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Gio to Nats -- now what for Marlins?

      Another starting pitcher slipped through the Fish net today when the Nationals landed Gio Gonzalez in a trade with the A's. Washington paid a handsome price for the All-Star lefty, handing over three top prospects to Oakland. So where does that leave the Marlins, who continue sniffing around for a starter to bolster their rotation?

       How about Joe Saunders?

       Or Matt Garza?

       Or Wandy Rodriguez?

       Or Roy Oswalt?

       Or.......? All of the above?

       Simply put, there's not a pitcher out there the Marlins haven't asked about. Said one National League source, "Anytime you hear a pitcher's name, you can safely say the Marlins are in."

       The Marlins loved Gonzalez, who hails from HIaleah. But they don't have the pieces -- at least not at the minor-league level -- capable of pulling off such a deal. Look at what the Reds gave up to pry Mat Latos from San Diego, specifically Yonder Alonso and Yasmani Grandal, not to mention Edinson Volquez. Consider what the Nationals surrendered -- namely pitchers Brad Peacock, A.J. Cole and Tom Milone -- to get Gonzalez. The Marlins don't have prospects of that high caliber down on the farm. As a  result, other teams  are asking them to include Logan Morrison or Mike Stanton in any deal, and the Marlins don't wish to part with either.

        While the Marlins signed Mark Buehrle, he essentially fills the vacancy left by Javier Vazquez, who is likely retiring. As it now stands, the five-man rotation for the Marlins is identical -- with the exception of Buehrle -- to their rotation at the start of last season.

        If you're the Marlins, what would you do to improve the rotation? With Gonzlaez now out of the picture, who would you target?


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I personally hope the Marlins make a play for Wandy Rodriguez.


They should trade Gaby, Dominguez,Volstad and prospects for King Felix. Then sign Cespedes, move Boni to left and Lomo to first.


Marlins are playing for 3rd place,with last years starters, not a playoff team. Buerhle and javy a wash...Phillies,Braves and Nats will give Marlins more than they can handle


there isn't much left out there, CJ Wilson was the best but he took less money to go to the angels, if the marlins ain't getting these players then I sure hope it ain't because they ain't trying


Well, I've heard Roy Oswalt has said he is willing to accept a one-year deal, so he would be a good FA for the Marlins to sign. Matt Garza is good, but the asking price might be high. Hopefully not Stanton or Morrison high, Beane was a little crazy with that one. Wandy Rodriguez might be a little more affordable for the Marlins than Matt Garza. Joe Saunders is another free agent the Marlins can get too.

I would prefer either Rodriguez or Saunders. The Marlins would do better with another lefty in a division with Ryan Howard and Chase Utley. But all of the above? HA!

Buerhle for Javy is not a wash. The Marlins now have a left-handed starter. And the Natinals giving the Marlins more than they can handle? Again, HA!

Stan M

The Marlins have been quiet after all of their big splashes. Let us hope there is a logical reason that they are holding back. My guess is that they know that Vazquez is willing to return. If that should be the reason, it would be understandable why they haven't signed Oswalt (that one year requirement is right up their alley) or Jackson who appears to be the best starter still available who can be signed without losing prospects. The elephant in the room is Hanley and his obstreperousness.


The best play in my humble opinion
is Trading Gaby for Garza
Moving LoMo back to first and then go out and sign el Cubano Cespedes to play cf.
Hopefully then Coughlin can come back and play left plus provide a lefty bat.
Not much left pitching wise

Stan M

Gabby for Garza? According to scouting reports and evaluations, Gabby is somethere about #20 among the 30 major league first basemen. I would be amazed if the Cubs would take Gabby, Dominguez , Volstad, and the former Nunez all for Garza. I wouldn't.


A trade offering Coghlan, Dominguez, Oviedo & Volstad might be condidered by the Marinars for King Felix. 4 major leaguers for 1.

Andrew Meyer

4 average players for King Felix? Never.

Gaby for Garza, I like it, we would have to add Coghlan too probably (and Cespedes has to sign AND be good).

I think it's simpler to sign Edwin Jackson or Hiroki Kuroda or both. Baseball teams need 6 starters these days to guard against the almost-inevitable injury.

I would be happy with a staff like:

Josh Johnson
Mark Buehrle
Edwin Jackson
Anibal Sanchez
Hiroki Kuroda
Ricky Nolasco as insurance/long & middle relief

We had $200 million for Pujols, we can pony up $80/90 million to make the pitching staff formidable.

Andrew Meyer

I was surprised to see Roy Oswalt is a free agent because this is the first I've heard of it.

He would be a good signing too, and he got me thinking of other pitchers.

Here was another surprise for me:

Brandon Webb.
Rich Harden.
Ben Sheets.

All of these fireballers are out of baseball, their arms burned out.

It's strange how some people are media stories, and others barely or don't even rate a mention.


Sign Cespedes to play center, trade west/volstad/the farm for an SP like Garza... Gaby deserves to see day 1 in the park... he's a lifelong Miami resident and been a fan of the team since he was a kid. Everyone should be so lucky as he is...

