dominguez...and possibly Nunez(sic)to trade if need be. As with most of my fellow posters on this site, Hanley is not a favorite. But to trade him now after an awful year is probably not the wisest thing to do. But I wouldn't lose any sleep if they do send him elsewhere. Our forgotten man is Coghlan. Two years ago he was on a par with LoMo as a future franchise piece. If he comes all the way back, and why shouldn't he, then this team is as good as anyone...assuming either Vazquez returns or we trade for a 5th starter.


I was hopping, we did not sign either Pujol or
Wilson, We did fine with 3 free agents we got
Fielder is not the answer either.
Now we need to trade for another starting pitcher, and a good 3baseman.
Please trade Hanley, there are plenty of team
that will give us what we need.
Pujol will be a DH for the last 5 years of his contract.

Stan M

Some random thoughts:
*Loria will sell the team in 2-3 years. See how Reyes' contract is backloaded for a future owner. So what if he does, he's doing everything right this off season.
*Personally, I thing Pujols comes out of this as a mutt. Leaving a town where he was revered for a few extra bucks which are meaningless in his financial position is disgusting. I'm glad we didn't get him for these as well as financial reasons.
*Last year Dontrelle was fantastic against left handed batters. He would be an excellent "feel good" signing as a spot reliever and he's still young enough that one never knows about a return to his former self.
*Leaving LoMo in left field could be hazardous to his health. I lived to see the great Pete Reiser ruin a great career crashing into walls.
*Darn but this team has me excited all over again. We fans couldn't ask for more.


Awesome enough for me to buy a 20 game plan which I refused to do prematurely. Unlike most others I could give three squats about the stadium. I'll see it the first time and probably won't care enough after that. I pay to watch good baseball and I think we are in for a treat. A note on Prince, I don't think the fish are willing to do business with a guy like Boras.


Is it true that in the 20 game plan ,u dont get to chose the games u want to go to,like in previous years??? Also,what about the parking??? Heard Opening Day is x-tra,also. Marlins dont get Pulhols on Opening Day either. Ironic.


You could always move Gaby to 3rd, and play Fielder at 1st.

Trade Hanley for Pitching.

Rafael Arteaga

Grade A loria seems like he is commited to winning and that's all miami wants let's go and get Gio Gonzalez i think he would be a great fit in a rotation that now has a great lefty in mark beurhle nice to see our team in doing things like this.. I don't know if I would trade lomo left handed power bats are hard to come by he is developing into a good player and him an Samson are getting along trade Dominguez !


Come on Marlins, what happened? Heh, some big contracts and I'm already turning into a Yankees fan. Marlins want to be the Yankees, but they lost to the Angels.

And now it seems that Miami doesn't want to go after Fielder because Fielder is not latino. How ridiculous is that? They should get Fielder. Looks like no one will give him even six years, so he will be easier for the Marlins to pick up. He will be less risk and won't be earning $25M when he turns 42. Plus, that opens up Gaby Sanchez to be traded (possibly with Dominguez) to the Athletics for Gio Gonzalez.

Omar V

I had my money set aside to get season tickets if Pujols would have been part of the line up. But a big screen TV is going to be my choice.

Joe Robbie

So far great moves. It has been a long time coming. To bad I am now living in Dallas and wont be able to get the new stadium any time soon.

If Wayne could have built a stadium years ago imagine where this team would be right now.

I am glad we didn't land Pujols. He is better off in the American league where he can be a DH for the last 4-5 years of that contract.

Disappointed we didn't get Wilson, but I am not devastated. He has only been a starter for 2 years and that was on a World Series team. There are questions to be answered with him and now the Angels get to find them out.

I would love to see Fielder with the Marlins. But, I think the Marlins are more interested in bringing in Hispanics, that's why they pushed so hard for Pujols. This team wants to connect with South Florida and countries south. Winning will ultimately define their future.

I can see them going hard after Yoenis Cespedes now.

I know most fans would not mind that much to see Hanley traded at this point. I am included in that group. Especially if he is going to act like a child because he is being moved to 3rd. But, if there is a trade it better be a good one. What can they get for a player that is coming off of his worst season in MLB?

It is really nice to be a fan of Miami sports right now. The Marlins, Heat, Panthers and even the Dolphins lately are all making sports in this city exciting to watch.

In the immortal words of Liván Hernández
"I Love You Miami".


Gaby Sanchez + his salary + years under control > Prince + his salary


Gonna be fun going to the yard in Anaheim this year.Can't wait.


