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Jose Reyes a "done deal" for Marlins

     DALLAS -- The Marlins didn't wait for the winter meetings to start before making a splash here in Big D. They jumped the gun on Sunday -- one day before the start of the annual gathering -- by agreeing to terms with Jose Reyes on a 6-year, $106 million deal.

      Reyes needs only to pass a physical for the deal to become official.

      That the Marlins won out on Reyes hardly ranks as a surprise considering they have been courting him since one minute after midnight on Nov. 3, the very moment free agents could start talking to other teams.

       The signing of Reyes, which follows that of closer Heath Bell, will surely put total payroll for next season in the $100 million range.

        Reyes joining the Marlins forces the move of incumbant shortstop Hanley Ramirez to third base. Because it's a move that doesn't exactly thrill Ramirez, who fancies himself a shortstop, it'll be interesting to see how the situation develops during spring training. Keep in mind, too, that Ramirez is coming off surgery to his non-throwing shoulder. But the Marlins have NO intention of trading Ramirez.

        So tell us what you think? Do you like the Reyes signing?


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Have him bat lead off where he is best nice line up




I wonder if they didn't come to terms with him on an understanding that HE will be the one changing positions and not Hanley. After all he does posses a great arm. Quite frankly the thought of Hanley throwing from third makes me cringe a bit. Either way no doubt he makes any team better regardless of where you play him. I've said this before signing Reyes or anyone else makes no difference if the guys already on this team don't do their jobs. I'm cautiously optimistic enough to buy my 20 game plan. Assuming they're still available.


At that price, not all that overpaid. Glad to see him on the team, and put Hanley in his place. A few more pieces and this team will be a force next season. Please sign Wilson and Buehrle.

@Glags, interesting. Now that you mention it, I would prefer Reyes at 3B over HanRam. 3B has been a weak position in the Marlins for years. Signing Reyes and putting either him or Hanley at third does make this a better team.


Now trade Hanley !!!

Stan M

Glags, I don't see it happening, but you make an interesting point. Especially because Reyes goes to his left so well that it would negate Hanley's weakness going into the hole. It appears that I am wrong and the team will keep Hanley. One good point. This stops all talk of signing Aramis Ramirez. He of the selfish attitude, lousy defense and awful OBP. Hanley is a tremendous team improvement if he pans out at 3B. Will we see the two grayhounds batting #s 1 and 2, or will Infante hit second? Only negative I see is that Bono hasn't got makings of a #2 hitter; too many Ks would hurt Reyes on the bases.. I think Reyes would be better at #2 simply because Bono wouldn't be. If Coghlan comes all of the way back, he would be perfect hitting behind Reyes. All good things to think about now.

Would bringing back the Hammer and moving LoMo to 1B be a better solution to giving Pujols too much and too long a contract for his age? I still have such a negative feeling about Loria that I wonder if he's planning to sell after next year which is now bound to be successful from an attendence point of view. Also possibility he could be forced out if these govt. probes prove to be revealing of underhanded dealings. Are these next 4 days going to be exciting. or what!


The Hammer? You mean Josh Willingham? For that, might as well leave LoMo and Sanchez at their positions.

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