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LeBron James crashes into Jeffrey Loria (w/video)

     Guess what Jeffrey Loria's courtside seats at last night's Heat game got him? How about a big piece of LeBron James.

     During the Heat-Lakers game at American Airlines Arena, James plowed into Loria while chasing after a loose ball. Adding insult to injury was James telling TNT's Chris Sager afterward that he wasn't aware that the person he collided with was the owner of the Miami Marlins. James did say, however, that he wanted one of the new Marlins caps.

     Loria, the good sport, was smiling after being knocked over backwards by James. In the video, you can see he is seated with wife, Julie, and team president David Samson.



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Loria and Samson. The two crooks who swindled Dade County and embezzled millions from their own team.


why ain't the marlins going after prince fielder????/


why ain't the marlins going after prince fielder????/

Posted by: johnny | January 20, 2012 at 09:50 AM

1st base isn't a need. They need to go after Cespedes!


Fielder agent is Boras and Fielder wants alot of money for too many years. Fielder's weight is also a great concern. Many owners feel if he doesn't slim down in a few years he won't be able to play on the field ,and would later just be used as a dh.


Its cause he isn't Spanish

Stan M

Granted he couldn't kill him, but at least he should have given him the knee and then rolled over onto little Samson.


Cespedes probably isn't the answer at Center. He can be from (insert any nationality subject bigotry and ignorance here) and I still don't think he's the answer. If they do get him I can only hope I'm wrong.


Sign cespedes .

joe z

Lebron said he felt Loria trying to pick his pockets , but didnt have any in his basketball uni.

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