Stan M

When considering some of the trades mentioned above;; that is, quantity for quality, you must consider the other team.s roster. Would they want to put the players you want to trade on their major league 25 man roster, or do they already have better players that they wouldn't want to move and possibly lose? The same goes for the 40 man roster. Why would a team put a Sean West on their 40 man roster and have to cut someone who could then be grabbed via waivers?

Stan M

Your trade might bring back a Garza or a Shields, never King Felix. However, why trade Coghlan when he has so little value right now. If he returned to his 09 form, he could almost get one of those pitchers all by himself. I would like your trade better if Cousins or a B grade minor leaguer was included. Also consider money factors in any trade. The other team would have to pay Oviedo about 4-6 million...not likely. And Coghlan, Volstad and Gabby are about ready for arbitration this year or next. The other team would be paying those 4 guys big time bucks and that is now always a major consideration in any trade.

Mr. B

I certainly agree that Edwin Jackson is the next move the Marlins should make. he is a solid, young veteran pitcher. Definitely an upgrade over Volstad, and probably Ricky too. The team just doesn't have enough tradable assets on the minor league level and trading Stanton or LOMO would defeat the purpose of what they've been doing lately.


Coglan has almost no value, Gaby is already 28 years old and has fizzled out late in the last two years, and no one in the majors is sure Dominguez can hit. Volstad is a #5 starter at this point. There is almost NO trade value there. Dominguez and some other prospects may get a deal done for Garza, but anyone who thinks the Marlins can get a deal done for Felix is an idiot. Red Sox and Yankees have way more prospects in their system, are they supposed to just sit by and watch him get traded to the Marlins and not do anything about it?


I disagree that Coghlan has no value. He is just one year removed from being ROY. He is still young & surely will have a rebound year.
I cannot see him makeing the Marlins starting lineup but he surely would make it as a Mariner. If Hanley refuses to go to third...a staight up for King Felix would be a fair trade.



We need this guy on our team. Larry, get Z and Dempster, you're front line pitching will be set for 2012.

Look at Z's stats, this guy is a winner on the field with his arm and in the clubhouse with his fists. Z is 31 yrs old, 125-80 record and 1,581 strikeouts and 3-0 in the clubhouse (hello Hanley). Ozzie wants him, Z wants Ozzie ( see the hearts floating?) Z is 6'5" and 300 pounds. Our own CC Sabathia.

Dempster may not cost as much as Garza. I think he's one of the top 10 pitchers in the league.

Stan M

If the Marlins could get Felix for Hanley even up, it would have been done long ago. There is no way that would/could happen. I agree that Coghlan has value, my question would be, "Why are the Marlins talking about Peterson in CF and totally ignoring Coghlan?" Somethin stinks in Denmark as my parents used to say. And why shouldn't he make the starting lineup, if healthy? If he comes all the way back, does he have a higher upside than Peterson, Gabby, even Dominguez? I'd say, yes.


Coghlan needs to reeastablish trade value, you won't get ROY value for this guy right now, the Marlins have moved him so many times no one knows what position he plays. I am a huge Marlins fan but why do people think the Mariners are ready to trade Felix away? Do you see what the Padres got for Latos? Imagine what the Mariners would ask for in a trade for Felix, even though Coghlan would be good enough to make the Mariners, it A) doesn't say much and B) doesn't mean the Mariners are just looking to fill a roster spot if they trade Felix.


Stan M & JRA.....
Rosenthal is stiring up the 'Hot Stove' with suggestions that the Mariners should trade King Felix. His logic is that the Angels & Rangers are dominating that division if they don't rebuild their team. King Felix's value is @ the highest it's ever going to be. I would trade Hanley & throw in Coghlan as well to get King Felix.

Stan M

Spitballer, I'd love to have King Felix. But I fear that you underestimate his value, and overestimate the Marlin players. Look what Latos and Gio brought in return. And King Felix is a whole stanine better than either of them. Jackson or Oswalt...maybe. Even Wandy Rodriguez could prove cheap enough. But like it or not, King Felix is out of our price range. I will keep hoping for a return of Vazquez, he only costs money. There will definitely be one more major transaction before the Spring. At least it has piqued all of our interest as to what it will be.


Given the current state of the market for starting pitchers I agree that the fish have nothing of value to offer any team willing to trade a top notch pitcher. Excluding Stanton and Lomo, of course. Therefore, the Astros and Rays are out of the picture. The Rays are where they are because of their pitching. They traded Garza and STILL made the playoffs. So they aren't going to trade anyone in their rotation unless your giving them a Stanton. Prospects? That's all they have so there really isn't a need for them.

Oswald is very injury prone. The last thing we need is an injury prone SS and SP.

Joe Saunders had four consecutive seasons with era of 4+ and has only reached 30 starts three times. Not very impressive.

I guess what I'm trying to get at is that this is much like trying to pick up chicks after 1am. The later it gets the lower your standards.

