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If Marlins lose out on Pujols, Buehrle could be next (Reyes update)

      UPDATE: The Jose Reyes press conference is scheduled for 12:15 EST

      DALLAS -- The Albert Pujols Watch continues this morning as both the Marlins and Cardinals wait for Prince Albert to make his decision. There's a growing sense, though, that Pujols will remain with St. Louis. His agent is meeting once more with the Cardinals this A.M. and we could have a resolution before the end of the day, if not sooner.

      The offer made by the Cardinals -- a reported 10-year deal for $220 million -- is roughly equal to the one presented to him by the Marlins in terms of total dollar amount. The Marlins, unlike the Cards, refuse to incorporate a no-trade clause into any contract. Not entirely certain that's a deal-breaker for the Marlins but it has to be a factor in any decision.

       If the Marlins don't land Pujols, look for them to move quickly on either Mark Buehrle or C.J. Wilson. Of the two, I'm hearing they prefer Buehrle because they can lock him up for fewer years. Buehrle can likely be had for three years while it could take six to get Wilson.

        One way or the other, this figures to be a busy day for the Marlins. In addition to the Pujols drama, they're expected to officially introduce Jose Reyes and manager Ozzie Guillen is scheduled to sit down with the media.


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I won't feel so sad if we lose Pujols. The pitching alternative would be great.

Steve Taylor

I don"t think The Marlins were ever a
real consideration with Albert, he just
used them to up the offer by the Cards
why would he leave playing in front of
40,000 fans every night, in the best
Ball town in the majors.....

Joe Robbie

I hope the Marlins turn their attention to Fielder. I would feel much better if they signed Fielder over Pujols.


How about pitching and CF, over either. Gaby is great.


I still hope we do not get Albert. Too much money. Lets go after the cuban center fielder, CJ and Buehrle and call this a successful off-season.


Plus, Buehrle is already familiar with the manager and that will let the Marlins get the most out of him.

If the Marlins can't land Pujols, I hope they at least try for Fielder. A lineup with HanRam, Fielder, and Stanton will be a real powerhouse.


I agree with Kman and Gold


It looks like Hanley is a goner. Let's get a good third baseman and a starting pitcher for him.


MLB.com reports they signed Buerhle.


That is good news

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