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Marlins, Oviedo agree for $6 million

   If and when Juan Carlos Oviedo returns to the majors next season, he'll be paid handsomely for his pitching services. But it's a big "if" and an even bigger "when" for the pitcher formerly known as Leo Nunez, who is continuing to work out his legal issues in the Dominican Republic and remains on the Marlins' restricted list.

   But.....once Oviedo is cleared to return to the U.S. and works his way back onto the team's active list, he'll earn $6 million. That's the figure that he and the Marlins settled on before today's deadline for arbitration players. Oviedo is in his third and final year of arbitration. The team also avoided arbitration with Edward Mujica by agreeing to a contract with the reliever. But negotiations with their other two arbitration-eligible players -- Anibal Sanchez and Emilio Bonifacio -- did not result in an agreement before Tuesday's noon deadline. As a result, hearings will be held in February and an independent arbitor will determine each player's salary for next season.

   The $6 million that Oviedo stands to receive will become Monopoly money if he doesn't make it back. He won't make a dime until he is activated, and the total amount will be pro-rated based on the actual time he spends on the big-league roster. But his agent told me that that is an "unlikely" scenario and they are "hopeful" Oviedo is cleared in time for Opening Day.

   Oviedo pitched under an assumed name -- Nunez -- for years before his true identity was discovered last season.

   His salary is very close to the $5.8 million figure that he was projected to receive by Major League Baseball Trade Rumors.


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Its Monopoly money any way you look at it with these guys. Oviedo "Nunez" was a bum of a closer and now the Fish could potentially pay him 6 million to set-up. I cringe. Just watched Moneyball, Billy Beane thinks the ultimate success in a player is getting on base to score runs. Wonder what that translates to inversely? Perhaps Oviedo should pay the Marlins 6 million for letting him pitch?


It doesn't seem right that someone like Oviedo, who blew so many saves as Nunez (and lost so many games for JJ and the rest of the rotation), should have such a raise, especially given his current situation which he's only in because he's a liar.

Oh well, maybe someone else will see something in Nunez and the Marlins will be able to trade for a good reliever.


That is an expensive 'set up man' .....maybe he is going to be trade bait during spring taining.


"Billy Beane thinks the ultimate success in a player is getting on base to score runs"

How has Beane's team done the past few years?

J Sprewell

I think when they figure out wtf his name really is - make out the check for six million to the other guy. What a fraud if I have ever seen one. Should be in the minors pitching for whoever wearing whatever name he wants on his back and should get 40 k a year. All you deserve now pal. Nunez / Oviedo / Madooff - whatever !?!


Anyone else pull a stunt like that on US soil and everyone knows he would never be allowed to return.


Clark Spencer = John Clayton = Tales from the Crypt Keeper


Bad Deal, Nunez (that's what I'll always call him) is not worth that $, just forget about him


it is a shame that the Marlins will reward Leo Nunez or whatever his names is with a 6 mil dollar contract even when he lied about everything, the US should not let him back in the states at all, I was going to go watch a few Marlins game this yr but now I will not support the team.

Frank Llaca

Really big balller ? I don't care if his name is Santa clause if he saves over 20 and has an era under 3. The rest is hypocrisy. Whatever he did to get to the bigs is over. Can he help now or not ? That is the only question, not any sanctimonious rationalization. Just win baby...

Stan M

They simply have to trade him or even give him away. Otherwise we'll start to see a preponderance of games being blown in the 8th inning!
I don't watch football, but just had to see Tebow the other day. Turned game on during second quarter and couldn't believe the number of commercials. In a 10 minute span, about 8 minnutes of the time was for commercials duing time outs, checking a replay, injury time out. Turned it off. Why do I mention this? Because the added replays will really only add commercials to our games. When a manager comes out to argue, the camera stays on him. Now they can go to a commercial. It's gotten so bad, that you can't even save the game for later viewing and cut all of the commercials. Do they really think it sells a product to say this score is brought to you be Irene's house of ill repute or some such nonsense?

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