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Pujols over Pitching? Possibly

     DALLAS -- As if things aren't crazy enough already with the Marlins, the latest word I'm hearing is that the Marlins remain interested in Albert Pujols despite signing Jose Reyes and Heath Bell to hefty contracts. It would seem incomprehensible to think it possible. But it's true.

    The Marlins remain hot on the Pujols trail despite committing $106 million to Reyes over the next six years and $27 million to Bell over the coming three. But in order to haul in Pujols, which would turn the baseball world upside down, the Marlins might have to forget about upgrading their rotation.

     The Marlins like Mark Buerhle. But the veteran lefty is demanding  no-trade protection and the Marlins are (so far) sticking to their guns in not conceding that contract condition. As a result, they are not overly optimistic about signing him. C.J. Wilson may be asking for too much, though given the way the Marlins are handing out cash, maybe not. Next thing you know they'll be entertaining thoughts of Manny Ramirez.

     How surreal is it that the Mets, long the big spenders, were brought to their wimpering knees by the Marlins in the contest for Reyes? Or that the lead story on SportsCenter on Sunday night wasn't Tiger Woods winning his first golf tournament in two years? Or that the BCS championship matchup of LSU-Alabama had been determined. It was the Marlins and Jose Reyes.

      Sounds like a Twilight Zone episode to me.

      So what if the Marlins ignore pitching in order to sign Pujols? Do you agree with that thinking? Or do you think the rotation is in bigger need of help than the lineup in this particular case?


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Flav C

Pitching. Bring Buherle and let's move on. Spring training will be fun.


Sign Pujols. He's one of those one in a million chances the the Marlins last missed in Cabrera. They can then trade Gaby for a decent lefty.


wont get anything decent for Gaby by himself, have to add at least 2 other players


Nope. They still need a pitcher via trade or FA. If they sign Pujols all of a sudden they're a one dimensional team. They'll have to outslug their way every time and that's when guys start pressing and out think themselves at the plate.


If they sign Pujols, you can make a great package with Gaby, Dominguez, LoMo(maybe) or a Yelich/Ozuna. Maybe throw in a Hensley or a BP arm we can afford to let go just to sweeten it. Sanchez/Yelich/Hensley/Chad James for some good pitcher out there is not a bad deal.

It would just require JJ and Anibal to be at full strength


Marlins are making some noise in free agency.

They have money to spend on Ball Players like water but couldn't find money to help fund their new stadium?

Where are the money coming from now, Santa Claus?


Marlis have spent 133 million in 2 players and are not done yet...Marlins contribution to new 600 million stadium only 157 million...Glad Loria duped the politicians into paying for stadium...would rather have Loria spend $$$ on Players...still have spend $$$ on pitching. Payroll will be at 100 million...


Pitching and Cespedes. Please.


Whatever happens, Marlin baseball is back baby!

justin kaylor

Id rather PRINCE and pitching


So how are things looking at this stage?
Bonifacio (CF)
Reyes (SS)
Hanley (3B)
Stanton (RF)
Lomo (LF)
Sanchez (1B)
Infante (2B)
Buck (C)
Not bad, but still not dominating.
If Coghlan comes back healthy and hitting, he could play a big role somewhere, or maybe be part of a package for a some much-neede arms.


Much-needed arms, I meant to say.


you would never, ever, hit Bonifacio at the top of this line up it is like replacing the flying lady at the front of a rolls with a turd.


Reyes is the lead off batter. Boni back down the line up.



I agree with the above comment about pitching and Cespedes. Committing so much money on the infield if we add Albert would strap the team for pitcher-cash I presume ...


Hold on, guys. Let's not let that $106 million addle your thinking. You need the speed at the top of the order, so it has to be Boni on top and Reyes, with a little more punch, hitting second. With Reyes batting behind Bonifacio, Boni is going to get something to hit and he's going to find a way to get on. He'll probably be a more reliable on-base guy than Reyes, despite the difference in bucks.
Sorry about the turds on your Rolls. My '97 Camry is spotless.