Call it a winter. Payroll already in the $90-100M range. This team is good in every phase of the game. If we can go Nolasco/Volstad to step up, it could have an elite rotation. 90 wins are very realistic

Diggity Dave

10 years and $250 million for a 31 year old was a bad idea. I'm glad the Marlins passed. They need to trade Hanley Ramirez for a 3B.


Do the Marlins really want to retain Ramirez with this me first attitude? It's nothing new, see last year. So you add nice pieces to a team giving them a chance and one of the best players pouts his way through the season being a cancerous POS in the locker room?? No. Trade him, I am sick of this guy. If we could get Zimmerman from the Nationals this team would really be set, that dude can ball.

Everybody in Miami

I don't understand why we aren't trying to trade Volstad. He is awful.


I'm glad Pujols went to the AL. We will face him only in interleague or the WS.. We don't need Fielder; we need starting pitching. Linda: call the sales office for information.


Only choice for a grade is A. As the team sits there are 3 keys to a strong run this year. 1 How healthy is JJ & can he remain healthy for the season. 2 How does HR handle the move & feild 3B. 3 How does the club react to OG....do they love him or hate him. If those 3 work out for the year then watch out!


Okay I love my hispanic brethren but I don't remember them coming out anymore than anyone else to see Alex Fernandez, Livan, and Lowell.

Does that suddenly change because of a stadium location?

I really hope the main concern of ownership isn't pleasing one particular ethnicity. Or else from a baseball standpoint that is very short sighted.


the marlins should have offered a lot more money and they could have signed him.


The Fish made some great additions this week, and logically, I realize the offers to Wilson and Pujols were so bloated that the Marlins are better off not landing them. But still, after all the talk, I can't help but feel a little let down that we won't have at least one of those guys on hand next year. Can't wait to see what happens next. I just hope when all the excitement wears off, Loria & Co. don't decide to sit back and rest on their laurels.
I'm not sure where this business about the Marlins wanting only "Latin" or "Hispanic" players comes from. I'm not Hispanic, but I have a cross-section of Hispanic friends, and they tell me its a mistake to think of "Hispanics" as some sort of homogenized community. For example, they say, Cuban-Americans aren't going to feel any particular kinship for Dominican, Puerto Rican or Venezuelan players and are no more likely to show up to watch a Dominican play than they are some Jewish kid from Philly. In other words, if the FO really is playing the "Hispanic card," they're barking up the wrong palm tree.
I personally think they're chasing a lot of Latin players because most of today's baseball stars are Latin.
One exception, however, might be Cespedas. I'd guess a lot of denizens of Little Havana would show up to watch him play — unless it turns out he's not as good as everyone thinks he is.

Stan M

Mike Beradino must know things about Pujols that we don't. In short, he classifies him as a lout and is happy the Marlins didn't sign him. He certainly didn't conduct himself in a professional manner in jumping teams for a few extra meaningless millions. Long live Stanley Frank Musial and thank goodness, his legacy hasn't been interrupted by this man who is a media darling but not so nice when the cameras are off. The is only one "Man" in St Louis and he never, ever, put dollars ahead his teamates.

Stan M

About 15 years ago I went across Alligator Alley to my first Marlin game. To be honest, I was more than a little bit frightened about how all of those Cubans would treat me. What I found was very knowledible fans who didn't give a damn aboout my ethnicity. I got to smell fantastic foods cooking in the parking lot and wished that I could have sampled some. Considering how some of the fans behave in NY and some other places, I'll take those Cuban fans any day.
Marlin Fan,
Yes for more money our team might have gotten Pujols. However, if you consider all of the ramifications, you might be glad they didn't. By contrast, one has to admire CJ Wilson and his decision. Also you should check some of Reyes' comments. That's the attitude we need and should foster.


I say go get Prince, Move Gaby to third and "bye, bye" Hanley ! I'd make the attempt to trade Hanley for Lincecum or Felix Hernandez. I mean, you wanna talk about Pujols stats, Hanley's stats has not been stellar for the past year and a half. Plus, Hanley is a clubhouse cancer and I dont think Guillen, signed up for that crap.


Stan M,
When I think Cardinals, I'll always think of Stan the Man and Red Schoendienst. In my mind, Pujols has shown his true colors and will never hold a candle to those two. I betcha Musial is heartbroken, and that makes me sad.

Jebediah Gonzalez-Cohen

I just saw on ESPN that the Marlins raised their offer to $275 mil today. They raised it by close to 50 mil! That says to me that the Marlins were really counting on Pujols being here. They may have been making a mistake, but they were convinced he was worth the money. I haven't heard a thing from the team today, they are probably pretty upset.

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