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The Carlos Zambrano Incident File

   Say what you will about Chris Volstad, but the guy was a choir boy compared to the ticking time bomb the Marlins got for him, the short-fused Carlos Zambrano. (Actually, Volstad really did sing in his high school choir.) Let it be said that Zambrano isn't the Marlins' first human volcano, as Scott Olsen was generally good for one or two eruptions per season. Like Olsen, Zambrano has taken anger management, though I can find no record of his ever being tasered by cops.

    At any rate, a Google search of "Carlos Zambrano meltdowns" yields 383,000 results. In chronological order, here are the highlights:

    July 19, 2004 -- Zambrano was given the heave-ho after taking exception to the way in which the Cardinals' Jim Edmonds stood at home plate and admired his home run off the Cubs' testy pitcher. Then again, Edmonds was none too pleased that Zambrano had plunked him in an earlier at bat. When Edmonds came up to bat following his dinger, Zambrano drilled him again, earning the ejection.

  April 4, 2005 -- Zambrano made the first of what would be his six consecutive Opening Day starts for the Cubs. He was ejected in the fifth for arguing balls and strikes.

   June 1, 2007 -- If Zambrano doesn't like the way you play, he'll let you know -- even if you're his teammate. In a game at Wrigley, Zambrano came unglued in the Cubs dugout after his catcher, Michael Barrett, allowed a run to score with a passed ball and errant throw in the previous half-inning. Matters turned physical as Zambrano and Barrett locked horns. (See video here)

   September, 2007 -- Cubs fans booed Zambrano off the mound at Wrigley after a poor outing, prompting the pitcher to rip into them afterward. "I thought these were the greatest fans in baseball," Zambrano said. "But they showed me today that they only care about themselves. That's not fair. When you're struggling, you want to feel like you have their support. I don't accept their reaction." Zambrano apologized the following day.

    May 27, 2009 -- Zambrano landed a six-game suspension and $3,000 fine from MLB after he hotlyZambrano1 disputed a close play at the plate with umpire Mark Carlson. Zambrano went ballistic, throwing his glove and tossing the ball into the Wrigley bleacher seats, before taking a bat and destroying a Gatorade dispenser inside the Cubs dugout. Making matters worse, Zambrano missed the team flight to Atlanta. (See video here).

   June 25, 2010 -- Zambrano had to be separated from teammate Derrek Lee inside the dugout after the Cubs' mild-mannered first baseman failed to field a ground ball in the first inning of a game at Zambrano4U.S. Cellular Field against the White Sox (managed by Ozzie Guillen). Cubs manager Lou Piniella did not send Zambrano back to the mound for the second.  Later that night, Zambrano and Guillen went out to dinner. The Cubs suspended the pitcher, ordered him to apologize to his teammates, and made him take an anger management class. When Zambrano returned, Piniella also moved Zambrano to the bullpen. (See video here).

    Aug. 12, 2011 -- In what was ultimately the final straw for the Cubs, Zambrano snapped after giving up five home runs to the Braves and showing his frustration by throwing two inside pitches to Chipper Jones. Zambrano was ejected and, before the game ended, cleaned out his locker and left, telling clubhouse personnel that he was retiring. The Cubs handed Zambrano a 30-day suspension. The pitcher later apologized to his teammates, but the Cubs had had enough and announced on Sept. 2 that Zambrano would not pitch again the rest of the season. (See video here).