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The Marlins are a "Goofy" bunch

    One of the most overused cliches, oft heard during the first month of the season when a team gets off to either a hot or cold start: "The season is a marathon not a sprint." In other words, don't get too excited by early-season results.

    But it really was a marathon -- and then some -- over the weekend for a trio of Marlins running nuts: team president David Samson, general manager Michael Hill and head equipment manager John Silveman.

     The three men took part in the Disney Goofy Marathon, which consisted of a half marathon on Saturday, followed by a full marathon on Sunday. They ran as a group, with the Marlins three finishing the half in a time of 2:28:55 and the full in 4:56:00.


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Mickey M

How come lomo wasnt included...everybody says lomo is phucking Goofy, in more ways than one.


Lomo wasn't included because the only marathon running he does is with his mouth.


Lomo said a while back that his agent Fred Wray {no relation to Fay Wray}told him to get on twitter to improve his "Brand". Most of what he tweets is to get known nationally. So far it's worked ,people either love or hate his "act".Lomo is known for his tweets the most.followed by being an average hitter and a crappy leftfielder.


The Lomo bashing is pretty stupid. In 123 games, Lomo hit 23 HRs. He did so while playing Left Field, a position he is not suited for. Playing LF caused the injuries he incurred; the guy is a 1st Baseman; his body is not used to the wear and tear of playing the OF. Hopefully Lomo gets moved to 1st base. Here's an interesting idea that I have advocated since last year: Platoon Lomo and Gaby Sanchez at 1st base! I guarantee that platoon would hit 35+ HRs and knock in 100+ runs, while batting about .290. And it would help Gaby, who always collapses after the All Star break. Look up his stats if you don't believe me.

Joe Statz

Alex, your the one that's stupid. Lomo hit 17 of those 23 homers with the Bases EMPTY. Also hit a whopping .182 for the SEASON w/RISP,while batting .247 for the season. Before you call something stupid Alex,do your homework 1st ,then look in the mirror.

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