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Marlins/UM sold out

   That didn't take long.

   Just received word that the Marlins have sold out their exhibition game against the University of Miami on March 6. It will be the first game played by the Marlins in their new ballpark.

    The Marlins limited capacity to the UM game to 10,000.

    Tickets still remain for the Marlins' game against Florida International on March 7. Capacity for that game is 15,000.

     Tickets for the two games went on sale Friday and can be purchased at www.marlins.com/college


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Great looking good, very good sign.


thanks for helping college baseball


Why are there 5,000 more tickets for the FIU game which is just a day after the UM game?


Amazing how people have no clue.

Great job marlins promoting this game for college BB.


Serious clue for Dr. Watson: I've read that the Marlins want to start out with a relatively small crowd to see what inevitable kinks develop regarding traffic flow, pedestrian movements, concessions, restrooms and other stadium facilities, then slowly increase the size of the crowds so they deal with new problems as they develop. In other words, take it slow and easy rather than just open the floodgates and find themselves confronted with problems they can't handle. Makes sense to me.


well said,lefty. btw,are you a Canes baseball fan?


Did anyone else notice how dirty the white roof is already? Those latest rain showers were full of particulates and now the whole ballpark is an off-shade of white. I hope they considered that and have a plan to wash it!!!


Not really a big Canes fan yet, but I'm getting there.


I hope so too, wisconsiniteinfl. Ugh!

Rob M

This blog is a complete joke. There are apparently two people working on this site and you are almost ALWAYS the LAST to report any significant news. I just had to read on 2 seperate sites that Cespedes is visiting the Marlins this week. Here's a thought....take 2 seconds and write a paragraph blurb about it so people actually want to read this pathetic excuse for a credible Marlins blog. And if you don't want to do it, give me a call and I'd gladly take your job. I'm sure no one here would complain from reading from someone who actually CARED ABOUT THIS TEAM!

Rob M

There's a difference. I'm not employed by the Herald. This blog makes the Herald look bad and it actually makes the Marlins fan base and enthusiasm look bad, and lord knows we don't need any more help in that department. Even our main bloggers in our home city don't report relevant news. Awesome!


Dude generally speaking they do a good job. Look at the archives during the winter meetings they were pretty much on top of everything. I'll tell you this they aren't in the habit of posting every tweet about the Marlins. As for this blog being a joke your not bringing much to the table. Though I'll admit its kinda dead right now come back when you have something interesting to say.

Flav C

That's the beauty of freedom of speech and freedom of choice: Rob can come to this blog and spew out his indignation with the alleged lack of news. But also he has the freedom to choose what to read. It seems like his choice is this blog, otherwise he would be reading something more interesting.


I am a Phillies fan and ik where the marlins r tgiteng this money they dont have it yet they feel that if they go out put a good product on the field then it should sell tickets which could wined up paying for everything but the ball park didn't cost as much as u think the city of Miami is paying for part of it so the tax payers

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