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Sources: Marlins/Cubs agree to Volstad for Zambrano trade

       The Marlins and Cubs are swapping starting pitchers -- Chris Volstad for Carlos Zambrano -- with completely opposite temperaments.

       The teams have agreed on the trade, which is pending physicals and the approval of the commissioner's office, according to multiple sources. The Cubs will pick up the bulk of the $18 million salary owed to Zambrano for next season -- anywhere from $2-3 million, or the approximate amount the Marlins would have had to pay Volstad.

        The Cubs give up a headache in the volatile Zambrano. The Marlins lose a disappointment in Volstad, one of their former first-round picks. The deal, which was first reported by Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports, is not expected to be completed until Thursday. 

       Marlins president David Samson would neither confirm nor deny the team's interest in the combustible right-hander on Wednesday during his weekly show on 790-The Ticket. When asked by host Dan LeBatard whether there was anything going on with Zambrano, Samson replied: "Who? The Game 5 starter in '03 (NLCS). He's pretty good. But he's on the Cubs, though."

        Because of his temper, Zambrano obviously brings risks. But there are those who believe his friend and fellow Venezuelan, Ozzie Guillen, is the one manager who could keep him in check.

        Guillen was asked about Zambrano last month at the Winter Meetings in Chicago and said he was in daily contact with the pitcher, but not about becoming a Marlin. Guillen predicted that Zambrano would be successful.

         "I got a bet with somebody, I will tell you, he will win a lot of games for the team," Guillen said.

         So give us your initial reaction. Who got the better end of the trade? Marlins or Cubs?


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this sucks! I hate this guy, I absolutely do, if he comes to miami hopefully he picks a fight with mike stanton

that guy

really, really, "The Game 5 starter in '03 nlcs" really, does anyone remember the game 1,2,3, & 4 starters? that dude.

Hope he's the 5th starter, cause brad hand can suck as much.


What are the Marlins giving up??? This up coming season is shaping up to be one heck of an ENTERTAINING bunch. Two more months to go till the fun begins in Jupiter.


Looking forward to watching the three nutjobs . Ozzie, Hanley and Zambrano. Moe, Larry and Curly. This is going to be better than seeing car wrecks on I-95.

Stan M

Does he have upside? You bet
Does he have downside? You bet
Is the gamble worthwhile? Maybe
It all depends on whom we give up
Volstad? OK, but not to include a lot more
Dominguez? No
Coghlan? No
Is signing Oswalt a better idea? Yes, buy much more money would be involved.

The one good point would be that the payroll isn't largely affected. Thus further signings/trades could still be possible either now or even during the season. And he's gone after this one year unless he has a rebirth...and then, the guy will be only 32 years old. So why not take a chance. Especially with the Marlin's Latin influence and his relationship with our new manager. If we had a different manager, this would never even be considered...I hope.


I would make that deal any time. Marlins are not giving up much and instead if they can keep Zambrano on check, he can double the number of wins that volstad had.


Ditto to almost everything Stan M said. I'm optimistic because I know what Volstad is't but at least there's a low risk and potential high reward with Zambrano especially if the Cubs pick up the majority of the tab.


Good trade . Volstad will be serving up meatballs at extraordinary rates at Friendly confines of Wrigley Field . Can u imagine he pitches on days the win is blowing out ? He might set all time record for homeruns given up in 1 outing ...lol


Also how soon will he get in a fistfight with Hanley ? Couple ground balls past our new superstar 3rd baseman and its on ....!


I wouldn't be surprised if this turns out to be the most important acquisition the Fish make this entire offseason. If Zambrano can regain the solid form he showed for a number seasons prior to 2011, and if the Marlins can use him as a 4 or 5 starter where he won't feel the pressure of trying to carry a pitching staff, the guy could be a real boon to this team.
Good choice of words, Spitballer. This is going to be a very entertaining season.

Flav C

The Marlins have absolutely nothing to lose by bringing Zambrano. He is better than Volstad on every single aspect, including being a great at-bat. I don't care about his tantrums as long as he produces better numbers than Volstad (which can't be that hard).

Stan M

Only 3 million toward his salary and only Volstad traded! WOW! This is an excellent gamble snd still leaves money in the pot if club wants to do more. Now don't go and trade Nolasco as has been rumored. No, no, no.


Nolasco $9 Mills
Oviedo $6 Mills
Total $15 Mills
What player can you get for that amount?


Good riddance to another crappy 1st rounder Volstad...next up is Matt D.. Marlins are better off paying or trading for established MLB players,as they have proven inept with 1st rounders during Loria's ownership. If Zambrano goes 15-15,that's an improvement over the Meatball Server, Volstad.

Flav C

georgeB, i couldnt have said it better.

Stan M

The Marlins are essentially a very young team. Over the next two years no position will need replacement due to age or contract status. And in two years those better prospects that we do have from A ball last year will be ready to step in if they prove to be worthy. The only two spots that would come into play in 2 years are 2B, where Bono would be still on the sunny side of 30, and catcher and we now have a prospect who has passed Skipworth. And if he never gets to start (and how I wish he would) Hayes will still be a relatively young backup with scads of experience. My point is that all of the derogatory stuff that is written about our minor league system is largely irrelevant. For this team, the replacement players are right where they should be and several have above average potential. Yelich could have the makings of a star, let's see if he can do as well again in a higher classification.
This should be a fun time for all of us who have suffered through some pretty sluggish seasons.

Branch Rickey

Stan m ur right because the Marlins dont have any minor legue system and what they have is irrevelant. Any prospects should be traded to upgrade the Big League roster. marlins have to compete now and cant wait or depend on draft choices to develope. Agree with georgeB and trade Matt D next. Let somebody else wait to see if he can hit ML pitching. Chad James and Skipworth are trade bait,nothing more.Time for the Marlins to finally swim with the Big Gamers instead of the schoolies.

Stan M

Mr. Rickey,
Is it true that when Ralph Kiner caught a ball for the last out in a game and tossed the ball into the stands, you fined him the price of the ball? FYI, yes it really did happen.

Branch Rickey

Yes and when Kiner wanted a raise after he led the league in homers, I cut his pay and told him I can be in last place with or without him.

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