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Ramirez told Marlins last month he was against position switch

ESPNdeportesLosAngeles.com has a report out quoting a source that said Hanley Ramirez informed the Marlins on Tuesday that he doesn't want to switch from shortstop to third base.

"Hanley doesn't want to play third base and the Marlins already know about how Hanley feels," the source said. "Rather than ask for a trade, what he did was to inform the team that he doesn't want to play another position other than shortstop."

The truth is the Marlins have been well aware of Ramirez's feelings since before then. Sources told The Miami Herald Ramirez informed the Marlins of how he felt during the general managers meetings last week in Milwaukee.

So is Ramirez asking for a trade? Not yet according to Marlins beat reporters who have spoken to Marlins brass at the winter meetings in Dallas.

Ramirez, a three-time All-Star and a .306 hitter in six full seasons, is expected to have to move third following the acquisition of Jose Reyes, who agreed to a six-year and $106 million deal with the Marlins on Sunday.

The only public comment that Ramirez has made since Reyes' deal was through his Twitter account on Tuesday afternoon. He wrote: "What I can do now is work hard and be prepared for next season because that's all that I can control, I love you all !!!!"


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I'm trying to feel bad for Hanley... just can't do it.


The hard part is how do you get equal value for Ramirez who did sign for a hometown discount a couple of years back? At this point because of his last year performance the Marlins would be lucky to get 70 cents on the dollar.

On the flip side though trading Ramirez frees up 16 million on the payroll allowing to go even higher for Pujols and locking up a quality starter. May the Rays offer James Shields and a SP prospect for Ramirez's services? Oakland's Gio Gonzalez would be a nice play but I can't see the A's taking on the payroll, then again the Rays aren't likely to either.

Dang it Hanley, just man up play the game and collect your millions with a smile please!


all the talk about Hanley, he is a gonner
the marlins are not going after pitching
because, they already have a trade cooking, for 2
quality starting pichers.
Hanley is a PrimaDonna, and have no future with the Marlins.
Either the A's or Ray's will make the trade.


time for hanley to hit puberty, grow up and be a team player damn it!!!!!! quit your whining and play ball, seriously???? whats the big deal of standing 15th to the right of where you'd normally play, be a man, cal ripken and alex rodriguez ended up doing it and I think they've had pretty descent careers if you ask me, thats the difference between a hanley ramirez and an arod or cal ripken, arod and ripken are ballplayers who play for the team, grow up hanley!


Hanley is an ignorant ,stupid ,dominican with the IQ of an Eggplant....


If the Marlins would like to trade Hanley then they can trade him to the Braves, just like they did with Uggla. They have great SP prospects and some that are already reaching the bigs. The Braves have a hole at SS and could take on the payroll. Maybe even to the Nats for zimmerman (3B). Thats only within the Division, if they wanted to trade Hnaley they are in a position to demand a huge return even if Hanley is coming off of a surgery.


Russell, the reason you do get equal value is because his contract is so friendly.....if it were worth $150M, that would be difficult to trade. There's no cap where you have to almost trade dollar for dollar.


I feel sorry for this individual. I mean he came from a place where they play ball with rocks and make gloves out of cardboard. Yet here he is bitching about having to get paid millions to move a couple of feet to his right. I was always a Hanley defender and argued that one bad play couldn't possibly deny what he has done since he came into the league. I could even look past his ego and arrogance. It's getting really hard to want to root for this character.


It is becoming a bit of a sour note every time I hear Hanley's name. I have been at games and watched him dog it to first base. I have seen his throw a hissy fit right in front of my seats with two Marlins players that did not even get reported. Now, the Marlins who are trying to give their fans a team to cheer for and expect big things from are having to waste valuable time and energy stroking this cats ego... Trade him... Trade his for some arms and be done with it. He has not been a team player and team players is what it takes to win.


Hanley been traded to CUBS for garza and aramis ramirez.....


This kid Ramirez is the most immature and selfish player we have. Trade his ass. Find some pitching. Get the other Ramirez to play 3rd base (Aramis Ramirez). Good riddance.


So you bandwagon jackwads are ready to trade Hanley based on unconfirmed, single secret source reports out of LA. Come back when you learn something about baseball. Hanley does not get traded. You do not do all this work and then dump a top 5 hitter with a club friendly contract that is the height of stupidity.


Please trade him away.... We certainly don't need his bad vibes or his prima donna attitude around here...


Yes, he is apparently very immature. Yes his apparent lack of respect for the team concept is appalling. But to sit here and demand that the Marlins trade him now without truly knowing the real story is ridiculous. He is going to be one of the best players in baseball for the next 5-6 years at least. Let's wait and see what Ramirez is truly feeling and what he wants before we go crazy.


He made 14 errors in 86 games last season and he wonders why the team wants to replace him with a guy who made 18 errors in 124 games, whose career fielding percentage is higher, who is not a spoiled jerk and hit 90 points higher than he did last year?

Dude, when you hit in the 240s and are making 11M a year, you do what management tells you and count your blessings.


Trade him. He wouldn't have to ask me twice. I'll trade him in a heart beat. The more we wait, the less we will get in return.


...and I don't care how good he is going to be (projected) in the next 5-6 years. He is exactly like manny ramirez, an arrogant player who thinks he is above everyone and everything else.


For some reason I have always defended Hanley. This is the last straw. He clearly cares more about himself than his team. Get rid of him.

Eddie S

Cal Ripkin and Arod should have a man to man talk with spoiled rotten Hanley. When you are under contract and management tells you where to play , you play where ever they tell you. In any other business if you refuse to adhere to what management tells you YOU FIRE THEM.

Richie P.

Cant just trade Hanley unless its official he wants out, u guys are forgetting how good he is.... Hes gonna help the team for sure, I take him out of the lineup and theres no reason for acquiring all the talent. Reyes was not signed to take hanleys job, hanley is just as important to the marlins, if he plays 3rd, its def the best left side of the infield in baseball...


Ramirez will be gone by the end of the week. Look for it to happen, he is a cancer to the team. Whenever one player thinks he's bigger than the team or game then it's time to move on.
Trade Ramirez to the worst team out there for a box of cheese pizza.

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