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Ozzie Guillen salivates over a Marlins lineup anchored by Albert Pujols

            DALLAS -- Just as Ozzie Guillen was telling us he'd bat Albert Pujols in the cleanup spot if Marlins sign him, owner Jeffrey Loria and his front office posse whisked past for a meeting with the superstar's agent, Dan Lozano.

      This could be it, folks. While neither Loria nor team president David Samson would confirm the meeting with Lozano as they made their way through the lobby of the Hilton, Samson indicated a decision could be forthcoming within hours.

      The Marlins have reportedly offered Pujols a 10-year contract for MORE than $200 million. And the St. Louis Post-Disptach reported that the two sides have figured out a way to work around the player's insistence on no-trade protection and the Marlins' policy against granting such protection.

      Meanwhile, Guillen was holding court in the lobby, laying out his lineup if Pujols gets signed. Here it is: Jose Reyes ss, Emilio Bonifacio cf, Hanley Ramirez 3b, Pujols 1b, Mike Stanton rf, Logan Morrison lf, Omar Infante 2b, John Buck c and the pitcher.

       Guillen also addressed the situation with Ramirez's move to third base.

       "It's for the ballclub and he's going to be a better player with those two guys hitting in front of him. I think having this kid at third base, we're a better ballclub. He's a little bit upset about it? I don't blame him. I would be, too. But moving him to third, he's going to be fresh. He's going to take care of himself a little bit better, because shortstop moving all over the place. I don't expect him to be no Gold Glove out there."

        Guillen said he has spoken to Ramirez previously about the possibility of moving to third base, but not since the news broke about the Reyes signing because "right now, it's too fresh."

        "This ballclub is Hanley's club. Whoever we bring aboard is to help him and the ballclub. This still is Hanley Ramirez's club. I don't care who's coming aboard. It's Hanley's club. I hope he understands our situation....Like people say he's upset. No *#@%. I don't blame him. He has a right to be upset. He's a human being. He was a shortstop."

        Guillen brought laughter when he referenced a play from two seasons back that landed Ramirez in the dugout, when he loafed after the ball after accidently kicking it into the outfield. On why moving to third might relieve Ramirez of the worries that come with playing shortstop, Guillen replied:

        "Shortstop you have to worry about a lot of things. He don't have to chase balls in the outfield, kicking." 


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Marlins Fan

Wow, What a turnaround for this team. If they sign Pujols and field a team like that and we the fans still don't come out, then SHAME ON US THE FANS. GO MIAMI MARLINS.


Hanley needs to sit downand play baseball. He is the employee.


Oh man, if they're willing to waive their no-trade policy, they're dead serious about getting Pujols. Loria is indeed "a serious man" if he wants to do it.

Just hope that decision doesn't end up screwing the Marlins over in the next 10 years.


Oh, and I think it would be better to bat Bonifacio lead-off and Reyes second.


Best line-up in baseball! Somehow you really got to laugh when the #7 batter (Infante) is a golden glove who hit 330 in 2010~
Now if they could just get 1 more pitcher I'd feel a little better....


@Jeff, if they do land Pujols, I say the Marlins should start shopping around Gaby Sanchez. I really like the guy, but unfortunately with Pujols on the team he won't be getting a lot of play time. I've read suggestions that the Marlins should see if they can get a package including Sanchez for James Shields or Gio Gonzalez.


If the Fish do land Pujols, they could package Sanchez and Coghlan (who, I think, is still going to be a terrific ballplayer someday) for a topflight pitcher.
I've said before that it would be better to bat Boni leadoff and Reyes second because Reyes has a lot more pop than Bonifacio. In doing so, I attracted scorn and ridicule from my fellow bloggers, but I'm sticking to my guns.
Of course, the best scenario would be to sign a real centerfielder and let Boni go back to being a superstar utility man.


Maybe Ozzie wasn't salivating over Pujols. Maybe he was just salivating, as he sometimes does.


Ozzie is just an illiterate,salivating douch-bag..


Marlins will try to shop Sanchez if that happens for Gio Gonzalez


@laurelbowie How is Boni not a real CF? He proved himself last year. Our CF for the 2003 world series was juan pierre. He was all speed and thats what the marlins need. The Boni Reyes combo reminds me so much of the pierre castillo combo.

Mr. B

Count me as one idiot not in on the Pujols deal. I really feel that salary they would pay him need to spread around the entire team, particularly the pitching staff. I think most people are looking to short term (probably as fans should). Soon Stanton and Lomo will need to be signed long term as they look like they'll be pretty good for a while. This team has JJ(injury prone) and no other reliable MLB pitchers. So much money into a 1B and nothing else is not sustainable.


what are now the plans for matt dom.....trade him for pitching....


Boni has done well enough in center, but he's not a natural-born centerfielder. CF is such a vital position, I think a guy who has played there most of his career and is more comfortable in center would give the Marlins a better chance of winning. And that would free up Boni to do what he excels at.
I also like the idea of having blazing speed at the top of the order, but I'm assuming that any CF the Fish land would be a speedy type, since most good ones are.


I say the Fish should cut bait (get it, you guys?) on Dominguez now, before the rest of MLB realizes that he'll never hit more than .220 and that he's a total slug on the basepaths. If Hanley's moving to third, the Marlins would be doing Matt a favor by trading him away.

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