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Marlins' Cousins to discuss Posey collision on MLB Network

     Marlins outfielder Scott Cousins will discuss last season's collision with Giants catcher Buster Posey on MLB Network's "Hot Stove." The show airs at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday and marks Cousins' first TV interview since his run-in with Posey in San Francisco last May.

     Though the Giants are in favor of a rule change that would protect catchers in the future, it appears their request isn't going anywhere. The topic didn't come up at the Winter Meetings in Dallas earlier this month and Joe Torre, vice-president of field operations for MLB, doesn't seem inclined to push for a new rule.

     Here are a few excerpts from Cousins' interview with MLB Network's Matt Yallof, which was taped earlier this month near Cousins' alma mater, the University of San Francisco. Joining Cousins was his college coach at USF, Nino Giarratano:

     On trying to speak with Posey after the game:

     "I immediately tried to call over to their trainer. (I) couldn't get a hold of him but I just knew somthing wasn't good there and I wanted to make sure, you know. I wanted to reach out and let him know that I was thinking about him."

     On Posey telling Bob Costas in July that he didn't have the chance to talk with Cousins since the collision:

     "Maybe he didn't. I don't know what he was up to. He was very busy. I know that. He was trying to get his leg fixed and he was on the verge of having twins. I know that, so maybe he didn't have the chance. Maybe he still doesn't have the chance. I don't know. That's up to him."

     On Giants GM Brian Sabean saying after the game that Cousins tried to be a hero:

     "It hurt, I"m not gonna lie. It's my hometown. The Giants were the team I grew up watching and wanted to play for but....people sometimes in the heat of the moment say things that they regret. We talked a little bit and he expressed to me that he regretted the things that he said on-air and that we were all gonna move forward. And that, that meant a lot to me, that he reached out to me to explain himself."

     On what it will be like during his next game at AT&T Park:

     "Who knows? I anticipate a lot of boos but hopefully Buster Posey's catching and I can give him a pat on the back and let him know, 'You know, I'm happy for you that you made your comeback and that you're doing well.' That's what I hope and that's what I anticipate." 


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Man, they just won't let it go eh? At least Cousins is being classy about it.

I'll still remember him only for the game where he really was a hero and Tommy Hutton kept yelling out, "Scott Cousins! Scott Cousins!" Good times... before the Marlins utterly collapsed.


This is a little off subject but I read that Renyel Pinto is 6-0 with a ERA under 2 as a starter in Venezuela. Weird.


too bad Cuz cant hit worth a shite, he'll be in Nawlins ,behind Cogz and Petey....another Bret Carroll in the making

Stan M

Clark, I have a suggestion...very respectfully submitted. As of late, your blog has been relatively quiet and I am seeing fewer and fewer of the old regulars posting. Could I suggest that when nothing new is going on that you throw out a question and let us all have a go at it with our opinions? In short, I miss not being able to post more often and wonder if others don't feel the same.


Exactly the piece of information I was looking for! Thanks so much!


Who cares if he is remorseful. It still happened and it could have been avoided. There are too many plays at the plate where there aren't collisions. He should have to continue to respond to questions about it because he knocked out the Giants best player when it was unnecessary.


so we as giants' fans are supposed to give a care about his feelings?

blah blah blah

His carelessness hurt our best player. If he has any sort of career length, he'll get paid back and there wont be any remorse or maybe he'll get a call telling him the other party feels horrible...




What I don't understand is why when Pete Rose crashes into a catcher and ruins his career in a meaningless exhibition game, he's lauded as an exemplar of how the game should be played. Yet when Scott Cousins does the same thing in a game that actually counted and meant something, he's a villain.


I watched the play live and thought it looked like any other play of its kind. It happens every day, without injury. Remember the poll about fans' favorite thrills at the old stadium? The Snow/Rodriguez collision in the '07 playoffs was high on the list. Would it still be if Pudge had been seriously injured?


Cousins had a clear shot at the plate and would have been safe if he had taken that route. Instead he slammed into a defenseless catcher. I hope to go to a Marlins game this year and let Cousins know my feelings, if he somehow makes the team. Let's face it Cousins is no better than a Triple A player.


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