With all that said, Jackson is an immediate improvement over Volstad. No way this guy should even be considered for a starting spot. Volstad that is.


I say sign prince then use what would be a very desirable player in Gaby Sanchez to land Garza from the cubs.

Just win baby!

Isn't Edwin Jackson a Free Agent. All the guy has done is win. A two year $17Million deal should do it.

Although, if the Marlins want the most bang for the buck sign CF Cespedes and keep Volstad and hope he's the 12 game winner of two years ago. If not Alex Senabia seemed like a very good pitcher until he got injured.

Now that Gio is off the board - make a strong move for Cespedes!


Great comparison between picking up chicks and acquiring pitchers. As Mickey Gilley would say, the girls all look prettier at closing time — and right about now, the bartender is almost ready to turn the chairs upside down on the tables.
I agree that neither Saunders nor Oswalt is the way to go. It almost comes down to Jackson by default.

Anel Delgado

Why anyone thinks that Ricky Nolasco and Anibal Sanchez may have a good year ... the fact that last season was fatal, especially for Nolasco, does not mean that all will be equal. My only fear is the "cancer" of Hanley Ramirez


Real Classy.Real Nice...lomo shows his lack of maturity and class with his Christmas tweet...what an embarrassing a-hole for the Marlins and their fans..look at Gaby's and Stanton's greeting for a show of class and dignity on Christmas...

Don C.

jane- you must be refering to the childish vibrator for christmas joke on twitter. What would you expect from a kid that talks and acts like an immature teenager.

Flav C

Gio shutdown the Marlins last season (interleague game). Now he will have a few more opportunities to do the same, this time playing as a Nats.


Lomo is 22/23. This is what we all were at that age. Why are you so enamored with holding on to every word he says and then get upset when what he says isn't up to your standards. Unless you work for the organization this shouldn't upset you. Get off your high horse and stick to baseball. If recall some of the greatest ball players were scotch drinking, cigar smoking womanizers. Only they didn't post everything on Facebook or twitter. Give me an effin' break!!!


Sorry about the previous rant; some people know how to push my buttons. Flav C Strasburg and Gonazalez is a hell of a one-two punch. I'm not sure that the Nats have all the right pieces but they are alot closer than people give them credit for. Once Harper comes up and maybe Werth is what he once was the NL east is going to be very competitive. I still think the fish need to do something about Volstad in the rotation. So far all they've done is replaced Vazquez and that's assuming that Buerhle has as good a year as Vazquez.


All of your comments are a Joke, What about this one or that one??? First, what about JJ? is he coming back to 100%, if not forget about it. We wont have the pitching to finish ahead of THE METS. Team needs to secure a #1 pitcher and if its Stanton or Lomo for King Felix, then do it. I would prefer they trade Hanley and Lomo. Though both are good players, they are a joke to this organization and should be dealt away ASAP. LINEUPS:
1B FIELDER Yes we have to sign him
CF CESPEDES Yes, you sign him ASAP

With this team we WILL WIN the division, without it, 3 or 4th place

Luis Zuniga

Let's be real. Felix is out of Marlins' reach. The Yamkees and Red Socks are hunting that pray. I believe that Oswalt is the logical target. If Hanley refuses going to third, then trade him, sign Fielder and move Gabby to third, his original position. Dominguez is no hope. I would not care about the outfield: Stanton, Morrison, Coghlan, Peterson, Bonifacio and Cousins are a wonderful mine of young prospects full of quality and willing to jump to stardom.


Although nothing would be switer than getting rid of the social media cancer Hanley is for the marlins and convince the mariners they will do fantastic by a very good 3 hitter 3 times allstar 5 tool player premium position (shortstop) like Hanley and give up King Felix in return, that would be nearly a miracle... so sticking with reality i really would like a trade for James Shields giving up Morrison. Looking at it, we wouldn't have to face a top prospect and then regret it if he comes back and hurt us since he woiuld be in the american league, and noone needs a first baseman more than Tampa at a low cost (money wise), besides it owuld provide either a 3 hitter with Longo battign 4th or viceverse, in return we would get a top notch pitcher whcih would solidify our rotation as it stands and go all in after Cespedes and move Boni to leftfield. That would be very logical for both teams even if we have to include another pitcher like West in the trade or Sanabia or both along with LoMo.

Lomo the Tool

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Would if I could,but for now,just stroke looking at his picture


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lomo the tool,
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these commemnts are on the same level as lomo's tweets...they sound very immature and childish..no wonder


Yes, sign Voto for Gaby and $$$$$$!!! Pleaseeee!!!!

Tony Sr.


Is Lomo afaraid of being outted ???

Dr. Agostini

Vicente Padilla is pitching great in his native Nicaragua for Tigres de Chinandega, after a short stint in Mexico. He has 2 starts (Dec 21st, when he won and on the 30th, no decision). In 13 scoreless innings, (ERA 0.00) only 7 hits allowed and just 1 BB . He's been looking impressive in his deliveries with 11 strikeouts. This could be a great catch as a starter for the Marlins. A top quality performer when healthy !!

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