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Dobbs agrees to 2-year deal with Marlins

       The Marlins have bolstered their bench, agreeing to terms with corner infielder Greg Dobbs on a two-year deal, pending a physical. Dobbs, 33, revived his career last season with the Marlins. He hit .275 while appearing in 134 games, which included 84 starts at third base.

       With Hanley Ramirez shifting from shortstop to third base due to the arrival of Jose Reyes, the Marlins will plan to use Dobbs off the bench as a left-handed bat and insurance at the corner infield spots. That the Marlins signed a role player to a multi-year deal marks a change. Other than Wes Helms, they have refrained from offering such contracts to bench specialists. Prime example: they lost Ross Gload in free agency to the Phillies a few years ago because they were unwilling to give him more than one year.

       Dobbs was coming off two poor seasons with the Phillies when the Marlins signed him to a minor-league deal last spring. Dobbs played his way onto the Opening Day roster and proved to be one of their key contributors last season, especially while filling in at third base.


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Awesome! They will need the Dobber when Hanley decides to stop playing and injures himself on a silly play.


ditto...this is a good signing.


Well done. We still gotta do something about Volstad in the rotation. If he makes the team it will kinda put a stain on all the good this organization has done so far.


Really? Volstad making the team stains the $200M they've sent in free agency this winter? Pretty intelligent comment.

Flav C

Having Volstad as the 5th starter stains every single penny invested in free-agency, especially because very little was actually invested in pitching. Buherle is no addition, but only a better replacement for Javi Vazquez.

Stan M

Very good analysis on Buherle, Flav. Signing Vazquez would solve an awful lot. However, I must say that I agree that Volstad should not be our #5 starter, I still hate to give up on him . If he is part of a package to lure a first rate player, then fine. If not, the guy still has shown too much upside to simply write him off. If he will bring little, then send him down and let's see what happens. I'm not sold on Garza. Why are the Cubs so willing to move him after only one year. Jackson is our best bet and an Oswalt gamble would also be fine with me. All assuming we can't resign Vazquez. That should be our first priority.


I would say that Volstad has little value if any...what team could he make as a starter????
I would rather the marlins take the gamble on Oswalt than sign Jackson. Forget about Vazquez, he's not coming back.

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