Dwight Benedict

How about trading Hanley Ramirez and Logan Morrison to Seattle for Felix Hernandez? You put back Coghlan in left field and move Bonifacio to third. You then go after Cuban defector Cespedes to play centerfield. You will still have money to spend on a top free agent slugger. Can you imagine Felix Hernandez, Josh Johnson, Anibal Sanchez, & Ricky Nolasco. You then try to re-sign Javier Vasquez as your fifth starter.



That is beyond moronic. If you think I care about the dollars determining who hits leadoff than you are just being silly.

Reyes Career OBP .341
Bonifacio Career OBP .321

Reyes has done this for 9 years in the pros. Bonifacio is being boosted by one good 4 month run. His track record in the minors does nothing to back your argument. Boni is not an everyday player at all. Any of these trade ideas that count on the guy being more of a 4 month sample and less of a 6 year sample is being optimistic to the point of being irresponsible. If Boni is in your lineup it should be in the 7 hole in front of Buck. But really he should be the first guy off the bench as your super utility player. Leadoff PH, defensive replacement. He has value to the team but not as a lineup position player.


If Reyes hits leadoff, that means he'll follow Buck and the pitcher to the plate — which means that 80 percent of the time, he'll come to bat with nobody on base. Doesn't seem like the best use of his talents to me.


BTW, the Sabermetrics guys projected that Reyes will hit .277 in 2012. Probably meaningless, but that's where their figures take them.


Albert will make a bigger splash, and the would give the marlins the best offense in the NL


The market for pitching is really pricey right now. Too many teams in on the top SPs. Sign Pujols, trade for a pitcher. You don't let someone like Pujols go to someone else if you have the cash to grab him. Worst case, if you miss on Pujols, go hard on Prince and grab a pitcher via trade or with remaining allocated cash.


LB, I don't know how anyone can predict what any one player will do the upcoming season. Boni was great and I was never one of the ones to pop poo him but I think in an everyday role he'll show more of his old self. Off the bench the guy was money so I'd keep him in that role. If Dobbs comes back not only will our line up be scary but the bench can also do damage. I would say forget about Pujols and trade for a starting pitcher.


Whatevers happens, happens...All i know is that the Marlins are acutalley spending money, which can I say it's been to freaking long... With the Marlins coming back to the form we had in 97 and 2003 baby...let go Miami Marlins.


I don't disagree with you at all. I started out by saying that at this point, Boni is the Marlins' likeliest candidate to play centerfield, and that if they end up starting him there, he should lead off. In the best of all possible worlds, the Marlins will get a solid centerfielder so Bonifacio can be their secret weapon off the bench. But right now they don't have anybody else to do the job. (You can't count on Coghlan, and Petersen still needs a little more seasoning, IMO.) I don't know anything about that Sabermetrics stuff at all. But I agree, it's probably all mumbo-jumbo.

Stan M

Bono must lead off simply because he could never hit #2. Too many swings and misses. If he comes all the way back, Coghlan would be great at #2 spot, but I sure like those two burners at the top of the lineup.

Stan M

How about bringing back the Hammer for LF. Get LoMo out of the OF before he gets killed out there. Pujols would hit better, but not 20 million a year better. All of that extra money could go toward pitching.


How 'bout the Marlins 3-D (three Dominican) lineup, with Boni, Reyes and Hanley! Sign Pujols and it becomes a 4-D offense. That's America's pastime for you.
Stan M,
I wouldn't mind getting the Hammer back, but what do we do with LoMo. Maybe he'll wise up after last year's misadventures and play it a little safer. The truth is, I appreciate seeing a Big Leaguer make every play like he cares.

Jebediah Gonzalez-Cohen

Pujols is a very high risk move. It would be the popular and fun decision, but it would probably create holes in other key areas. I think pitching, a starter or two, instead of Pujols would make them the better team.

Saphire Ming-Toi Goldfarb

I think you and I might be related.

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