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Marlins were high bidders on Pujols and Wilson

    DALLAS -- Who says money talks? Okay, it's not like Albert Pujols and C.J. Wilson are heading to the poor house. But as the dust begins to settle on their decisions to sign with the Angels, it appears that they were enticed by more than the monetary value of the offers each received.

    According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the Marlins actually had the highest bid for Pujols, who accepted a 10-year, $255 million deal to go to the Angels. But because California has a state income tax -- and a hefty one at that -- and Florida has no such tax, Pujols would have done better financially by coming to the Sunshine State. Bob Nightengale of USA Today is reporting that the Marlins offered Pujols a 10-year, $275 million deal. That seems suspiciously high to me, but....One other difference: the Angels included a no-trade clause in their contract while the Marlins refused to do so.

    Wilson also would have been a richer man had he chosen the Marlins instead of the Angels. The Marlins reportedly offered Wilson a 6-year deal for $98-99 million, and his agent said Thursday that owner Jeffrey Loria was prepared to go even higher. But Wilson instead took a 5-year, $77 million deal from the Angels to be closer to home. Wilson is a native Californian.

    "If it was about the money, I'd be a Florida Marlin," Wilson said.

    So would Pujols.


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Angels are going to be ruined in five years.


It's called legitimacy, integrity any other -ity you want to add. This Marlins ownership doesn't have it...and you can't buy it either fellas, although Samson might want to buy a copy of "How to win friends and influence people".


"If it was about the money, I'd be a Florida Marlin,"

...a Miami Marlin


Pujols and C J: enjoy the tortillas the owner will give you and be as fat as the Michellin guy


I for one am glad that we did not get Puljos. No one man is worth that much money to any organization.


Pujol window of over $20 mills is 5 years
after that at age 37,maybe he be worth $10mills
as a DH, I am glad the Marlins did not sign him.
On Wilson, he has been a starting pitcher for 2 years, God only knows if his arm will hold up
for 5 years.
all and all the Marlins are very lucky not have have sign them.


The Marlins need to get either Gio Gonalez, or
a couple of Tampa Bay Pitchers, they have the trading horses, to make it happend.


Now is the time to bid on Yu Darvish. Hope the Fish are playing, because Darvish is NASTY. Bobby Valentine sez this guy is the best pitcher he has ever seen.

Stan M

Stan Musial is to the best of my knowledge, in the later stages of Alzheimer disease. It breaks my heart that such a great ballplayer and outstanding human being is no longer remembered by this generation. It's all Ted Williams this and Ted Williams that. Williams was a great hitter; Musial was a great ballplayer. There's a difference. In their time no one would have ever traded Musial for Williams. Before Barry Steroids, no one in history had a higher average finish in MVP voting than "the Man". That says what his contemporaries thought of him.

Flav C

Free agent pitchers in 2013: Cole Hamels, Zack Greinke, Matt Cain, Colby Lewis, among several other good names. Does the Fish really want to go all in this year?

Sum Dum Phuc

Marlins will not bid on Yu Darvish as he no speak Spanish and there are no asian people around the stadium fan base...cats either

Mr. B

Tortillas as opposed to the arrepas here. I personally prefer arrepas... The guavaya ones...with cheese...Tortillas make me poop.


What??? Loria not going after the Cubans??? Prince wont come to the Meeyami Marleens...hates beans & rice,no speake spanish. Poo-holes like Cali better than 3rd world bannanas,grew up in K.C...CJ passed on Loria & Samson $$$$... smelled Fed trouble down the road..no trust of Meeyami Marleens.


Marlins went after Pujols to boost lagging ticket sales according to MLB.com


Pujols is over paid, thhe Angels will come to regret it in 3 years when he can no longer hit. Fielder is a much better player and more upside. Pujols is just too old for the money and length of contract.


New article on why Miami should NOT sign Prince Fielder at www.miamisportsminute.wordpress.com

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